• Glossaryck: One of the three original founders of the Magic High Commission. He was created by the universe itself to give Mewmans a better understanding of the magic that permeates the universe.
  • Lekmet: One of the three original founders of the Commission and its High Chancellor; declared deceased in "Return to Mewni". Glossaryck created him to give Mewmans an understanding of the impermanence of existence. The full extent of his role in the Commission is unknown; in Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Glossaryck states, "His contribution to the commission must not be spoken."
  • Omnitraxus Prime: One of the three original founders of the Commission. Glossaryck created him to maintain the multiverse for Mewmans and explain to them the delicate strands of space-time.
  • Hekapoo: The forger and enforcer of all dimensional scissors. Glossaryck created her to provide Mewmans with the means of interdimensional travel.
  • Rhombulus: The least mature member of the Commission. He serves as the council's "muscle" and judges certain individuals of the multiverse by determining whether or not they pose a threat to its safety. This sometimes results in him wrongfully imprisoning people in crystal due to his reliance on instinct rather than logic.
  • Reynaldo the Bald Pate: The enforcer of orderliness in the universe. He retired from the Commission after Queen Rhina Butterfly cast a spell on him that made him speak only in riddles. He does not appear in the Star vs. series, but he is featured in Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Magic Book of Spells.
  • Queen Butterfly: The current queen of Mewni and the newest member of the Magic High Commission. She was inducted into the Commission after exhibiting a mastery of magic and proving her leadership as a queen. Her role in the Commission is to oversee the relationship between Mewmans and magic. She is now the new head, succeeding Lekmet after his death.
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