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End Credit Theme Song
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Bài hát bởi Star Butterfly
Phát hành January 18, 2015
Tập phim All episodes from Star Comes to Earth to Face the Music
Thể loại nhạc Soundtrack
Độ dài 0:30
Tác giả/
Nhà soạn nhạc
Ego Plum
Daron Nefcy (lyrics)
Eden Sher (vocals)
Niên sử
Bài kế trước "I'm from Another Dimension"
Bài tiếp theo "Shining Star"
Đoạn phim

The "Star vs. the Forces of Evil End Credit Theme" is the end credit sequence of the show for seasons 1 and 2, composed by Ego Plum, lyrics written by Daron Nefcy, and performed by Star Butterfly (Eden Sher).

LyricsSửa đổi

I think Earth is a pretty gre-at place.
That's saying something, 'cause I've been through outer space.
I think it suits me, it's just my style.
I think I'm gonna stay a little while.

I think that strangers are just friends you haven't met.
I'm blasting monsters and I never break a sweat.
I'm really thinking I could call this place home!

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  • Some animals that appear in this sequence include a small blue whale with wings, a large pink snail with a white and blue shell with white wings, a snake with a crown, a spider with a top hat, several squid-like creatures including one with only one eye, a rabbit, flying hearts, butterflies, and the laser puppies.
  • "Starcrushed" is the first episode in which this sequence is not used due to the fact that Star has left Earth.
  • The BMI and SESAC Repertory website have this song labeled under the work title "Star vs. the Forces of Evil End Credit Theme".

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