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S4E22 Exterior view of Dragon Spit tavern.png
S4E22 Marco and friends clink their drinks.png
S4E22 Riders Club at the Dragon Spit tavern.png
S4E22 Marco and friends chug their drinks.png
S4E22 Talon Raventalon chugs a mug of worms.png
S4E22 Talon Raventalon with mouthful of worms.png
S4E22 Talon 'cursed with the Devil's Mark'.png
S4E22 Quirky desperately crosses his fingers.png
S4E22 Talon 'why would you want that?'.png
S4E22 Quirky Guy 'beause I'm quirky!'.png
S4E22 Talon puts his arm around Quirky Guy.png
S4E22 Hekapoo 'new vest looks good on ya'.png
S4E22 Kelly looking at her club jacket.png
S4E22 Back view of Kelly's club jacket.png
S4E22 Hekapoo 'best group we've ever put together'.png
S4E22 Talon 'wouldn't change a thing!'.png
S4E22 Marco 'invited someone else this year'.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz chugging his drink.png
S4E22 Quirky Guy 'don't like surprises!'.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz 'he's a total pro'.png
S4E22 Marco and friends hear a crash.png
S4E22 Hampton crashed into tavern's side.png
S4E22 Tom and Hampton pull out of the wall.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor appears with frazzed hair.png
S4E22 Marco surprised by Tom's arrival.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor 'I'm totally fine'.png
S4E22 Tom makes a cool entrance.png
S4E22 Marco 'make a grand entrance'.png
S4E22 Rest of the Riders Club greets Tom.png
S4E22 Tom straightening his hair.png
S4E22 Tom 'getting used to the new drag'.png
S4E22 Talon 'gonna have a little competition'.png
S4E22 Quirky Guy 'the belle of the ball!'.png
S4E22 Marco pulls off Hampton's hood.png
S4E22 Marco uncovers Hamption's face.png
S4E22 Hampton breathes a stream of fire.png
S4E22 Tom shocked that Hamption is alive.png
S4E22 Hampton breathing dragon fire.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz calming Hampton down.png
S4E22 Marco succesfully calms Hampton down.png
S4E22 Marco makes connection with Hampton.png
S4E22 Tom 'I didn't know it was alive!'.png
S4E22 Rest of Riders Club unimpressed with Tom.png
S4E22 Riders Club lined up at a white line.png
S4E22 Hampton being unruly under Tom.png
S4E22 Marco calms down Hampton again.png
S4E22 Marco 'no shame in backing out'.png
S4E22 Marco 'maybe get to know Hampton'.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor 'he'll learn on the go'.png
S4E22 Tom puts on three-lensed sunglasses.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz 'let's ride!'.png
S4E22 Riders Club's cycles breathing fire.png
S4E22 All riders speed forward except Tom.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor left at the starting line.png
S4E22 Tom and Hampton suddenly speed forward.png
S4E22 Tom and Hamption speed out of control.png
S4E22 Marco and Nachos flying through the air.png
S4E22 Tom 'tryin' out some new tricks!'.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz leading the Riders Club.png
S4E22 The Kill Devil Pass Riders Club.png
S4E22 Marco soaring higher into the sky.png
S4E22 Tom and Hampton ride on the ground.png
S4E22 Tom tries to force Hampton into the air.png
S4E22 Tom pulls hard on Hampton's horns.png
S4E22 Hampton getting angry at Tom.png
S4E22 Hampton tosses Tom off of him.png
S4E22 Tom goes flying near Marco and Hekapoo.png
S4E22 Tom lands face-down on the ground.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz 'you guys just go ahead'.png
S4E22 Hekapoo 'just don't spend all day'.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz walking up to Tom.png
S4E22 Tom gives Marco a thumbs-up.png
S4E22 Marco 'never ridden a dragon-cycle'.png
S4E22 Tom looks away with embarrassment.png
S4E22 Hampton speeds around without a rider.png
S4E22 Marco 'gonna have to get to know'.png
S4E22 Marco points at Hampton's name tag.png
S4E22 Tom doesn't know who Hampton is.png
S4E22 Marco disappointed; Hampton annoyed.png
S4E22 Marco brushes off Nachos' loose scales.png
S4E22 Marco taking proper care of Nachos.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz brushing Nachos' coat.png
S4E22 Marco 'product you buy from a catalog'.png
S4E22 Tom 'technically, they're both'.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor 'I see what you mean'.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz 'need complete trust'.png
S4E22 Marco holding up a toothbrush.png
S4E22 Nachos opens her mouth for Marco.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz brushing Nachos' teeth.png
S4E22 Tom observing Marco's cycle care.png
S4E22 Tom and Hampton look at each other.png
S4E22 Bucket of water and bottle of Scale Shine.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor washing Hampton's scales.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor polishing Hampton's spikes.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor ironing Hampton's wings.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor exhausted and sweaty.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor holding up a toothbrush.png
S4E22 Hampton turns his face away from Tom.png
S4E22 Tom apologizing to Hampton.png
S4E22 Tom 'I promise I'll do better'.png
S4E22 Hampton looking skeptical at Tom.png
S4E22 Hampton opens his mouth for Tom.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz giving Tom a thumbs-up.png
S4E22 Tom nervously looks at Hampton's teeth.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor brushing Hampton's teeth.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor 'he didn't bite me!'.png
S4E22 Hampton snapping his jaw closed.png
S4E22 Marco 'let's go for a little ride'.png
S4E22 Marco and Tom go for a ride.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz 'now just follow me!'.png
S4E22 Marco and Nachos rise into the air.png
S4E22 Tom telling Hampton to go up.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor asking Hampton nicely.png
S4E22 Tom and Hampton rise into the air.png
S4E22 Tom and Marco fly through the sky.png
S4E22 Tom 'you and your lady friend'.png
S4E22 Marco 'Kelly and I decided to stop'.png
S4E22 Marco 'things were super amicable'.png
S4E22 Rest of Riders Club at the rest stop.png
S4E22 Kelly 'my breakup buddy broke up with me'.png
S4E22 Hekapoo 'I only date the dummies'.png
S4E22 Hekapoo points at Talon and Quirky.png
S4E22 Talon and Quirky looking confused.png
S4E22 Marco and Tom arrive at the rest stop.png
S4E22 Talon 'the lovebirds finally show up!'.png
S4E22 Kelly 'isn't all it's cracked up to be'.png
S4E22 Kelly and Hekapoo high-five.png
S4E22 Marco 'are we going to this jump'.png
S4E22 Quirky Guy getting excited.png
S4E22 Quirky leaves on his dragon-cycle.png
S4E22 Marco 'starts getting pretty intense'.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor 'let's get intense'.png
S4E22 Riders Club flying over a gorge.png
S4E22 Riders Club fly through a gorge.png
S4E22 Tom flies uncontrollably through gorge.png
S4E22 Tom and Hampton fly against a wall.png
S4E22 Tom and Hampton surrounded by bats.png
S4E22 Marco, Hekapoo, and Kelly flying together.png
S4E22 Silhouettes of wild dragon-cycles.png
S4E22 Hekapoo 'wild dragon-cycles incoming!'.png
S4E22 Wild dragons fly past Tom and Hampton.png
S4E22 Hampton enamored with wild dragons.png
S4E22 Tom looking worriedly at Hampton.png
S4E22 Tom pulled along as Hampton dives.png
S4E22 Tom and Hampton fly with wild dragons.png
S4E22 Marco and friends watch Tom and Hampton.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor trying to rein in Hampton.png
S4E22 Tom and Hampton come to a sudden stop.png
S4E22 Marco checking in on Tom and Hampton.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor 'thrill of a lifetime!'.png
S4E22 Marco 'Devil's Mark jump up ahead'.png
S4E22 Marco 'you really think you're ready?'.png
S4E22 Tom 'how hard could a jump be?'.png
S4E22 Riders Club reaches the Devil's Mark jump.png
S4E22 Tom nervous 'that looks cool'.png
S4E22 Talon Raventalon picking up a rock.png
S4E22 Talon Raventalon tossing the rock.png
S4E22 Giant hand comes out of the gorge wall.png
S4E22 Giant hand punches the wall across.png
S4E22 Giant hand leaves a mark in the wall.png
S4E22 Punched rock cracking apart.png
S4E22 Punched rock bursts into pieces.png
S4E22 Tom scared; Quirky Guy excited.png
S4E22 Hekapoo mounts her dragon-cycle.png
S4E22 Hekapoo speeding down the ramp.png
S4E22 Hekapoo launches high into the air.png
S4E22 Marco 'you don't have to do the jump'.png
S4E22 Tom 'miss out on all that sweet air'.png
S4E22 Hekapoo dodging the giant arms.png
S4E22 Hekapoo lands on the other ramp.png
S4E22 Hekapoo lands on other side of jump.png
S4E22 Tom 'totally rockin', H-Poo!'.png
S4E22 Marco 'I don't know if you're ready'.png
S4E22 Kelly speeding down the ramp.png
S4E22 Kelly launching into the air.png
S4E22 Kelly doing the Devil's Mark jump.png
S4E22 Giant arm grazes Kelly and her dragon.png
S4E22 Kelly trying to straighten her dragon.png
S4E22 Kelly lands on the other ramp.png
S4E22 Kelly lands on other side of jump.png
S4E22 Talon speeding down the ramp.png
S4E22 Talon launching off the ramp.png
S4E22 Talon crashes on other side of jump.png
S4E22 Talon and his dragon-cycle crash.png
S4E22 Talon gives thumbs-up after crashing.png
S4E22 Marco trying to reason with Tom.png
S4E22 Tom 'I'm doing the jump, Marco'.png
S4E22 Marco 'nobody's pressuring you'.png
S4E22 Tom 'you always do cool stuff'.png
S4E22 Marco calling Tom the cool one.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor 'that's what I thought'.png
S4E22 Tom disappointed in himself.png
S4E22 Tom 'I don't really do anything'.png
S4E22 Tom 'gonna do this terrifying jump'.png
S4E22 Quirky about to do Devil's Mark jump.png
S4E22 Quirky Guy launching into the air.png
S4E22 Quirky Guy leaves himself vulnerable.png
S4E22 Giant fist hurls toward Quirky Guy.png
S4E22 Quirky with bull's-eye on his stomach.png
S4E22 Giant fist punches Quirky into the wall.png
S4E22 Hekapoo, Talon, and Kelly shocked.png
S4E22 Quirky Guy flattened on the rock wall.png
S4E22 Quirky Guy obtains the Devil's Mark.png
S4E22 Hekapoo, Talon, and Kelly cheer for Quirky.png
S4E22 Marco 'the idea of me being the cool one'.png
S4E22 Marco 'do the stuff you want to do'.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor listening to Marco.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz 'I'm gonna jump this cliff'.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz 'I like jumping cliffs!'.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz blushes after passing gas.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor 'did you just fart?'.png
S4E22 Marco speeds forward while blushing.png
S4E22 Marco and Nachos launch off the ramp.png
S4E22 Marco jumping high over the gorge.png
S4E22 Tom and Hampton watch Marco do the jump.png
S4E22 Rest of Riders Club cheering for Marco.png
S4E22 Marco and Riders Club waiting for Tom.png
S4E22 Tom and Hampton about to do the jump.png
S4E22 Tom and Hampton facing the ramp.png
S4E22 Tom sees wild dragon-cycles in the sky.png
S4E22 Wild dragon-cycles fly through the sky.png
S4E22 Tom notices Hampton looking sad.png
S4E22 Talon wondering what Tom is doing.png
S4E22 Marco Diaz 'something pretty cool'.png
S4E22 Kelly groaning loudly.png
S4E22 Tom 'you don't wanna do this jump'.png
S4E22 Tom 'I don't wanna do this jump'.png
S4E22 Tom unbuckling Hampton's collar.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor setting Hampton free.png
S4E22 Hampton flies backward into the sky.png
S4E22 Tom 'have fun with those wild dragon-cycles'.png
S4E22 Tom sees rest of the club across the jump.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor 'I have my own way'.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor starts running forward.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor running down the ramp.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor running up the ramp.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor rockets up into the air.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor rockets across the gorge.png
S4E22 Marco and friends cheering for Tom.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor dodging the giant arms.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor reaches other side of the jump.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor gets punched by giant arm.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor covered in bruises.png
S4E22 Marco and friends congratulate Tom.png
S4E22 Tom reveals bruises on his midsection.png
S4E22 Riders Club cringes at Tom's bruises.png
S4E22 Hekapoo gives Tom a club jacket.png
S4E22 Tom becomes a member of the club.png
S4E22 Quirky Guy shows off his Devil's Mark.png
S4E22 Quirky shows embossing on his back.png
S4E22 Marco 'you coming back next year?'.png
S4E22 Tom Lucitor puts on his club jacket.png
S4E22 Tom is a member of the Riders Club.png
S4E22 Hampton flying off with wild dragons.png
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