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Episode begins at the Dragon Spit Tavern.
Marco Diaz,
Hekapoo, Kelly, Talon Raventalon, and Quirky Guy
Cheers! [cheer, clink glasses and mugs together] To the Kill Devil Pass Riders Club annual ride!
Talon [guzzles mug of worms, belches] So, uh, who do you think will be cursed with the Devil's Mark this year?
Quirky Guy [with fingers crossed] Please let it be me! Please let it be me!
Talon Devil's Mark goes to the worst rider. Why would you want that?
Quirky 'Cause I'm quirky?
Talon [puts his arm around Quirky Guy] Well, I'll be rootin' for ya, weird little dude.
Hekapoo Hey, Kelly, the new vest looks good on ya.
Kelly Thanks, Hekapoo. Official membership feels great.
Hekapoo You know, I think this is the best group we've ever put together for the annual ride.
Talon Talon wouldn't change a thing!
Kelly Me, neither!
Marco Ha! Uh, funny you should say that. I actually, uh... [puts drink over his mouth] [muffled] ...invited someone else this year. [guzzles his drink]
Kelly Uh, what?
Hekapoo Without telling us?!
Quirky Uh, Quirky don't like surprises!
Talon Not cool, Marco.
Marco Don't worry, guys! It'll be fine. He's a total pro.
Tom, riding a dragon-cycle, crashes into the side of the tavern.
Tom Lucitor [groans]
Marco Oh, my gosh, Tom! Are you okay?
Tom Oh, yeah! Yeah, me? Totally fine. I'm totally fine. I-I-I'm good.
Marco You always know how to make a grand entrance. Guys, you know Tom.
Hekapoo, Kelly, Talon, and Quirky [unenthused] Hi.
Tom I'm still just getting used to the new drag. ...Or, uh, d-dragon cycle?
Talon Hmm. [to Quirky] Looks like you're gonna have a little competition for that Devil's Mark, li'l dude.
Quirky But I was supposed to be the belle of the ball!
Marco Oh. Well, here's the problem. You gotta take off the hood so he can see.
Marco removes Tom's dragon-cycle's hood off his face.
Hampton [bellows]
Tom Whoa! It's alive?! [falls over]
Marco [shushing]. Whoa there, whoa there. Hey, hey, hey, it's okay. It's... It's okay.
Hampton [purrs]
Tom I didn't know it was alive!
Marco [laughs] Good one.
Kelly Let's just get this show on the road.
Quirky Guy, Kelly, Hekapoo, Talon, Marco, and Tom line up at a white line with their dragon-cycles.
Hampton [growls, fidgets]
Tom Whoa! Gah! It's obviously not used to— Whoa! —having a driver.
Marco [pets Hampton] Yeah, the young ones, they usually take a little time to calm down. You know, there's no shame in backing out of the ride. Maybe get to know Hampton a little better.
Tom [puts on sunglasses with three lenses] Nah, he'll learn on the go.
Marco Okay. Let's ride!
All the cycle riders, except Tom, take off into the air.
Riders [cheering]
Quirky Quirky's goin' fast!
Tom All right, let me just—
Hampton suddenly speeds forward on his own.
Tom Whoa! Aah!
Marco Everything okay?
Tom Yeah, just tryin' out some new tricks! You go ahead, and I'll catch up! Whoa!
Marco All right, Kill Devils Pass Riders Club! Let's shred some sky!
Riders Woo-hoo!
Tom and Hampton are still riding on the ground.
Tom Agh, c'mon! Get in the air! Get in the air!
Hampton [growls]
Hampton suddenly stops and tosses Tom off.
Tom Aaaghh! Aaaah! [lands face-down on the ground]
Hekapoo [to Marco] So he's a total pro, huh?
Marco How about you guys just go ahead, and we'll meet you at Dragon Bone's rest stop?
Hekapoo All right, but just don't spend all day with Lucitor.
Hekapoo and Talon ride ahead. Marco walks up to Tom.
Marco Tom, you okay?
Tom [gives Marco a thumbs-up] [strained] Yeah, just takin' a little rest.
Marco C'mon, man, it's obvious you've never ridden a dragon-cycle before.
Tom What gave it away?
Hampton [speeds around, screams]
Marco Tom, if you're gonna do this, you're gonna have to get to know Hampton. [points at Hampton's collar tag]
Tom Who's Hampton?
Marco Ugh.
Hampton [growls]
Marco uses an oven mitt to brush off Nachos' loose scales.
Marco Half of dragon-cycling is just forming a bond with your cycle. [to Nachos] There you go, buddy. That's the spot.
Nachos [growls, kicks her leg]
Marco Dragons are living creatures, not some expensive product you buy from a catalog.
Tom Well, technically, they're both, but I see what you mean.
Marco You and Hampton need complete trust between each other. [holding a toothbrush] Ready, Nachos?
Nachos opens her mouth wide, and Marco sticks his head inside to brush her teeth.
Marco See? Complete trust.
Tom All right. Let's develop some trust, Hampton.
Hampton [growls]
Tom uses a brush mop to clean Hampton's scales.
Tom Okay, light touch.
..polishes his tail spikes...
Tom And a little under there.
...and irons his wings.
Tom And right there. Phew! All right. [holds a toothbrush] Open up, Hampton.
Hampton Hrmpf! [turns his head away]
Tom Look, I'm sorry about all the wheelies and not treating you like a living thing.
Hampton [growls]
Tom I... I promise I'll do better.
Hampton ...
Hampton opens his mouth wide to reveal multiple rows of teeth. Tom looks back at Marco, who gives him a thumbs-up.
Tom Okay, bud. Okay, yeah, here we go. I'm just gonna lean in here, and... [brushes one tooth] Hey, he didn't bite me!
Hampton snaps his mouth closed.
Marco Now let's go for a little ride.
Marco and Tom take a slow ride on their dragon-cycles.
Tom Whoo! I'm doing it! I feel so free!
Marco Nice, nice. Now just follow me! [takes Nachos up into the air]
Tom Hampton, let's go up. Please.
Hampton [growls, takes off into the air]
Tom Whooaaa! Oh! I'm... I'm really flying! This is incredible! Hey, thanks for doing this, man. I know I'm taking time away from you and your lady friend.
Kelly Actually, Kelly and I decided to stop doing the break-up buddies thing. But it's cool. Things were super amicable.
Tom Cool.
Scene cuts to the Dragon Bones rest stop; Kelly, Hekapoo, Talon, and Quirky are around a campfire.
Kelly How sad is that? My break-up buddy broke up with me.
Hekapoo Yeah. That's why I only date the dummies. Ain't that right, boys?
Talon and Quirky What?
Marco, Nachos, Tom, and Hampton arrive.
Marco Hey, everybody!
Talon Ohhhh! The lovebirds finally show up!
Kelly Hey, careful, Tom. Being break-up buddies isn't all it's cracked up to be. [high-fives Hekapoo]
Marco Uh... so are we going to this jump or what?
Quirky Let's get rolling! Quirky needs a Devil Mark! Woo-hoo! [takes off on his dragon-cycle] Varooom!
Marco [to Marco] Hey, the ride starts getting pretty intense. You sure you wanna keep going?
Tom [nervously] Yeah! Let's get intense.
Marco, Hekapoo, Kelly, Talon, and Quirky ride their cycles through a narrow gorge. Tom ahd Hampton ride uncontrollably, scraping against the gorge walls.
Tom Aaaah! Whoa! Aaah! Aah! Aah!
Bats [screeching]
Kelly Poor guy's havin' a hard time, huh?
Marco Can't get much worse than that.
A herd of wild dragon-cycles appears behind the Riders Club.
Hekapoo Wild dragon-cycles, incoming!
The wild dragon-cycles fly past the riders and Tom.
Tom Aaah!
Hampton [whimpering]
Tom Uh, Hampton?
Hampton speeds ahead to ride with the wild dragon-cycles.
Tom Whoa! Aah! No-no-no-no! Hampton! Hampton! Bad! Bad Hampton! Aaaah!
Hekapoo Looks like his cycle would rather be with the wild herd than with Tom.
Tom Hampton, I swear, if you don't stop right now...!
Hampton [screeches to a stop]
Tom Oof!
Marco Hey, buddy. You doing all right?
Tom Oh, man! This is the... I mean, thrill of a lifetime!
Marco We're coming up on the Devil's Mark jump up ahead. It's pretty dangerous. You really think you're ready?
Tom Dragon-cycles already fly, right? I mean, how hard could a jump be?
Cut to The Riders Club in front of a giant ramp jump that goes over a valley of spikes. Thunder strikes in the sky.
Tom [nervously] See? I mean, that... Yeah, that... that looks cool.
Talon You think that's cool? Check this out!
Talon tosses a rock into the valley of spikes. A giant arm comes out one of the holes in the gorge walls an punches the rock into the wall across.
Tom Oh, mama.
Quirky That's gonna be me! That's gonna be me!
Hekapoo [revs up her dragon-cycle] Are you weenies just gonna stand around all day? Yee-haw!
Hekapoo rides her cycle off the ramp and high into the air.
Tom Oh, my goodness.
Marco Hey, Tom? You don't have to do the jump.
Tom [nervously] What? And miss out on all that sweet air?
Hekapoo and her cycle fly across the valley of spikes, dodging the giant punching arms...
Hekapoo Whoo-hoo! Whoo!
...eventually landing on the other side.
Hekapoo Whoo!
Tom Totally rockin', H-Poo!
Marco Look, buddy. I don't know if you're ready for a jump like this just yet.
Tom Oh, nah, we got this.
Kelly My turn! Woo-hoo-hoo!
Kelly rides her cycle off the ramp and into the air. As they fly across the valley of spikes, they get hit by one of the giant punching arms...
Kelly Aaagh! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon. c'mon!
...but manage to land safely on the other side.
Kelly [sighs, laughs]
Talon [to Tom] Your dude is right. You ain't ready for this! Yaaaah!
Talon rides his cycle off the ramp and into the air. When they land on the other side, they crash.
Kelly and Hekapoo [cheering]
Talon [gives a thumbs-up] My best one yet!
Marco Tom. Seriously.
Tom I'm doing the jump, Marco.
Marco But why? Nobody's pressuring you to do this.
Tom You're doing it. You always do cool stuff like this.
Marco I'm not the cool one. You are!
Tom Yeah, that's what I thought! But then I actually realized that I don't really do anything. So I bought a dragon-cycle, and I'm gonna do this terrifying jump.
Quirky Don't do it, kid. That's Quirky's Devil Mark!
Quirky rides his cycle off the ramp and into the air.
Quirky Here I am! Come and get me!
A giant arm flies toward Quirky. He lifts up his shirt to reveal a bull's-eye painted on his stomach.
Quirky Come to Papa!
The giant arm punches Quirky into the gorge wall.
Hekapoo Ooh! That's gonna leave a mark.
Talon Ouch!
When the giant arm moves away, Quirky has an imprint of the arm's devil ring in his stomach.
Quirky [strained] Hey, guys, check it out. I got the mark!
Hekapoo, Kelly, and Talon [cheering]
Marco Tom, I really like the idea of me being the cool one, but... Dude, just do the stuff you want to do. Then it doesn't matter if it's cool or not. So I'm gonna jump this cliff. Not because it's cool, but because I like jumping cliffs!
Marco farts and blushes.
Tom ...Dude, did you just fart?
A silent Marco rides his cycle off the ramp and very high into the air.
Marco I did! [echoing]
Tom Man, that guy is so cool.
Marco lands on the other side of the jump.
Hekapoo, Kelly, Talon, and Quirky [cheering]
Marco Thank you! Thank you!
Kelly Tom's not really thinking about doing the jump, right?
Marco I... I really hope not.
Tom [sitting on Hampton] You ready, Hampton? Let's shred some sky.
The wild dragon-cycles fly overhead and roar.
Tom Wow. They're so free. You just wanna be up there, don't ya?
Hampton [whimpering]
Talon Hey, what's he doing?
Marco Something pretty cool.
Kelly Ughhh!
Tom What are we doing? You don't wanna do this jump. I don't wanna do this jump. Hampton, I'm sorry. You should do what you want. [removes Hampton's collar'
Hampton [confused growl]
Tom Be free!
Hampton drives in reverse and takes off into the sky.
Tom Have fun with those wild dragon-cycles, buddy.
Marco Hey, Tom! I'm not sure what just happened, but I'll come back to pick you up!
Tom That's cool, Marco. I have my own way.
Tom runs up the ramp, uses his fire powers to take off into the air, and blasts across the valley.
Tom [laughing]
Marco Oh, yeah! He can fly! Way to go, Tom!
Hekapoo, Kelly, Talon, and Quirky [cheering]
Tom dodges the giant punching arm, but at the last second, one punches him into the gorge wall. In the next scene, he has bruises and three black eyes.
Tom [groans] Why did I do that?
Talon You took that hit like a total champ! Now let's see that Devil Mark!
Tom Oh, right. Let's see here.
Tom lifts up his shirt. He is covered in bruises and broken ribs.
Quirky Oh, thank goodness. He ain't nothin' but bruises.
Hekapoo [gives Tom a Kill Devil Pass Riders Club jacket] You may not have a dragon-cycle, but you definitely earned this.
Tom I'm part of the club?!
Quirky Maybe next year, you'll get one of these bad boys. Check it out. It's embossed in the back.
Tom Oh. Lucky.
Marco So, you coming back next year?
Tom [puts on the club jacket] We'll see. I think I'm just gonna do what I want. But... But no. I'm... I'm definitely not gonna do this again.
Hampton and the wild dragon-cycles ride off into the sunset.
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