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"A Spell with No Name" is the twenty-first episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on April 14, 2019 alongside "Junkin' Janna".


Star and Eclipsa's spells come face to face, and they must team up to stop a lethal spell gone rogue.


Inside the Royal Magic Wand, Spider With a Top Hat holds a pancake party for the rest of Star's spells. All of a sudden, several of Eclipsa's spells—including Low Self-Esteem Nightmare Dream, Ouroboros, and Hypnoslumber—burst in. They shut off all the lights and take Glowworm, using him as a light source. When Spider tries to stop them and figure out what's going on, Nightmare Dream blasts him with self-esteem-draining magic. With Spider incapacitated, Richard the Narwhal is pressured into going after Eclipsa's spells as they leave.

Richard catches up with Eclipsa's spells just as they enter the room for Moon Butterfly's spells. Like before, they destroy all the lights in order to make it dark and use Glowworm to look for something. When they don't find it, they move on to the next room. Richard tries to figure out what's going on and get Glowworm back, but Eclipsa's spells ignore him. Eventually, the spells find what they're looking for—a butterfly-like spell with a skull-shaped body that is virtually invisible. One of Eclipsa's spells explains to Richard that this spell is Eclipsa's most powerful and that it doesn't have a name.

The spells try to catch the Spell With No Name inside a glass jar, but it evades their grasp, and when it passes through Hypnoslumber, he crumbles into dust. In the ensuing panic, Glowworm loses his glow, making the Spell With No Name completely invisible. Without any way to see the Spell With No Name, Eclipsa's spells give Glowworm back to Richard and prepare to blow up the whole dimension with a bomb. Richard tries to dissuade them from taking such extreme action, but the spells believe if they don't, the Spell With No Name will destroy everyone and everything in the entire multiverse.

Just then, Richard notices the Spell With No Name fluttering behind Eclipsa's spells and realizes he can see it with his echolocation. He convinces the spells to let him try and lure the Spell With No Name into capture before they set off their bomb, and they agree. Following the Spell With No Name into a pitch-black room, Richard blasts at it with his magic and forces it in the direction of the other spells, and they successfully catch it in the jar.

A short while later, the rest of Star's spells commend Richard for his bravery and for saving Glowworm, and they continue their pancake party. Makeup Blast invites Eclipsa's spells to stay for the party, but they decline. As they leave, Richard looks at the Spell With No Name in its jar and has an ominous feeling.


Major characters

  • Richard the One-Eyed Narwhal
  • Eclipsa's Spells
    • Goth Moth
    • Low Self-Esteem Nightmare Dream
    • Ouroboros
    • Pyro Pony
    • The Spell With No Name
    • Spiral Hypnoslumber
    • Void Cat

Minor characters

  • Star's Spells
    • All-Seeing Eye
    • Beanbag
    • Cloudy
    • Cupcakes
    • Dave the Flying Pig
    • Emerald Snakes
    • Flying Snail
    • Giant Squirrel
    • Glitter Whale
    • Glowworm
    • Kitten Barrel
    • Makeup Blast
    • Minotaur
    • Rotating Raccoon
    • Spider With a Top Hat
    • Warnicorns

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese 名もなき魔法 Nameless spell
Korean 이름 없는 주문 Unnamed Spell
Portuguese (Portugal) O Feitiço Sem Nome The Spell With No Name
Spanish (Latin America) Un hechizo sin nombre A spell with no name


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Revelations and continuity

  • The eyepatch-wearing Narwhal's name is revealed to be Richard.
  • The dimension where Star and Eclipsa's spells live is revealed to have separate rooms for each queen's spells.
  • Eclipsa is revealed to have a nameless spell that is her most powerful.
    • The spell is so powerful, it is apparently able to eat through whole dimensions.
  • Richard and his wife's baby has grown into an infant.