Episode begins in Star's spells' dimension; Spider With a Top Hat drops down from the ceiling on a string of web toward a table where other spells are gathered eating pancakes.
Spider With a Top Hat Whee! Pancakes! [lands on table] Ahem. Hello, everyone, and welcome to the 10th biweekly Pancake Day!
Spells [cheering]
Spider Hey! Looking good, Greg. Hey, Susan, don't eat that all at once. And Glowworm, may I say you're looking particularly glowy today?
Glowworm Yeah, I've been hitting the gym.
Spider Well, whatever you're doing, keep it up.
Richard the One-Eyed Narwhal Yeah, Billy-boy, watch your papa show you how it's really done. First, you got to slather on some good old-fashioned maple syrup.
Minotaur grabs the syrup bottle before Richard and squirts a large amount on his pancakes.
Minotaur [strains] You... can have some... [yells] ...when I'm done with it. Here!
Minotaur gives the syrup bottle back to Richard completely empty.
Billy Aww.
Richard Don't you worry, Billy-boy. Daddy's gonna find you some syrup. Hey, Spider! Can you get some syrup for my kid?
Spider [talking to Dave the Flying Pig] So then I say, "That's not a pencil. That's a pen!"
Spider and Dave [laugh]
Richard Slacking on the job, huh? Guess I got to do everything around here. Hey, Spider. Hey, Dave.
Dave [sighs] Richard. [flies away]
Spider What can I do for you on this glorious Pancake Day?
Richard Well, my kid needs syrup, but we're all out.
Spider Out of syrup? Hmm. I'm afraid that was our last batch.
There's a loud pounding at the door, and several spells burst into the room: Low Self-Esteem Nightmare Dream (a floating head with two-colored hair and two mouths), Ourobors (a snake eating its own tail), Goth Moth (a moth with skulls on its wings), Pyro Pony (a bipedal horse with no head), Hypnoslumber (a black cloud with a lightning bolt sticking out from under it), Void Cat (a one-eyed cat that comes up through the floor), and a spell with no eyes, a mouth, and several thorny tentacles).
Rock the Warnicorn Eclipsa's spells!
Richard What are they doing out of their room?
Spider Now, now, let's not jump to conclusions here. Maybe they just want some pancakes.
Eclipsa's spells spread out around the room.
Spider Hey, good morning, gang. We're having pancakes. W-We're working on the syrup thing. We don't have any – that's a bit of a problem, but—
Nightmare Dream Perimeter secure. Kill the lights. [blasts a lamp made of crystal to pieces]
Spider Oh, boy.
Pyro Pony breaks another lamp and pushes over the soda machine. Hypnoslumber blasts a chandelier on the ceiling, and it shatters on the floor.
Spider Okay, that's it!
As Nightmare Dream blasts more of the luminescent lights, Spider appears before her, dangling from the ceiling.
Spider Hey there, buddy. Now, I know you're the new queen's spells, but you can't just go around wrecking other spells' rooms.
Nightmare Dream tries getting around Spider, but Spider keeps cutting her off from floating away.
Spider Now, whatever problem you're having, I'm sure we can find a perfectly good solution—
Nightmare Dream blasts Spider with the spell she's named for.
Spider Aah!
Nightmare Dream Out of my way!
Rest of Star's Spells [gasp] Spider!
Spider [groaning]
Richard Spider, you okay?
Spider Oh. Y-Yeah. I'm fine. I'm fine. Just had a little misunderstanding back there. [chuckles] Of course, that was probably all my fault. I'm always screwing everything up. [pulls top hat down over his face]
Makeup Blast Oh, no. They took his self-esteem.
Richard Cool. So, uh... you're still going to talk to them, right?
Makeup Blast [gasps] They're coming back!
Richard, Makeup Blast, and Spider hide behind a sideways table. Hypnoslumber knocks over the last source of light in the room and blasts it.
Hypnoslumber Okay, that's the last of them. Now, let's find that glowworm.
Glowworm hides behind a stack of pancakes.
Glowworm [whimpering]
Hypnoslumber rises from behind Glowworm and blasts him to sleep. Void Cat ties up Glowworm to a stick and rope. Nightmare Dream carries Glowworm around the room in search of something.
Nightmare Dream All clear. Not here.
Hypnoslumber All right, you heard them. Next room. Time's of the essence, people.
Eclipsa's spells leave with Glowworm.
Makeup Blast Wait. They took Wormy! Someone should go after them!
Spider I-I-I'll save him. Except I'll probably just make it worse. [crying] Oh, why do I bother doing anything?
Makeup Blast You're in no condition to go out there. One of us will go instead, like.. Narwhal!
Richard Hmm?
Makeup Blast (o.s.) Why don't you go?
Richard What? M-Me? W-Why? I—
Makeup Blast Aren't you Spider's best friend?
Richard I mean, we hang out occasionally, but...
Flying Snail (o.s.) You guys hang out all the time.
Dave Yeah, you're always chatting it up at the lunch tables.
Rich Didn't you guys plan a road trip together?
Flying Snail Uh, isn't he godfather to your children?
Richard Yeah, but who isn't a godfather to a kids?
Dave Shame on you, Richard.
Richard Fine. I'll go. [floats out into the hallway]
Dave Quick, shut the door!
The doors into Star's spells' room suddenly close shut behind Richard.
Richard Huh? What? [sighs] Huh?
In a circular hallway, Richard sees multiple doors leading into the rooms of the past Mewni queens' spells.
Richard Whoa. I have got to get out more. I-I didn't even know we had this many queens.
Eclipsa's spells come out of the room of Celena Butterfly's spells.
Nightmare Dream We're all clear! Let's move.
Richard Wait! [follows Eclipsa]]'s spells]
The spells stand outside Moon's spells' room.
Hypnoslumber All right, on my mark. Three, two, one—!
Richard Hey, I don't want to interrupt, but could I get that little glowworm back?
Hypnoslumber Sir, what is that sound coming out of your face? The real spells are working here.
Hypnoslumber opens the doors. Moon's spells are having a tea party.
Spell 1 Ahem. May I help you?
Hypnoslumber [blasts the lights]
Spell 1 Aah!
Hypnoslumber Scan the room.
Nightmare Dream searches the room using Glowworm like a flashlight.
Spell 2 Do you mind?
Spell 1 What, were you born in a barn?
Nightmare Dream All clear. Let's keep moving.
Eclipsa's spells proceed to the next room.
Richard Uh, so about, uh... [groans] I'm missing pancakes because of this. [follows Eclipsa's spells] Can't you just give back my little buddy? Come on.
Hypnoslumber Sir, go back to your cake party. Your worm friend will be returned to you at the end of the mission.
Richard Oh, really? Well, that's—
Hypnoslumber If he survives.
Richard What? Hey, what do you mean by—?
Nightmare Dream There's movement up ahead!
Nightmare Dream shines Glowworm on a small, black, skull-shaped butterfly.
Hypnoslumber We have a visual! Formation Indigo Indigo Waning Moon!
Eclipsa's spells follow behind the skull butterfly. It phases through the wall, leaving behind cracks and a butterfly-shaped burn.
Richard That spell is intense.
Pyro Pony That's Eclipsa's most powerful spell. It don't even have a name.
Hypnoslumber Ouroboros, get the containment unit ready.
Ouroboros pulls a glass jar out of its mouth.
Ouroboros Locked and loaded, sir.
Richard Whoa, what is that thing?
Pyro Pony It's a dark magic containment cylinder. Best in the business.
Richard It looks like a pickle jar.
Pyro Pony Yeah. Yeah, it is a pickle jar.
Ouroboros Pickle jars work great, as long as you don't knock it off the shelf!
Void Cat Knocking stuff over is super fun, "Mom"!
Ouroboros wraps itself around Void Cat, and the two phase down through the floor. The spell with tentacles flies out with Goth Moth on its back. It flings its thorns at the Spell With No Name, but the Spell With No Name dodges them. The tentacle spell and Goth Moth crash into the wall, and the Spell With No Name flies away.
Tentacle Spell Follow the target! Don't let it out of the light!
Nightmare Dream Roger!
Nightmare Dream follows the Spell With No Name with Glowworm's light. Void Cat and Ouroboros leap out several times to catch it in the jar, but it dodges every time. It also dodges more thorns flung at it.
Richard [to Pyro Pony] So, when are you gonna spring into action?
Pyro Pony Me? I'm not doin' nothin'. On account I'm a weenie and I don't have a head. Yeah! Go get them, boys!
Ouroboros flings the jar at Hypnoslumber, who supercharges the jar with lightning and shoots it toward the Spell With No Name. The jar catches the spell and lands on the floor face-down.
Hypnoslumber Self-Esteem, get a light on this!
Nightmare Dream shines Glowworm's light on the jar. It's empty.
Hypnoslumber What the—?! The target is still at large. I want another perimeter sweep right now.
Other Spells [looking stunned] Uh... Uh...
Hypnoslumber What
The Spell With No Name appears behind Hypnoslumber.
Richard That spell! It's...! It's...!
Hypnoslumber It's what? Speak up!
The Spell With No Name phases through Hypnoslumber. Hypnoslumber hardens like rock and disintegrates into dust, leaving behind a brief aftereffect of butterfly-shaped smoke.
Other Spells [scream]
The rest of the spells run around in a panic. When Nightmare Dream slams into a wall, Glowworm slams into it as well, causing his light to go out.
Nightmare Dream Oh, no! Oh, no-no-no-no-no!
Nightmare Dream regroups with Ouroboros, Pyro Pony, and Richard in the circular hallway.
Nightmare Dream Where'd the others go? Where's Void Cat? Where is Goth Moth?
Pyro Pony It's just us now.
Richard What was that?! What happened to Hypnoslumber?!
Nightmare Dream That's what that spell does. One touch, and your days are numbered.
Pyro Pony What do you think happened to my head?! [wails]
Richard I didn't know it was gonna be like this!
Nightmare Dream tosses Glowworm to the ground next to Richard.
Nightmare Dream Your friend is no use to us without his glow light. You may as well take him now.
Pyro Pony Yeah, yeah, just go home to that little cake party or whatever.
Richard But what are you guys gonna do without the glowworm light?
Ouroboros Don't worry about that. We have a plan B.
Richard Oh! Well, that's a relief. I'll show myself out. [floats away with Glowworm]
Nightmare Dream Do you have the device?
Ouroboros Yup.
Ouroboros reaches into his mouth and pulls out a magical bomb.
Ouroboros One press of this button, and this whole place goes sky-high.
Richard [stops floating away] Wait, what did you just say? Y-You... You can't just blow up the whole dimension! My kid still needs to eat his pancakes!
Ouroboros You know what happens if we don't catch that thing? First we die. Then everyone dies. It'll eat its way through every dimension until there's nothing left.
Richard But there has to be another way! All the other spells—!
Nightmare Dream We spells were created to serve the queens of Mewni. If we have to sacrifice ourselves to keep them safe, so be it.
Richard drops Glowworm in shock.
Nightmare Dream This is it, fellas. Any last words?
Ouroboros [tearing up] I just want to say, you guys are the best teammates a spell could ask for. I love you guys.
Richard [gasps]
In Richard's point of view, the Spell With No Name appears behind Ouroboros.
Pyro Pony Aw, Ouro. I love you, too.
Richard [whispering] Uh... Guys? Behind you!
Eclipsa's Spells Huh?
Eclipsa's spells look in the Spell With No Name's direction, but they don't see anything.
Nightmare Dream Uh, what are we supposed to be looking at here?
Richard The... The spell! It's right on top of you!
The Spell With No Name flies around the spells' vicinity.
Richard Watch out! Don't make any sudden movements!
Pyro Pony Hey, is this kid playing some kind of trick on us?
Richard There it goes!
The Spell With No Name flies off into another part of the hallway.
Richard Seriously, did none of you see that?!
Nightmare Dream No. How could we? You can only see the spell using the glow light.
Ouroboros Uh, what do you think we were using your friend for?
Richard I don't need to see it to know where it is! I have echolocation! [realizing] ...Hey. I have echolocation. Guys, I can fix this!
Nightmare Dream What?
Ouroboros You can?
Richard Follow me!
Eclipsa's Spells [follow Richard]
Richard Okay, here's the plan. I'll go in there and chase the spell out with my magic. You still got that pickle jar?
Ouroboros puts the magic bomb back in his body and takes out the jar.
Ouroboros Right here. But are you sure about this?
Nightmare Dream Yeah, there's no way you're strong enough to take that thing on your own.
Richard Oh, I'm definitely not strong enough. But when all else fails, a narwhal's got to step up. [inhales deeply] Oh, boy, I really don't want to do this.
Richard goes down the same hallway the Spell With No Name went. When he sees the spell with his echolocation, Richard chases it into the pitch-black darkness. Richard blasts energy beams from his horn at the Spell multiple times.
Pyro Pony Dang. You know he could do this?
Richard Okay, I got him on the run! Get that pickle jar ready!
Ouroboros But where am I aiming it?!
Richard Just point it directly at me!
Ouroboros Uh, roger that!
Richard Here it comes!
Richard's energy beam pushes the Spell With No Name in the direction of Eclipsa's spells. When the spell flies into the jar, Pyro Pony covers it with the lid.
Nightmare Dream Did you get it? Narwhal, get your eyes on this.
Using his echolocation, Richard sees the Spell With No Name inside the jar.
Richard Yeah... We got it... [falls unconscious]
Scene cuts to some time later in Star's spells' room. Everyone is gathered around Glowworm, who has bandages on his butt.
Glowworm [laughs] Check out my little bandage butt!
Cupcake 1 Oh, where'd you get that?
Glowworm Beats me. I guess I took a tumble somewhere.
Cupcake 2 Hey, Narwhal, couldn't you bring him back in one piece?
Richard Sorry about that.
Warnicorn 2 You did good, kid, bringing Glowworm back all by yourself.
Richard Well, somebody had to do it, right?
Octocorn Oh, and guess what? We found more syrup.
Narwhal Turns out Spider was hoarding a secret stash in the basement.
Several warnicorns are hugging and licking crates of maple syrup.
Warnicorn 3 Blessed be this luscious bounty of sunlight and nectar!
Spider [crying] It's true! I'm a liar! There's always syrup! There's never no syrup! I'm so sorry!
Makeup Blast It's okay.
Spider Is it really?
Makeup Blast Kind of iffy. But now we have infinite syrup. That's a good problem to have.
Eclipsa's spells start to leave.
Makeup Blast Hey, Eclipsa's spells. Y'all want some pancakes?
Ouroboros Nah, we don't want to hang out with you kids. Eat your pancakes.
Pyro Pony Catch you on the flippity-flop.
Makeup Blast Well, they sure are friendly. Anyway, back to syrup.
Rock I vote we pour it in a giant tub and swim around in it!
As the rest of Star's spells walk off-screen, Richard stares at Eclipsa's spells as they leave. Using his echolocation, he stares with worry at the Spell With No Name in the jar until the doors close.
(end song)
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