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The Amethyst Arcade is a cavernous dimension. It is a gaming arcade with cabinets made out of amethyst stone, and it includes many video games such as Lance Lance Revolution. Many of its customers are nerds with square-shaped bodies.

Star, Marco and Pony Head travel here in "Party With a Pony." After Marco and Pony Head play Lance Lance Revolution, Pony Head tries to ditch him and takes Star to the Scum Bucket, leaving Marco to be captured by the St. Olga's Guards. After getting a talking to from Star, Pony Head returns and taunts the Guards into chasing her, causing a lot of damage to the dimension with her horn as she leads them away.


The Amethyst Arcade consists of crystal walls and floors, and is full of crystalline video game booths. Icicles hang from the ceiling, and are even sold to customers.


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