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Angelica "Angie" Diaz[1] (née Phalange)[2] is the mother of Marco and Star Butterfly's host mother during her stay on Earth. She is the wife of Rafael Diaz.


Angie has puffy, auburn waist-length hair tied back in a ponytail with a pink tie, a bang over her right eye, green eyes, red lipstick, and a light skin tone. She wears an orange shirt with pink ruffles around the sleeves and neck, an olive skirt, and brown sandals. She also wears a black bracelet on her left ankle.

In "Marco Jr.", she wears a short green maternity dress with teal leggings.


Like her husband, Angie sports a cheerful demeanor and tends to look on the bright side, which sometimes bothers Marco. She is demonstrably more mature than Rafael, however, and usually serves as Marco's true parental guidance.

She also has a fiercely protective side concerning her family, as seen in "Storm the Castle", where she is willing to don battle armor and join a rescue party after Marco has been kidnapped by Toffee, and in "Return to Mewni", where she prepares to protect her home from an imagined intruder by wielding a golf club.


Rafael Diaz[]

S1E9 Mr. and Mrs

Angie plays with Rafael's chest hair.

Rafael is Angie's husband. The two are quite loving and affectionate with each other, as seen in "Diaz Family Vacation" and "Raid the Cave". Angie tries to cheer up Rafael when his Halloween plans go wrong in "Hungry Larry".

Marco Diaz[]

S3E13 Angie 'I'm sure everybody on Mooni'

Angie and Marco.

Marco is Angie's son, and they love each other very much, though her optimism occasionally grates on his nerves. Her motherly affection can also embarrass him from time to time, such as when she claimed the "Ph.D" in "Dr. Marco, Ph.D" stood for "Pretty Handsome Dude". In "Heinous", she learns from Miss Heinous that her son started a princess revolution. After being called out, she and Rafael promise to take more responsibility and a more active role in their son's life. In "Return to Mewni", Angie tries to cheer up Marco in any way she can after Star's departure in "Starcrushed". In "Sophomore Slump", she helps him readjust to life on Earth and supports his decision to stay on Mewni for a while. in "Marco Jr.", she and Rafael are dismayed when they realize they don't know their son as well as they once did, and pledge to spend more time with him.

Star Butterfly[]

S3E32 Angie Diaz 'I know my own son'

Angie and Star.

Star wins over Angie and her husband almost immediately. Angie even says that it would be nice to have Star's "upbeat and lively energy" around the house. She and her husband also take any damage Star causes to their home in stride, never getting angry or unhappy about it. In "Red Belt", she and Rafael secretly help Star acquire a hammer and nails so she can hang a Love Sentence poster. The only time Angie ever appears disappointed or angry with Star is when she and Marco attack Miss Heinous and Gemini during "Heinous".

Charlie Booth[]

Charlie, while pretending to be a foreign exchange student from Scandinavia named "Gustav", stayed with Angie and her family on two occasions, and they are on very good terms. Like her husband and son, she is unaware of his true identity.



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  • She enjoys playing with Rafael's chest hair, as seen in "Diaz Family Vacation".
  • Throughout her appearances, the bang hanging over her right eye and the black bracelet on her left ankle switch and mirror sides in some shots.
  • In "Hungry Larry", despite wearing a black hooded cape and monk robe for Halloween, Angie wears her hair loose and upfront.
  • Angie has a pink bathrobe in "Sleep Spells" and a light purple bathrobe in "Return to Mewni".
  • In "Sophomore Slump", Angie reveals that she once spent a summer in France during her youth and came back condescending and pretentious, lecturing people on how to correctly pronounce words like "croissant".
  • According to a Disney XD YouTube live chat with Marco Diaz, Angie first met Rafael when they were in high school, and as such, they were high school sweethearts.
    • In "Sad Teen Hotline" Angie mentions that she and Rafael broke up "literally a hundred times" before they were finally married, with one break up occuring after Valentines' Day.
  • According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Angie competes in monthly "Monster Trader" card game tournaments at the local comic book shop.
  • According to Daron Nefcy, Angie's name is short for Angelica.[1]
  • According to Aaron Hammersley, Angie's maiden name is Phalange,[2] a term used to refer to any bone in the fingers or toes.
  • In "Marco Jr.", Angie is revealed to be pregnant with her and Rafael's second child, who they initially believe is a boy.
    • In "Doop-Doop", it turns out to be a girl instead, whom they named Mariposa (the Spanish word for "butterfly").


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