Can we stop singing now?
―Star Butterfly[src]

"Anything You Want To" is a song in "Star vs. Echo Creek". It is performed by a sea serpent in Star Butterfly's imagination when she seeks to escape punishment for destroying a police car.


[Sea Serpent]
Why didn't you say so?
You've come to the perfect place!
An underwater hideout
To hide your princess face
You can make a shelter
Star Butterfly: That's the pinkest thing I've ever seen.
[Sea Serpent]
Anything you want to
Sweet and savory together
Star Butterfly: Sugarritos!
[Sea Serpent]
Not because you got to
You want to run a race
Star Butterfly: I love seahorses!
[Sea Serpent]
But you want to take a nap too
Star Butterfly: Actually, I just did.
[Sea Serpent]
You never have to
Unless you really want to
Pilot submarines
Star Butterfly: A sandwich!
[Sea Serpent]
Anything you want to
Stay dirty, stay clean
Star Butterfly: How do you take a bath underwater?
[Sea Serpent]
I bet you really want to
You can learn le France, decorate some cake
Crash the economy, turn someone to bones
You can make a scrapbook
Star Butterfly: Wait. What was the thing before scrapbook?
[Sea Serpent]
Anything you want to!
Star Butterfly: Whatever. This is perfect. I can hide out here forever.
[Sea Serpent]
Only if you want to!


  • On the BMI Music Repertoire, the song is listed under Work #"23100205.
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