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Artt Butler is an American voice actor. Some of his notable roles are voicing Captain Ackbar in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the male computer voice in the Spike Jonze movie Her.

He voices Rafael Diaz in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.


Butler has been around since 1991. Starting the journey as the lead booth director at one of Los Angeles' top voiceover agencies, he quickly became a talent favorite to be directed by and was able to quickly give concise, insightful, in-depth direction. After 15 years of directing and coaching, he ventured into voice acting himself. Taking all that had been learned from the seasoned veterans he had directed over the years, he's since parlayed that into a successful career.

In 2009, soon after voicing the McDonald's/Avatar television campaign, Butler became the national legal tag voice of Chrysler television and radio commercials. He voiced Agent Jack Flowers (a parody of 24's Jack Bauer) in the season 3 finale of The Boondocks. In 2011, he voiced Captain Ackbar in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

In 2014, he played the male computer voice in the Academy Award winning Spike Jonze motion picture Her. He is also the national television brand voice of KIA, successfully launching them into the luxury sedan market with the 2014 Cadenza and the re-designed 2014 Optima.


  • Butler is half-Japanese and half-Mexican, and he routinely refers to himself as a "Jap-xican".
  • Butler has starred in Star Wars: The Clone Wars alongside Adam McArthur; Butler played Captain Ackbar, and McArthur played Prince Lee-Char.

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