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"Baby" is the thirtieth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.[1]

It premiered on February 8, 2017.[2][3]


Star must show her fairy godmother, Baby, what she has learned about magic.[3]


During a meal together in the Butterfly Castle dining hall, King and Queen Butterfly discuss what happened to Glossaryck and what to do about Star, even considering the possibility of bringing her back to Mewni. River doesn't want to disrupt her while in the middle of attending school, so Moon suggests she be "evaluated" and presents a small perfume bottle. This triggers an averse reaction from River, who excuses himself from the dinner table. When Moon opens the perfume bottle, a black ghostly being emerges and flies out of the castle, consuming River's leftovers along the way.

Back on Earth, Star cleans up her room for her evaluator's arrival, cramming her junk into her secrets closet or Beanbag Monster's mouth and throwing her messy bed into a black hole. Marco makes a bunch of snacks for Star's evaluator on a snack table while Star worries about her impending evaluation: if she fails, she could get sent back home to Mewni.

Suddenly, the black ghostly being from Queen Butterfly's perfume bottle appears, and the black smoke disperses to reveal Baby, a small cat-like creature with wings and a blue jewel on her forehead. After Baby devours everything on the snack table, Star begins the evaluation by showing Baby around her room. Star introduces Baby to Beanbag Monster, shows her the inside of her secrets closet, and shows off her magic wand and notebook of spells. Baby only comments on everything she sees as "interesting".

For the next part of the evaluation, Baby instructs Star to bring her an apple from across the room using only her magic. However, Star's spells are unable to deliver the apple to Baby undamaged. Star eventually becomes so unsure of herself that her magic starts to generate a green glow. Having seen all she needed to see, Baby starts to leave. When Star asks how she did on the evaluation, Baby says that she failed. She explains further that Star has a closet full of secrets, her wand was broken while in her care, she lost the Magic Instruction Book and replaced it with a notebook, and her magic is so undisciplined that she can't perform the simplest of spells. Star worries that her failure means she'll have to go back home, but Baby says that's not her problem.

Star tries one more time to bring Baby the apple, this time with her magic being both pink and green, but all she does is split it in half, and Baby starts to leave again. All of a sudden, a seed inside one of the apple's halves grows into a large tree. One of the tree's branches produces a perfectly ripe apple and drops it in Baby's paw. Baby smiles tenderly at Star, indicating that Star passed her evaluation, and she leaves in a cloud of black smoke. When she returns to Mewni, Baby gives King and Queen Butterfly the results of her evaluation. She also reveals that Star's magic power and skill far surpasses that of Queen Butterfly's and that she hasn't seen anything like this since Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness.

The episode ends on a foreboding shot of Queen Eclipsa's portrait.


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Production notes


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Baby Baby
French L'évaluation de Star Star's Evaluation
German Die Prüfung The Exam
Hebrew תינוקת Baby
Hungarian Bébi Baby
Italian Baby Baby
Japanese ベイビー Baby
Polish Dzidzia Baby
Portuguese (Brazil) Baby Baby
Portuguese (Portugal) Bebé Baby
Russian Малыш Baby
Spanish Baby Baby


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S2E30 Star Butterfly in royal family portrait
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  • Melissa Rauch, best known for portraying Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory, guest-stars as Baby.

Revelations and continuity


  • In the opening shot, Queen Butterfly's petticoat appears wider than usual.


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