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Baby is an evaluator of magic who appears in the season 2 episode of the same name to evaluate Star Butterfly's magic skill.


When first introduced, Baby appears impassive and polite when evaluating Star, but she is later revealed to be strict in her evaluations, having no qualms over failing those she evaluates. However, she is understanding and merciful when Star successfully carries out an objective she is given. She can also appear ferocious when annoyed.

Baby is constantly gluttonous, consuming large quantities of food in her cloudy mist form in mere seconds should it be brought anywhere near her.


Baby is a small, light bluish green-furred cat-like creature with large green eyes, yellow insect-like wings, a pink star-shaped mark on her chest, a long tail with a dark blue tip, and a blue four-sided jewel on her forehead.

When traveling or quickly consuming food, Baby transforms into a black, ghostly mist.


In her debut episode, Baby is sent to Earth by Queen Butterfly to evaluate Star's magic skill after Ludo steals the Magic Instruction Book and abducts Glossaryck. She is apparently kept in a small glass bottle owned by Queen Butterfly, and King Butterfly harbors a deep dislike for her. On Earth, Baby evaluates Star on not only her skill in magic but also her level of responsibility.

Upon seeing that Star has a closet of secrets, cleaved her wand in half, lost her book of spells, and failed to complete a simple magic test, Baby gives her a failing grade at first. However, after Star demonstrates her high magical skill by growing an apple seed into a large tree, Baby gives her a passing grade instead.

It is presumed that Baby previously evaluated the magic skill of past queens of Mewni, including Moon and Eclipsa.

Powers and abilities

  • Mist transformation: Baby can transform into a black mist for traveling or consuming food quickly.
  • Conjuration: Baby can conjure or summon objects from black mist for instance a notepad, a pen and an apple.


Season 2


  • The synopsis for Baby's debut episode stated that she was Star's "fairy godmother". However, she wasn't referred to as such in the episode itself, with no signs of familiarity between them.
  • Baby is openly despised by King Butterfly, due to her chastising attitude and the fact she consumes all of his food.


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