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Episode begins with the opening sequence of a Korean soap opera, with shots of a female pop singer singing in Korean and holding a microphone, interspersed with shots of a male, hat-wearing vampire with red eyes. The sequence ends with the singer in a hospital bed next to two teenage girls as the title card "BAM UI PATI (Party Of The Night)" is shown on screen.
Teen Girl 1 [speaking Korean] Please, you must get up... You must sing again.
Teen Girl 2 [speaking Korean] Your fans miss you.
Singer [speaking Korean] No. How can I with this vampire's curse on my body bone? I may never sing again.
Scene cuts to Pony Head in bed watching the soap opera on her laptop. There are two crossed bandages on her forehead where her horn used to be, and she's surrounded by empty food bowls and takeout boxes.
Pony Head [slurping juice] Yeah, how's the girl supposed to sing with a cursed body bone? [burps]
Singer [speaking Korean] I must cancel my tour.
Teen Girls [speaking Korean] No! No! No! No! No! No!
Singer [speaking Korean] Now that my body bone has been cursed.
Man [speaking Korean] Hello.
A man with brown hair appears in the doorway as soft piano music plays. After a long pause, he takes out a pizza box.
Man [speaking Korean] I brought you a pizza.
Pony Head Mmmmm, yeah. I should get a pizza.
Pizza Delivery Guy Or... Or... I got an idea. Why don't you pay me for the pizza you already ordered?
Pony Head You're still here? Just, like, put it on my tab or whatever.
Pizza Delivery Guy Yeah, I'd love to do that. The problem is, in order to put it on your tab, I need to see your I.D.
Pony Head [clenching teeth] It's at the end of the bed!
The pizza delivery guy pulls Pony Head's I.D. card out from under some old food. He looks at the card's photo, in which Pony Head has a horn, then back at the real Pony Head, who does not have a horn.
Pizza Delivery Guy Uh, this isn't you. The girl in this picture has one of those, uh...
Pony Head What "uh"?
Pizza Delivery Guy Uh, fine, here. [puts down pizza box and leaves] Oh, yeah. There's a weirdo looking in your window, if you're interested.
Star Butterfly is seen at Pony Head's window pressing her cheeks on the glass and making a silly face. Pony Head ignores her.
Star Butterfly [pulls away from window] Okay, guys, I can't get her to look. What's Plan B?
Azniss and Khrysthalle Pony Head appear floating next to Star as she sits on top of Cloudy.
Azniss You're Plan B! You need to get back to that window and get our sister out of bed so we got somethin' to do, or else.
Star What, are you threatening me?
Shonda and Shinda [appear behind Star] No, Star. We would never threaten you.
Star [shudders] All right, you guys gotta stop doin' that.
Khrysthalle [sobbing] Imagine... you woke up one day... and you were so beautiful.
Star What are you talking about?
Khrysthalle ...What are you talking about?
Star All right, so you know what? We're going with my plan. Should've done this all along. I'm gonna give her some sweet treats and just be nice to her. Did you ever think about that? Is that all right with you, Azniss? Krysthalle? Shonda and Shinda? [looks behind her] Where... Where did Shonda and Shinda go? You know what? I don't care. I really don't.
Star opens Pony Head's window and climbs into the window.
Star Give me the treats.
Cloudy [grunts, gives Star a box of donuts]
Star Look what I got for you. Ah! Oh, good Mewni, what's that smell? [singsongy] Look, your favorite! Kitten donuts.
Star opens the box to reveal three donuts with mewling cat faces.
Star Ooh, whatcha watchin'?
Doctor [speaking Korean] Well, according to her charts, her body bone may indeed be cursed. So I'm afraid she'll have to stay in bed until we do more tests,
Star Okay, Pony, I'm just gonna say it. [closes laptop] You don't have a horn. Heinous took it from you, and that's awful. But you gotta pick yourself back up and just move on.
Pony Head [opens laptop] Don't touch that!
Star What's the matter with you?!
Azniss [pops out of Pony Head's dresser] See, Star? We told you she won't get out of bed!
Khrysthalle Yeah, she's being so difficult! Ugh!
Hornanne [pops out of Pony Head's closet] Oh, and believe me, we've tried everything.
Pony Head Go away and let me watch my show in peace! [breathes]
Star Oh. Wow. Hey, girls, can we talk for a sec?
Star pulls Pony Head's sisters off to the side.
Star Come on. Maybe we should give her a break. I mean, she's lost her horn. She can't fly anymore.
Hornanne Uh, excuse me? I don't have a horn, and I can fly just fine!
Pony Head opens the window and rolls out with her laptop.
Star [gasps] Pony!
Pony Head falls toward the ground. She bounces off the clouds and into the waiting fins of her boyfriend Seahorse.
Pony Head Hey, Boo, thanks for showing up on such late notice. You're a good boyfriend.
Seahorse Your satisfaction is my number one priority.
Pony Head Okay. Wow. All right. Blah-blah-blah, uh-huh. I understand you. Okay. Just get me out of here, please!
The doors of Seahorse's van close, and the van drives off toward storm clouds.
Star Oh, no! She's driving into that storm! She's gonna die! Girls, we gotta save her!
Star jumps outside and plummets toward the ground with a long scream. A few seconds later, she comes back up on Cloudy's back.
Star [groans] Oh, sorry. Cloudy was a lot further down than I thought he was. We gotta go!
Star, Azniss, Khrysthalle, and Hornanne fly after the van. Inside the van, Pony Head pulls some wires off the wall and bunches them up to make a pillow. She then lies on the pillow of wires and uses her tongue to press "Play" on her laptop.
Seahorse I'm sorry, but tampering with company property is strictly prohibited—
Pony Head Shh! Keep it down! You know the longer your mouth is open, the less I want to be with you!
Seahorse Uh... [gulps, continues driving]
Star, Azniss, Khrysthalle, and Hornanne catch up to the van.
Seahorse It appears your friends are following us. Shall I pull over?
Pony Head What?! Oh, no, no! No, no! Lose 'em! Step on it!
Seahorse At Reflectacorp, customer service is our number one priority.
The van speeds up. In Pony Head's TV show, the teen girls and man run after the singer as her hospital bed is pushed away.
Man [speaking Korean] I will donate my body bone to you! I love you!
Teen Girls [speaking Korean] I love you! I love you!
Singer [speaking Korean] The entire world loves me, but they do not understand that I must suffer this curse...
Pony Head [sniffling] I... I feel you, girl.
Doctor [speaking Korean] I will take you to a secret room for elite celebrities that need to hide from their loving fans.
Star, Azniss, Khrysthalle, and Hornanne get closer to the van.
Seahorse Your friends are faster than Reflectacorp's top utility van.
Pony Head Ugh! Then start throwing something at them or whatever. Geez!
Seahorse Customer service is our number one priority.
Seahorse starts throwing boxes at Star and the pony sisters, which they dodge.
Hornanne You're gonna have to do better than that!
Seahorse Your friends are very persistent.
Pony Head Deal with it!
Seahorse It is my pleasure to find you an adequate solution. [unbuckles seat belt]
The van's back doors open, and Pony Head goes flying out, hitting a lamppost and falling on the cloudy ground.
Star [gasps] Pony Head! [runs up to her] Oh, no! [crying] My poor baby Pony Head! Pony Head!
Another Pony Head hits Star in the head, and additional Pony Heads falls near her.
Star What the...? Pony Heads?!
Back in the van, Seahorse uses a 3-D printer to make fake models of Pony Head.
Pony Head 3-D printing! Cool!
The van drives into the storm clouds. Star and the Pony Head sisters follow it, dodging bolts of lightning.
Cloudy Wheeee! [laughing]
Star This has gone too far! Let me help you!
Pony Head continues to watch her show as Star presses her face on the glass of the van's rear window.
Star [muffled] You can't run away from your problems! Are you listening?! Pony Head! Come on! Let's end this and go home!
Seahorse Caution. There's a slipstream ahead.
Pony Head Oh, yeah-yeah-yeah, take that.
The van veers left into a slipstream, and Star loses her grip on the van and goes flying.
Star Aah!
The van vanishes into the clouds. Star and the Pony Head sisters stop in front of the slipstream.
Star Pony Head, what are you doing?
Pony Head [gasps] Oh, my goodness! He's at the hospital!
Receptionist [speaking Korean] Hey can I help you?
Vampire [walks past receptionist]
Receptionist [speaking Korean] Hey!
Vampire [waves his hand] I'm the one who is here to help.
Receptionist [dreamily, speaking Korean] Ah, how nice.
The van stops in the middle of the rainstorm.
Pony Head Hey! What's goin' on?! Why you stopping?!
Seahorse I am unable to travel any further due to hazardous weather conditions.
Pony Head Uh, okay, cool. Then I'll drive.
Seahorse What?
Pony Head suddenly pushes the driver's seat forward very hard, causing Seahorse's nose to hit the steering wheel, and he passes out. Pony Head takes his place behind the wheel and buckles her laptop into the passenger seat. After buckling her laptop's seat belt, she kisses it.
Pony Head Here we go now. Okay, this is a new life on the road! It's just for me! Here I come! And no interruptions, either, except for commercial breaks! Mmm, just me and my shows 'til the end of time! Forever! [laughing manicly]
Pony Head drives off wildly into the storm, over a rainbow bridge, through the ringed "Kitten Donuts" sign, and around a rainbow loop-de-loop before crashing it in a fiery wreckage. When Pony Head regains consciousness, she pulls herself up to her laptop, which is still playing "Bam Ui Pati!"
Pony Head I can't... miss the finale...!
The vampire enters the pop singer's private hospital room.
Singer [speaking Korean] Have you come here to put another curse on my body? How could you do this to me?
Vampire [speaking Korean] SHHHHHHHH! Foolish human I did not put a curse on you. The truth is I've never met you. You're upset because your concert did not sell out.
Pony Head Oh, girl, yeah. You been doin' that.
Vampire [speaking Korean] Don't hide away from life because something bad happened.
Singer [speaking Korean] You're right and also, I love you
Vampire [speaking Korean] And I love you
Pony Head [crying] Mmm... I love you, too!
The pop singer rises out of bed and into the air, and in a Sailor Moon-style transformation sequence, she dons her singing outfit and appears on a music stage.
Singer [singing in Korean]
Pony Head She did it! [gasps] The hot TV people are right! That's right! Just because my tour didn't sell out doesn't mean I should hide away! The world deserves Pony Head!
Pony Head flies into the air as the storm clears.
Pony Head I deserve Pony Head!
Star and Pony Head's sisters catch up with Pony Head.
Star There she is!
Azniss So dramatic. We get it. You had an emotional journey and came out as a changed pony.
Star [jumps on Pony Head and hugs her] Eee!
Pony Head Girl, thank you! Okay, I know I can be, like, a lot to deal with. Like, all the time. Like, tick-tock every single second. But I really appreciate you helping me.
Star Anytime. I'm just so glad you're okay.
Seahorse I would also help during the business hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm.
Pony Head Oh, my goodness! I thought you died!
Star What?
Seahorse Oh, no. I am unkillable. However, I do have a gift for you. I utilized Reflectacorp's newest 3-D printing technology to analyze your needs.
Seahorse takes a unicorn horn out of a briefcase.
Seahorse Reflectacorp assessed that artificial horns would suit you perfectly.
Pony Head Oh, wow! You are so sweet! That is so adorable! Thank you so much, Boo!
Seahorse May I do the honors?
Pony Head [pushes Seahorse over and catches horn in her mouth] No! That is reserved for my favorite sister.
Khrysthalle [sobbing gasps]
Pony Head Are you dense? I'm talkin' 'bout Star!
Khrysthalle [shocked gasp]
Star Aww!
Star sticks the horn on Pony Head's forehead, and it glows bright pink.
Singer [singing in Korean]
Pony Head [whispers] I love it! [to Seahorse] Mmm, you know what, though? I am afraid that it's time to break up with you again.
Hornanne Hey, do you think I can get one of those horns, too?
Pony Head Why do you always have to be at the center of attention, Hornanne? Just like, why?! Why?! Why?! Why do you need to do that? Why are you always thinkin' about you? Why?! Why?! Why?!
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