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"Beach Day" is the twenty-seventh episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on April 28, 2019 alongside "Gone Baby Gone".


Star gets ready to actually have the day at the beach with Marco.


At the Diaz Household, Star and Marco watch TV and eat pancakes. Angie suddenly enters and presents Star's bathing suit, which she for some reason left in the freezer. As Rafael takes pictures of baby Mariposa at the breakfast table, Star remembers the Beach Day photo that Father Time gave her and decides that she and Marco should have the day at the beach that they previously talked about.

Star and Marco take a taxi cab to the beach, but they soon get stuck in traffic. Star uses her magic to give the car wings and make it fly over the traffic, but the taxi driver angrily yells to put the car down, and he kicks Star and Marco out of his cab. Star summons Cloudy to fly them to the beach, but Cloudy doesn't want to fly through the smog-filled air. With no idea how to get to the beach, Star decides to follow a nearby seagull, and following it leads them right to the beach. Unfortunately, Star forgot her camera and the Beach Day photo in the taxi.

Star fears her Beach Day plans have been ruined, but Marco suggests they just have a good time at the beach, and Star agrees. The two proceed to have fun playing beach games and playing in the sand. They are suddenly approached by an elderly woman who took a photo of them with her camera, thinking they looked cute together. Star and Marco discover that the photo the woman took is the exact same photo as Father Time's, and they rejoice, believing that Beach Day has been fulfilled.

Star's joy quickly fades, however, and she goes to see Father Time in the Plains of Time dimension. She believed that, after having her Beach Day, all of her problems would finally be solved and she'd be happy, but she isn't. Father Time reveals that he didn't give Star the photo; she gave the photo to him to give to herself in the past because she was about to go through difficult times in her life, such as her mother being missing and her identity as a princess being cast aside, so she needed something to look forward to.

Star realizes Beach Day was just a lie she told herself, but the thought of having it did help her get through those difficult times. She gives the photo to Father Time to give to Past Star, and as she leaves, Father Time remarks to himself that the hardest times in Star's life are still yet to come. Back on Earth, Star relates all of this to Marco, and he tells her even though it's impossible to know the future, creating one's own happiness is what's important. With Beach Day over, Star uses her magic to make a flying shopping cart that flies herself and Marco back home.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Korean 바다 가는 날 To the Beach Day
Portuguese (Portugal) Dia de Praia Beach Day


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Production notes



Revelations and continuity

  • Star and Marco have their Beach Day that was foreshadowed in "Butterfly Follies".
  • Star loses the future Beach Day photo that Father Time gave her, but she gets another version of the photo in the present.
    • It is revealed that Star originally gave the photo to Father Time to deliver to herself in the past to help get herself through the troubled times in her life.
      • As a result of this self-fulfilling prophecy, it turns out that Star herself fabricated Beach Day in her mind.
  • Marco makes a sand sculpture of Ludo at the end of the episode.


  • The television show "Youths!" is a parody of Friends.
  • Star's line "I know what we're gonna do today" may be a reference to Phineas and Ferb.


  • After the cab driver drops off Star and Marco, Marco's shorts become his regular jeans and then revert back to his swim trunks.
  • As Star grabs the picture from the elderly woman, Star was wearing her white shorts for a while.