William Richard "Billy" West is an American voice actor, singer-songwriter, comedian, and former radio personality well-known for his voiceover work in a number of television series, films, video games, and commercials.

He voices Hungry Larry in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.


West worked at the WBCN radio station in Boston, Massachusetts, performing daily on the air on The Big Mattress show, then moved to New York City in 1988, working at WXRK. West became a regular on The Howard Stern Show at that time until leaving in 1995. He later moved to Los Angeles, where he found success as a voice actor and performer.

West's first role on television was on the short-lived revival of Beany and Cecil. His first two high-profile roles, on Doug and The Ren & Stimpy Show, came almost simultaneously. Among West's most well-known voice roles in television include Ren Höek and Stimpson "Stimpy" J. Cat on The Ren & Stimpy Show, Doug Funnie and Roger Klotz on Doug, and Philip J. Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Dr. Zoidberg, Zapp Brannigan on Futurama.

Over his career, West has been the voice talent for close to 120 different characters including some of the most iconic animated figures in television history. He has become one of few voice actors who can impersonate Mel Blanc in his prime, including characterizations of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, the voice Arthur Q. Bryan used for Elmer Fudd, as well as other characters from Warner Bros. cartoons. West's favorite characters are Philip J. Fry and Stimpy, both of which he originated. He was also the voice of Zim in the original pilot for Nickelodeon's Invader Zim. West is also the voice of the red M&M in numerous M&M commercials as well as the 3-D movie "I Lost my M in Vegas".

Perhaps West's most notable film work came in the 1996 film Space Jam as both Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. West reprised the roles of Bugs and Fudd in subsequent Looney Tunes feature-length films and returned as Fudd in the theatrically released Looney Tunes: Back in Action. In 1998, West starred in the direct-to-video film Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island as Shaggy Rogers. In 2000, he provided additional voices in Disney's Dinosaur. In 2004, he voiced the classic character Popeye in the 75th-anniversary film Popeye's Voyage: The Quest for Pappy and made his live-action film debut in Mark Hamill's Comic Book: The Movie. Other films featuring West's vocal talents include Joe's Apartment, Cats & Dogs, Olive, the Other Reindeer, TMNT, The Proud Family Movie, and three Tom and Jerry direct-to-video movies.

West is also a guitarist and singer-songwriter for a band called Billy West and The Grief Counselors.

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