Black Metallurgy and Ores of the Multiverse is an interdimensional book that serves as a comprehensive guide to metallurgy (the study of metals) and encyclopedia of what metals originate from which dimensions.


In "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses", Miss Heinous uses the book to trace the origin of a bobby pin that Marco Diaz left behind to Earth.

In "Ludo, Where Art Thou?", Ludo's younger brother Dennis uses the same experiment to trace Ludo's dimensional scissors to their source, but the experiment fails and blows up in his face.

Sections and pages

  • A metallurgical scientific breakdown of metals and chemical reactions:
...electric discharge in atmospheric air, vapour is produced which condenses in the form of a brown powder stated to be the oxide of silver. The dioxide is precipitated as a black powder from solution of the citrate.
Silver is not acted upon at ordinary temperatures by oxygen, whether dry or moist.
The reaction is shown in this following equation:
2Ag + H0» = Ag'0.H0
[4Ag - f - H=0' = Ag*0,H*0]
It states that on melting in a crucible a precipitate consisting of the sulphides of silver, zinc, and iron with nitre and carbonate of soda, he found above the bottom of silver an olive color red rust.
  • A color-coded guide of metals and their dimensions of origin based on the color of the chemical reactions:
    • Red: The Great Andromeda/Sparkle Dimension
    • Blue: The Dowager/Cat Face Dimension
    • Orange: The Galafamor/Edible Dimension
    • Green: The Earth/Corinet Dimension
    • Pink: The Mewni/Moranth Dimension
    • Yellow: The Bad Dog Dimension
    • Grey: The Styx Dimension
    • Teal: The Waterfall Dimension
    • Periwinkle: The Misty Dimension
    • Chartreuse: The Seventh Dimension
    • Rose: The Pixtopia Dimension
    • Purple: The Sandwich Dimension
    • Cyan: The Plains of Time Dimension
    • Emerald: The Seabunny Dimension
    • Maroon: The Zalla Mountain Dimension


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  • Most of the page with chemical formulas on it is copied from the real-life 1861 book, Metallurgy: The Art of Extracting Metals from Their Ores by John Percy.
  • In "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses, chemical reactions for red, blue, orange, green, and pink respectively correspond to Great Andromeda, the Dowager Room, Galafamor, Earth, and Mewni. But in "Ludo, Where Art Thou?, these are changed to instead correspond to the Sparkle, Cat Face, Edible, Corinet, and Moranth Dimensions.
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