• JBen98

    So I'm new to the wiki, and honestly the show too. I only began watching after hearing talks that it exists in the same reality as Gravity Falls, and so I decided to give it a shot. Not even a week later, and I'm already caught up. I wasn't at all expecting to love the show nearly as much as I did. Now, I'm here to discus the aforementioned connections to Gravity Falls, and further on the show's connection to Rick and Morty, and my theory on why all three shows exist not just in a shared multiverse, but all are in the same universe, at least for a time.

    Below are the connections I picked up on in the show. There may be more I missed, but these are just my best guesses.

    • In the episode "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez," a picture of Bill Cipher is…

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  • Timur2342
    1. It's awesome!!!
    2. It's ok.
    3. Neutral.
    4. It's not good and Marco should be with Star.
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  • EclipsatheQueenofDarkness6
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  • Tornadodex

    I'm pretty sure after seeing the episode titles and watching the promo, everyone has at least a general idea of what the episodes are going to be about. What do you guys think holds in store for us with these episodes?

    Here's my thoughts:

    Bogbeast of Boggabah:

    The wiki already has a synopsis on it. Go see it!

    Total Eclipsa the Moon:

    I think this will be about Eclipsa and Meteora's origins, not Eclipsa's trial.

    The Butterfly Trap:

    I think this will most likely be Eclipsa's trial.

    Ludo, Where Art Thou?:

    I'm about 99.99% sure Ludo is going to encounter Marco and Star to try and get revenge on them

    Is Another Mystery:

    Based on "Is Mystery," this is most likey an episode about Buff Frog investigating deeper into Ludo's secrets.

    Marco Jr:

    I guess this may re…

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  • DaCryptid


    February 23, 2018 by DaCryptid


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  • TOPDOGZ101

    Thoughts so far

    February 22, 2018 by TOPDOGZ101

    This is what it feels like waiting for March Third!------------------------------------->

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  • TOPDOGZ101

    TALK TO ME!!

    February 22, 2018 by TOPDOGZ101

    Ok so I cant believe we have to wait until March third until the next 2 episode comes out! Say anything you want in the chat!

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  • Julian(tmd2020)


    February 19, 2018 by Julian(tmd2020)

    Star x Marco: Exceptional! Marco x Jackie: Well, it's OK until they break up in Sophomore Slump. Star x Oskar: It didn't stay long, but whatever. Star x Tom: Tom is kinda selfish. Surely. Kelly x Tad: Kinda strange... Marco x Kelly: I don't have anymore info, but it will be acceptable when Star is with Tom.

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  • Shunbff1.23

    My own compitition

    February 12, 2018 by Shunbff1.23

    base on the teen titans and the powerpuff girls is having there own compitetion my OWN WAY

    so i m gonna start by

    starco is walking in the park with jakie [ugly face] in the park for just bondinging,but star forgot to study her magic skills for her to master,she magic up her spell book with her wand, and saw the spell for a secret ask marco and jakie to join them to go to a secret portal,and they a few minutes star now praticed her spell and magic up a portal,but jakie was geted out of the portal,so starco have reach there distenation and saw....     

    the powerpuff girls!!!the powerpuff girls were comfused that straco magicly went to Townsville 

    they met and have made new friends around the a few hours.…

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  • Aquariusmuch

    My Latest Starco AMV

    January 18, 2018 by Aquariusmuch

    This took me longer than I usually take for 2 reasons: 1) I switched from a Windows laptop to a MacBook and had difficulty in the beginning trying to figure out iMovie and 2) most of my visions didn't work as well as I hoped and I had to revise. None the less, I hope you enjoy this AMV I made, inspired from a picture I found on Twitter (shown at the end of the video). Stay tuned for more!


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  • Aphmausvtfoepll

    Ship War AU

    January 10, 2018 by Aphmausvtfoepll

    Ship War AU is an AU Star vs. The Forces of Evil comic by moringmark. The first part was released in Tumblr at 19th November 2016 and moringmark is still uploading parts. Right now the comic has 55 parts.

    Elizabeth Butterfly and Jam Doe are two teenagers from different timelines. They have came to Earth at Star's timeline. At Elizabeth's timeline, Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz had married and she's their daughter. At Jam's timeline, Jackie Lynn Thomas and Marco are married and he's their son. Also, in his timeline there's an event called "Stapocalyple", occurred a couple months after the school dance, when a mile-wide star-shape portal suddenly appeared in the night sky of Echo Creek, released all kinds of monsters to the Earth Dimension, soci…

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  • Marceline0605

    For starco fans

    January 8, 2018 by Marceline0605 Hi starco fans, I made a video about these two and hopefully you guys like it :3

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  • Idoall

    Id love if his wand was a bit more like him in a way. Every other wand has matched the user so i feel like his should be more silvery like a knight sword with a big red gem in it (like his main colour). I like the bat wings but the green,purple and black really looks more menevolant than dragonish or heroic. (Its more like what id think buffrogs wand would look like) i hope it evolves like stars wand though! If they wanted to do a more dragon like wand they should have gone with nachos beige colour and larger dragin wings instead of little black bat wings. Idk just a thought!

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  • Shkataplah


    January 4, 2018 by Shkataplah

    Hi! I’m shkataplah, and I’m somewhat new to editing and creating, but I loook forwardto condributing to this wiki community . Don’t really know how to end these things, though....

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  • Sunilcpaul

    Starco relaship

    January 2, 2018 by Sunilcpaul

    Star and Marco have been  best friends in season 1 and half of season 2 before returning to Mewni Star have a crush on Marco in the season 2 finally Starsturk. In the Battle of Mewni see Marco return to help Star defeat Toffee then in mid-of season 3 Marco return to earth Star goes on with life, then Jackie breaks-up with Marco so Marco decide to return to Mewni. Marco tells Star that he decided to retun to Mewni permanently then Star tells Marco that he can't barge on her uninvited so Marco tells Star that Jackie broke-up with him.

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  • Sunilcpaul


    January 1, 2018 by Sunilcpaul

    At the end season 2  Star stun everyone by saying that she has a crush on Marco. The news that Star have a crush on Marco left Jenna surprise, Starfan13 to faint and left Marco stun, in season 3 Star made Marco her royal squire. We want to see Star and Marco together.

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  • Curious Poker Chip

    I have been meaning to write this for a long time but I felt it only necessary.

    As I only just liked SVTFOE, I never really felt it necessary to edit on this Wiki a lot. Now that something came up on the show that I felt was complete and utter BS, I felt like I need to talk about it.

    Now I am a fan of Jarco and do think that Starco is boring and cliched. Now if you like Starco, that is perfectly fine, I understand where you are coming from, but to me, it seemed that for the first two seasons that while Star clearly had a crush on Marco that Marco did not share the same feelings towards her. There are several instances of this in those seasons, including that moment in the episode with King River where he bluntly tells Star's father that she …

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  • Typical Han

    === So as we all know season 3 left us with a hanger after Monster Bash. As we learned that s just a small cleashay theory.

    • Starco
    • Tomstar
    • Jarco

    Star and Tom are back together and Marco after all has feelings/crush for his best friend, Star Butterfly and that was confirmed in the season 3 episode Lava Lake Beach and as you guys remember on Song Day it was confirmed that Star did have a crush on Marco Diaz and I think we can safely say that we all knew about this two. But it's hard to tell if the ship will come together again as Tom and Star are having a great time again and I don't know about you guys but it seems like Kelly has some feeling towards Marco but I don't know if Marco does feel the same way or if their just friends.

    Also Jarco is d…

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  • Riverwillows


    December 15, 2017 by Riverwillows


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  • Aquariusmuch

    My First SvtFoE AMV

    December 9, 2017 by Aquariusmuch

    Just wanted to start off with I love making projects like this (I made 2 Gravity Falls ones but deleted them and I have 3 Percy Jackson ones as well still on my channel).  It only took me 4.5 hours to create this Star vs. the Forces of Evil one and I hope you guys like it.  Also, I wanted to say that I DO ship Starco and wanted to present a song that I feel fits the current relationship tension as of the latest episode (at the time this is published, that is S3E27).  Anyways I hope you enjoy!

    AMV link: SvtFoE AMV - Don't Give Me Those Eyes

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  • KingMaxTheFirst

    My OC Character

    December 8, 2017 by KingMaxTheFirst

    My OC character is Blackhole Butterfly. Wierd uncle that barrows stuff and won't return it.

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  • Lcclamerica

    Does anybody know where or how new episodes are usually announced?

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  • Kitty Moonlight

    Pass It On!!!

    December 7, 2017 by Kitty Moonlight

    I found it randomly searching the web.

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  • StormieCreater

    Small Request...?

    December 4, 2017 by StormieCreater

    Okay, anyone on here taking art requests? Because since any of you are better at drawing SVTFOE characters than I am, maybe someone would like to do Nebula Butterfly for me? 

    She has the same head shape and skin as Moon, but has Comet's hair and eyes (shaped too). She has Star's nose and purple sideways diamonds on her cheeks. Maybe, per say...draw her in her tweens? 

    Any outfit is good, just maybe something Mewnian, like a gown. It can be any color though. 

    Thanks to the person who can take this request!

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  • Jex Voorhees 13


    December 1, 2017 by Jex Voorhees 13


    Luna butterfly

    age 15 Likes

    Fighting monster's

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  • TheRandomGuy17

    Starco Fans

    November 29, 2017 by TheRandomGuy17
    • I was thinking that since Star had a crush to Marco before and now Marco have a crush on star, why won't they just be MU(Mutual Understanding) so that they would have more adventures and stuff but, I also like the idea that they would stay best friends so that the show will have more seasons and they won't rush into relationships.
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  • StormieCreater

    I'm redoing Moon's sister's bio

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  • LapidotF


    November 22, 2017 by LapidotF

    Starco is, by far the worst ship to ever exist. Its so basic, everyone ships the main characters. Tomco, and Janstar are 100% better than Starco will ever be.

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  • CynthiaG4


    November 22, 2017 by CynthiaG4

    Starco is the one thing that fans want to happen (most of them) . I want it too! but unfortunately it's not happening, Tom and Star are together eh. The thing that bothers me is that Marco just started to like Star (or long time ago but now it's obvious). and now he like Kelly no. No if you like the ships that I don't like it's ok we're all different.

    I found the picture from Instagram:


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  • MrHacks

    Just an update to the wiki, I took the liberty of copypastaing some templates from a couple other wikis, but there's still plenty of stuff everybody can do.

    It appears Wikia runs on some sort of Python platform where there are these things called "Modules". Fortunately, my day job is a computer programmer so if anyone wants me to copy and paste some Modules as well as templates to expand our functionality here, let me know.

    Some features added include some basic Stubsection templating I borrowed from the Steven Universe Wikia and the Family Tree template from the Avatar Wikia.  The usage of it on the Butterfly Family page is going to be rather compilcated because of the number of pipe (|) characters being used everywhere and the fact that Queen…

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  • MrHacks


    November 21, 2017 by MrHacks

    As Season 3 continues to roll out, now would be a good time to inform the fans who really want to express their opinion on the various character relationship (commonly called "ships"), especially those of "Marco's Harem", to check out the SVTFOE Ships Wikia .

    Brace for some spoilers in this next paragraph.

    The show continues to look into the friendship of Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz which has at times wandered into romantic relationship territory.  However, whose to say that you can't be friends and in love at the same time, especially as their relationship becomes more complicated with the breakup of Marco and Jackie, the reunion of Star and Tom, the kind-of adult (not in a dirty way) relationship between Hekapoo and Marco (which thanks t…

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  • Kolinzuver13

    Meteora Butterfly

    November 18, 2017 by Kolinzuver13

    We all kinda knew Heinous would be confirmed to Eclipds'd daughter

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    In the episode Lava lake beach you can see that Marco and Kelly were together, do you think Marco is in love of her?

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  • UserRANDOM

    New Ship?

    November 14, 2017 by UserRANDOM

    İf you have watched the clip of the episode lava lake beach you will see that Marco puts his red hoodie to Kelly.

    This might be a new ship or i might be wrong. Also if you watched the episode when Marco sees Tom kisses Star his face is... man. Go watch it!

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  • Ludofan13


    November 13, 2017 by Ludofan13

    my name isn't johnny (no im serious, im female) i was born in space in 1002. as a child i loved to die several times then get reincarnated as a ragdoll

    when i was a young lad my father took me into the city to see a marching band

    when i was a little older he gave me a small loan of a million dollars.

    being an obsessed fangirl is hard, but rewarding... this is my story

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  • StormieCreater

    On the Disney Fanon wiki, I have created a prequel series called Moon vs. the Perils of Mewni. 

    Check it out if you want...

    If you have any suggestions for main antagonists or questions, you can ask me. 

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  • StrikeGaming7

    List of Shippers

    November 6, 2017 by StrikeGaming7

    Star vs the force of evil's fandom is a fandom who is split into MANY sides.

    Why? Because Marco is why and the current are Starco and Jarco 

    and here is the FULL LIST:

    • Marco X Star
    • Marco X Jackie
    • Marco X Janna
    • Marco X Kelly 
    • Marco X Hekapoo
    • Marco X Tom 

    • Star X Marco
    • Star X Tom 
    • Star X StarFan13
    • Star X Oskar 

    As you see this fandom ship Marco with someone more than Star

    Why? Because Marco is THE real main character and the whole show is all about Marco's life (Not Star's life) 

    Comment below if I missed a ship. 

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  • Batstick

    Ultimate crossover: SVLU

    September 30, 2017 by Batstick

    "Hello svtfoe" For year's in animation's history here many crossover's between two series's or more like Hercules and the Arabian Night,Flintstones,Who Framed Roger Rabbit,Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue and couple of more this series own by different company's like Turner Broadcasting System, Inc Disney Channels Worldwide and Viacom but what if cartoon network,Disney and Nickelodeon all three channel's show have a crossover.what if you have three favorite show's from each different channel you wanting have crossover but not to caused by copyright but you can change

    Here link:

    Do take my word's here of my supporter's making a video with her little fan art

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  • LilyLizze

    Today was my first-day editing Star vs The Forces Of Evil and it was fun. Fixing mistakes and adding more info to other people do. And I have earned my first batch, I was so happy. 

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  • Jex Voorhees

    magic spells

    August 31, 2017 by Jex Voorhees

    This is some of the magic spells I created 

    Super mega knife rain

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  • Gregcr1

    This involves Moon and her mother, and is soooo well done

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  • LonganFruit


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  • 474studios

    Party with a Pony

    Story by: Daron Nefcy

    Writer/Storyboarder: Ian Wasseluk

    Director: Mike Mullen

    Like I said in my first review, Daron and Star Crew did an amazing job introducing the world and characters of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

    And I start to get the feeling of each episode having a different vibe/theme. The first episode showcased the “moving to a different place” and “making a new friend” theme pretty well without being cheesy.

    Speaking of cheesy, get your nachos ready for our next review.

    This episode introduces the concepts of dimension hopping through dimensional scissors which serves as another cornerstone of the show next to Star’s wand (lot like island hopping but traveling to different dimensions.), and Sta…

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  • 474studios

    From my Tumblr account @rwinger24

    The very first episode of the entire series of Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Wait, it’s also the first collection of music cues Brian H. Kim has composed for this amazing episode with a decently good story.

    Let’s dive in. But first. Let’s explain how each music cue is numbered.

    For example, 1M1. The first 1 is the reel number since movies are divided into reels, the “M” separates the reel number and the cue number which identifies the specific music cue in the film.

    So… Let’s Get Going with the first 6 and a half minute score.

    I’ll start the time code with the very first second of the episode.

    0:00-0:46 - M01 - Meet Star (unofficial) The episode starts with an establishing shot of Butterfly castle on Mewni as we…

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  • 474studios

    Taken from my Tumblr @rwinger24.

    My first review of every Star vs the Forces of Evil episode reviewed. We’ll start off with the pilot, “Star Comes to Earth.”

    Star Comes to Earth

    Story by: Daron Nefcy, Dave Wasson, Jordana Arkin

    Writer/Storyboarder: Mike Mullen

    Director: Mike Mullen I really like the fact that this episode manages to tell the show’s premise. 

    Star Butterfly, a 14 year old princess of Mewni receives her royal family heirloom, a magic wand. With having trouble learning how to use it, her parents send her to Earth to continue her training. She becomes friends and lives with a 14-year old boy named Marco Diaz, and together they battle against the forces of evil and deal with life at home and high school too. And by forces of evil, I’…

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  • 474studios

    Taken from my Tumblr @rwinger24.

    Inspired by Pieguyrulz on Youtube and his amazing “Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed” video series.

    I’m gonna start reviewing every episode of Star vs the Forces of Evil.

    Note: These are my opinions and if you agree or disagree with what I have to say, that’s okay.


    I decide to do based on Star’s wand colors like a mood ring.

    PINK - Good/Great/Awesome Episode.

    YELLOW - Meh/Okay/Middle of the Road/ Episode.

    GREEN: Bad/Boring/Frustrating Episode.

    A lot like Pieguyrulz’s Good, Meh, and ScumBob episode ratings.

    My first review will be coming up.

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  • AustinDR

    Now, this was what I was highly anticipating for a whole month. In short, the Battle of Mewni is a two-hour Disney XD television movie based on the series Star vs. the Forces  of Evil. This show revolves around a young girl named Star Butterfly, a princess from another dimension who inherits the family wand that was passed down from one Mewman queen to another. The wand possesses magical properties that Star kind of ends up misusing, eventually culminating in her being sent to Earth (because her parents don't really care about the collateral damage in that dimension). From there, she began to live with Marco and his family. Meanwhile, a group of monsters, led by a short Kappa-like creature named Ludo, are out to claim her wand.

    I began to watc…

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  • Tomtheman99

    I don't think Toffee is truly dead, he is still hiding something very big!!!

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  • EagleBuilder

    OK, I'm still a little bit (actually a LOT a bit) in shock over the fact that I actually got a shoutout in the Battle for Mewni live chat on Monday!

    Late in the stream, Star began reading out a few names to give shoutouts, and I nearly choked on my dinner when I heard her say MY YouTube name !

    I know that plenty of other  got shoutouts too, but I am REALLY shocked that she said that!  I'm now in the process of turn the clip of her saying my name into a text tone XD

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  • Wikirentix

    I'm from Sweden and yes our country is totally aware of Star vs the Forces of Evil but recently I feel like they are starting to ignore it's existence for no explanation whatsoever. And that makes me disappointed because well I really love this show and it is by far one of the very few Disney shows I actually care to watch. Now you probably are wondering if I watch the Swedish dub of the show? Sometimes but admittedly not every day since I consider the original English dub the best, though the Swedish dub isn't that bad but not as memorable like the original dub that's just my opinion.

    Anyway I'm surprised that they barely show this modern classic on Disney Channel nor Disney XD in my home country of Sweden. It really sucks because once thi…

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