Ludofan13 Ludofan13 13 November 2017


my name isn't johnny (no im serious, im female) i was born in space in 1002. as a child i loved to die several times then get reincarnated as a ragdoll

when i was a young lad my father took me into the city to see a marching band

when i was a little older he gave me a small loan of a million dollars.

being an obsessed fangirl is hard, but rewarding... this is my story

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StormieCreater StormieCreater 12 November 2017

Moon vs. the Perils of Mewni

On the Disney Fanon wiki, I have created a prequel series called Moon vs. the Perils of Mewni. 

Check it out if you want...

If you have any suggestions for main antagonists or questions, you can ask me. 

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StrikeGaming7 StrikeGaming7 6 November 2017

List of Shippers

Star vs the force of evil's fandom is a fandom who is split into MANY sides.

Why? Because Marco is why and the current are Starco and Jarco 

and here is the FULL LIST:

  • Marco X Star
  • Marco X Jackie
  • Marco X Janna
  • Marco X Kelly 
  • Marco X Hekapoo
  • Marco X Tom 

  • Star X Marco
  • Star X Tom 
  • Star X StarFan13
  • Star X Oskar 

As you see this fandom ship Marco with someone more than Star

Why? Because Marco is THE real main character and the whole show is all about Marco's life (Not Star's life) 

Comment below if I missed a ship. 

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Batstick Batstick 30 September 2017

Ultimate crossover: SVLU

"Hello svtfoe" For year's in animation's history here many crossover's between two series's or more like Hercules and the Arabian Night,Flintstones,Who Framed Roger Rabbit,Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue and couple of more this series own by different company's like Turner Broadcasting System, Inc Disney Channels Worldwide and Viacom but what if cartoon network,Disney and Nickelodeon all three channel's show have a crossover.what if you have three favorite show's from each different channel you wanting have crossover but not to caused by copyright but you can change

Here link:

Do take my word's here of my supporter's making a video with her little fan art

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LilyLizze LilyLizze 16 September 2017

First day at Star vs The Forces Of Evil Wikia

Today was my first-day editing Star vs The Forces Of Evil and it was fun. Fixing mistakes and adding more info to other people do. And I have earned my first batch, I was so happy. 

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Jex Voorhees Jex Voorhees 31 August 2017

magic spells

This is some of the magic spells I created 

Super mega knife rain

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Gregcr1 Gregcr1 27 August 2017

The most touching SVTFOE fanart comic I've seen so far

This involves Moon and her mother, and is soooo well done

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LonganFruit LonganFruit 21 August 2017

First Blog post for this wiki


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474studios 474studios 16 August 2017

SVTFOE Reviewed: 1x01B - Party with a Pony


Party with a Pony

Story by: Daron Nefcy

Writer/Storyboarder: Ian Wasseluk

Director: Mike Mullen

Like I said in my first review, Daron and Star Crew did an amazing job introducing the world and characters of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

And I start to get the feeling of each episode having a different vibe/theme. The first episode showcased the “moving to a different place” and “making a new friend” theme pretty well without being cheesy.

Speaking of cheesy, get your nachos ready for our next review.

This episode introduces the concepts of dimension hopping through dimensional scissors which serves as another cornerstone of the show next to Star’s wand (lot like island hopping but traveling to different dimensions.), and Sta…

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474studios 474studios 2 August 2017

SVTFOE Music Analysis: Star Comes to Earth

From my Tumblr account @rwinger24

The very first episode of the entire series of Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Wait, it’s also the first collection of music cues Brian H. Kim has composed for this amazing episode with a decently good story.

Let’s dive in. But first. Let’s explain how each music cue is numbered.

For example, 1M1. The first 1 is the reel number since movies are divided into reels, the “M” separates the reel number and the cue number which identifies the specific music cue in the film.

So… Let’s Get Going with the first 6 and a half minute score.

I’ll start the time code with the very first second of the episode.

0:00-0:46 - M01 - Meet Star (unofficial) The episode starts with an establishing shot of Butterfly castle on Mewni as we…

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474studios 474studios 1 August 2017

SVTFOE Reviewed: 1x01A - Star Comes to Earth

Taken from my Tumblr @rwinger24.

My first review of every Star vs the Forces of Evil episode reviewed. We’ll start off with the pilot, “Star Comes to Earth.”

Star Comes to Earth

Story by: Daron Nefcy, Dave Wasson, Jordana Arkin

Writer/Storyboarder: Mike Mullen

Director: Mike Mullen I really like the fact that this episode manages to tell the show’s premise. 

Star Butterfly, a 14 year old princess of Mewni receives her royal family heirloom, a magic wand. With having trouble learning how to use it, her parents send her to Earth to continue her training. She becomes friends and lives with a 14-year old boy named Marco Diaz, and together they battle against the forces of evil and deal with life at home and high school too. And by forces of evil, I’…

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474studios 474studios 1 August 2017

Every Episode of Star vs. the Forces of Evil Reviewed.

Taken from my Tumblr @rwinger24.

Inspired by Pieguyrulz on Youtube and his amazing “Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed” video series.

I’m gonna start reviewing every episode of Star vs the Forces of Evil.

Note: These are my opinions and if you agree or disagree with what I have to say, that’s okay.


I decide to do based on Star’s wand colors like a mood ring.

PINK - Good/Great/Awesome Episode.

YELLOW - Meh/Okay/Middle of the Road/ Episode.

GREEN: Bad/Boring/Frustrating Episode.

A lot like Pieguyrulz’s Good, Meh, and ScumBob episode ratings.

My first review will be coming up.

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AustinDR AustinDR 21 July 2017

The Battle for Mewni (Review)

Now, this was what I was highly anticipating for a whole month. In short, the Battle of Mewni is a two-hour Disney XD television movie based on the series Star vs. the Forces  of Evil. This show revolves around a young girl named Star Butterfly, a princess from another dimension who inherits the family wand that was passed down from one Mewman queen to another. The wand possesses magical properties that Star kind of ends up misusing, eventually culminating in her being sent to Earth (because her parents don't really care about the collateral damage in that dimension). From there, she began to live with Marco and his family. Meanwhile, a group of monsters, led by a short Kappa-like creature named Ludo, are out to claim her wand.

I began to watc…

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Tomtheman99 Tomtheman99 20 July 2017

Toffee's true motive??

I don't think Toffee is truly dead, he is still hiding something very big!!!

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EagleBuilder EagleBuilder 18 July 2017

I Was in the Livestream!

OK, I'm still a little bit (actually a LOT a bit) in shock over the fact that I actually got a shoutout in the Battle for Mewni live chat on Monday!

Late in the stream, Star began reading out a few names to give shoutouts, and I nearly choked on my dinner when I heard her say MY YouTube name !

I know that plenty of other  got shoutouts too, but I am REALLY shocked that she said that!  I'm now in the process of turn the clip of her saying my name into a text tone XD

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Wikirentix Wikirentix 15 July 2017

How can I convince my country to show more SVTFOE and become more popular?

I'm from Sweden and yes our country is totally aware of Star vs the Forces of Evil but recently I feel like they are starting to ignore it's existence for no explanation whatsoever. And that makes me disappointed because well I really love this show and it is by far one of the very few Disney shows I actually care to watch. Now you probably are wondering if I watch the Swedish dub of the show? Sometimes but admittedly not every day since I consider the original English dub the best, though the Swedish dub isn't that bad but not as memorable like the original dub that's just my opinion.

Anyway I'm surprised that they barely show this modern classic on Disney Channel nor Disney XD in my home country of Sweden. It really sucks because once thi…

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Gregcr1 Gregcr1 9 July 2017

Ship Wars AU

For those of you interested in a good piece of fan fiction, check out "Ship Wars AU" by Moringmark. It involves two separate future timelines: one where Starco gives birth to a daughter (Elizabeth), and another where Jarco gives birth to a son ("Jam"). They each come back to the present to try and fix the timeline anomaly without getting themselves deleted from existence. As of this writing, it is an ongoing story (still being written). Be sure to read the notes on the first page before getting started.

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The Puppeteer King The Puppeteer King 8 July 2017

SVTFOE: The Hidden Tiger and Dragon Philosophy

Hello everyone Puppeteer King here,

I thought that I would make a blog on the symbolism of the tiger and the dragon and how they are represented by our two main characters. I have a fondness towards symbolism and I thought I would redirect myself from the standard disney symbolism because it is too easy and obvious. 

  • 1 What is the tiger and the dragon?
  • 2 Who represents which animal?
  • 3 Star as the tiger
  • 4 Marco as the dragon
  • 5 Final thoughts

These two creatures represent balance in the yin yang philosophy and the two creatures are also symbols within the budhist and taoist faith, despite how different these two creatures are they are linked together through destiny. They represent how martial artists act in combat but they can also represent how non-vi…

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Stargamertomboy14 Stargamertomboy14 1 July 2017

Star VS The Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni

I think it will be EPIC!!!!!!

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EagleBuilder EagleBuilder 30 June 2017


My video that compares all three season intros for the show is the most popular video on my channel at nearly 3K views at the time I am writing this post, but only a week after I posted the video, I saw this familiar number in the view count:

It was way to coincidental that I almost didn't believe it!  Even this video's view count ships Starco XD!

18:30, June 30, 2017 (UTC)

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EagleBuilder EagleBuilder 30 June 2017

Drax Reacts to Face the Music

The Ballad of Star Butterfly in Face the Music was perhaps the most painful moment I had ever seen on the show until the final scene from Starcrushed.  But I there is someone who didn't writhe in agony during that episode: Drax the Destroyer from the Guardians of the Galaxy!  I decided to put this concept in video form, and the result is hillarious!  Please check out my video and "Like" it and "Subscribe" to my channel!  Thanks guys, and stay weird!

BTW, I bet that the one "Dislike" on the video is from Jackie XD

18:02, June 30, 2017 (UTC)

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LossieX LossieX 7 June 2017

Using The Hekapoo's Dimension Time Difference In Many Ways

Hello, Everybody! In honor of Season 3s Battle for Mewni Airing Next Month, I decided to Put My Arithmetic Knowledge to DO the Maths Behind The Time In Hekapoo’s Home Dimension

In the Episode Running with Scissors, Star Tells Marco the 16 Years He spent translates to only 8 minutes on earth, This Translates To 12.166667 Days per second or 288 hours.

But let’s go further…  assuming a 24 hour day, how much would one day be on the dimension in Earth Time?

With a 1 sec / 1036800 sec ratio, A second In the Dimension Would Equal 0.00000096450617 in Real Time! Meaning 1 day in the Dimension Is only 0.083333629078 seconds on Earth!

But How long would an Average Lifespan Last on Hecapoo’s Dimension? Assuming 78 years as the average lifespan.

With 525,60…

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The Puppeteer King The Puppeteer King 20 May 2017

The symbolism behind SVFOE Part One

Hello Everyone,

As I said before, I made this blog discussing the symbolism behind the first and second season of SVTFOE, if you have read that blog then you should know what to expect. If you came thinking that I would be discussing shipping then thats a story for another day because there isn't much elaboration behind starco in the season, depending on the success of this blog, I'll discuss Jarco and Starco in another blog after the season involving it has ended. Lets get started.

At first viewing Star vs the Forces of Evil seems to a stereotypical disney show involving a royal family, deformed and non-human enemies and so on. As the series progressed it did a deconstruction of the standard disney and anime tropes, it discussed racism, ide…

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The Puppeteer King The Puppeteer King 20 May 2017

SVTFOE Symbolism and Analysis Announcement

Hello, Puppeteer King here,

This is my first blog post on the wikia and I'd like to do something that I've been wanting to do for a while, make a big analysis of the show and make symbolism out of it. I have done this before and I do enjoy it.

I've wanted to do this for a long a time but I always put it off because the final season is yet to come and it's pointless analysing and making symbolic descriptions when the show can quickly do something that ruins my point. With this I'm just gonna go with it and just make an analysis of the first and second season.  

I will eventually make the same symbolic analysis with the third and fourth season when they come out.

I will have rules for this symbolism and analysis blog, I won't be featuring shippi…

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Otaku16327 Otaku16327 19 May 2017

My first day

I love star vs the forces of evil and this is my first blog post. I know ill love it here.

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Starco4Lyfe Starco4Lyfe 10 May 2017

How I think Season 3 will go

I know alot of people are like "OMG PLS I NEED MORE EPISODES" after the season 2 finale,and have been posting their thoughts on how season 3 will turn out, but honestly, what do YOU think will happen in season 3? Is it going to be cliché? Will Marco/Star turn dark? Will the beloved three way triangle never resolve? Now remember, this is just a summary of what will happen, not an episode to episode inference.

Alot of questions and not much answers. Here's how I think season 3 will go down (say "agree" in your comment if you think some of the events I mentioned in this comment will happen). I think it will start with Marco trying to find Star. When he locates her, things get awkward between them, but eventually Marco says enough is enough and d…

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TechnoDragon28 TechnoDragon28 20 April 2017

What is Techno doing this time? - I'm making a musical arrangement of pieces from the SVTFOE soundtrack.

One of my top passions is music, and when I heard the soundtrack for Star vs. The Forces of Evil, I was amazed. I'm currently working on a concert band arrangement for some notable songs in the show, and I currently have the part with the theme song what I'd consider done (at least until I think of something else for it, if I do). Anyway, here's a preview! I put the original theme song first for my friends and family that aren't familiar with the show, just to clear up confusion. The final arrangement will be available for download as PDFs.

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Calvertking73 Calvertking73 3 April 2017

Season 3

My theory is that coffee is in relation to eclipse in her monster husband toffee want the one half of the want to breaks so there will be chaos as a distraction season 3 I think we will see coffee regenerating itself Ledo's getting tossed to the side and end up only turning good eclipse in Monsters will take over the castle Marco will help as his 20 something year old self.. xd has a hit with this one

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Ralphini Ralphini 30 March 2017

A fanfic I wrote

It's set in an AU where Star and Ludo's roles are swapped.

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Keyfabe Keyfabe 10 March 2017


hello, you all know me from Shipping Wiki. Did not realize all wikis are interconnected. 

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Gmaxgaming Gmaxgaming 4 March 2017

Season 3 Theories!

         Made a video, discribing season 3 very clearly. ALOT of things will go down startiing with eclipsas return. Eclipsa was frozen in robulus's home in the background, probably because she was too out of control. Toffee is most likely her son and is ultimatly trying to free her. If marco joins his side Star would be too caring to attack marco, leaving queen moon and the commision to fight. Ms. Hanus could be eclipa's daughter because they both share a simular sign, the Spades and the Clubs wich are both black, Just like star and her mom share Hearts and Dimonds wich are both red.  Plus dosnt eclipsa's husbad look like Trigon? (Teen titans referance)

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StarCoFan9918 StarCoFan9918 1 March 2017

Just watched the Season 2 Finale

Just finished watchingbthe season finale a few hours ago, and holy crap that cliff hanger! By far my favorite episode of season 2 if not the whole show so far! Can't wait to see what happens in season 3 and beyond!

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Starco4Ever Starco4Ever 1 March 2017

SongLyrics for SVTFOE AMV

"Play That Song" Play that song The one that makes me go all night long The one that makes me think of you That's all you gotta do

Hey Mister DJ when you gonna spin it My baby's favorite record She been waiting for a minute She invited all her friends And I'm buying all the rounds And they're all dolled up DJ please don't let me down

When you gonna play that song, now When you gonna earn that pay When you gonna play that song And make my day She said

Play that song The one that makes me go all night long The one that makes me think of you That's all you gotta do Hey

Play that song The one that makes me stay out til dawn The one that makes me go ooh That's all you gotta do

Hey Mister Guitar When you gonna strum it My girl just heard this song And…

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Lyssa Fox Lyssa Fox 1 March 2017


Starco is Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz's ship name. (relationship name) People love this ship for quite a few reasons and I think that they are just quite adorable. Also star and marco's souls have been bound together for all eternity.

I didn't really have much to say about this i just saw that there wasn't one about starco and thought that it is my favorite thing about the show and made something for it.

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AnnaRossa1 AnnaRossa1 27 February 2017


Hi am AnnaRossa1 today I will talking about my blog .

OMG ! Glossaryck was gone ! Am panic and also am very excited to see the episode I can wait ... And also am felt bad for star and our fans in Starco will fight for Starco until the end . I saw many people in YouTube wants Starco and same here . We hope Marci gonna find star using his dimensional sissors the one he earns it . And am so very scared that Toffee is now powerful . We never seen that coming .... And even do am crying when star leaves Marco . So yeah ... It's finally happen all we waiting for ... So most of them thinks that Glossaryck was planning something ? And where is the book of spells ? Did Marco tells star his true feelings ? Did Toffee gonna face to face star ? So many …

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InterGalaxtic03 InterGalaxtic03 16 February 2017

My Prediction for Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Season 3A

  • ​Wand Buddies ​- When Star finds out her wand has a strange connection to the wand that Ludo has she and Marco go helter skelter to see what it actually wants.
  • ​Old Friends, New Ennemies ​- When Tom picks up Marco for an awesome playdate he finds his old demon friend Alectron who is quite sour to Marco.
  • Our New Student President - ​When Star finds out that the old student council president has injured her leg she runs for presidency but against her rival Brittney Wong.
  • Bad Blood ​- On his way to his cave Ludo finally notices that his the voice in his wand sounds like Tofee he proceeds to try and open it to find the wonders inside ultimatley freeing Tofee.
  • ​Double Date ​- When Star finds out that Marco and Jackie are going to a fancy restaurant for …
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Starlight fall Starlight fall 11 February 2017


Hi everyone

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Shaneestwode Shaneestwode 9 February 2017

What's your favorite ships?

  • Starco - Star x Marco

  • Jarco - Jackie x Marco

  • Janco/Manna - Janna x Marco

  • Tomco - Tom x Marco

  • Ponyco - Pony Head x Marco

  • Fergco - Ferguson x Marco

  • Alfonzco - Alfonzo x Marco

  • Sabrico - Sabrina x Marco

  • Markar - Oskar x Marco

  • Markapoo - Hekapoo x Marco
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RobertDaller RobertDaller 2 January 2017

When will Season 2 return?

Like, I know we don't KNOW yet. but when do you guys estimate it is most likely to return?

I'm sorry, the hiatus is killing me and this is the only way I can get by. XD

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RobertDaller RobertDaller 4 December 2016

Toffee's plot: the battle of the binded souls (Part 2 of my theory thingy)

Credit/thanks to my friend Trogdr/Jack for helping me with this theory.

If you missed out on my previous theory I suggest you look back here:,_and_Toffee%27s_plan._THEORY_THINGY

As it's going to have a lot of evidence from it glossed over, and in order to have a full understanding it's recommended you read that.

I will however, do a quick run through. and it's recommended you read this part as well, as I will establish some new evidence.

Basicalli  asserted last time, that Star's 'hearts' on her cheeks represent that she can only 'dip down' by feeling love. (or in the case of BonBon the Birthday Clown a broken heart) thus the …

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The Purple Orange XD The Purple Orange XD 29 November 2016

What did star mean when she said, I've lost glossaryk

In BBTBC star had a rollar coaster of feelings, she felt happy at first, then uncomfortable, then jealous, then sad and heartbroken. But one line she said that was quite odd and a lot of people have recognized this . During their hug she exclaims "I've lost glossaryk" and starts crying like crazy and Marco's expression changes too as if he knows that Star is not telling the truth. Star always considered glossaryk "her friend" but when her wand got destroyed and she loves her wand more than glossaryk, she hardly shed a tear. This time she was crying so much. I doubt she was referring to glossaryk because then she would have a different reaction. I think when she said that she meant, "I lost you". Also I have a theory. 

When glossaryk mention…

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OnlyOnTuesdays88 OnlyOnTuesdays88 29 November 2016

Does Star know yet?

My bro and I were discussing this and have come to an impasse so I'm looking for outside opinions. Do you think Star has realzed her feelings for Marco yet? 

Arguments for:

she turned to frigging dark magic because she was so upset

she cant stop thinking or talking about it

she called Marco 57 times

her magic spell turned dark when shesaw Marco and Jackie together


she hhasn't said/acknowledged anything to herself or anyone else about being envious

she seems confused about why shes feeling this way

she hasn't considered Oscar (argument here is that if she knew her feelings she might try and rationalize it away by saying something like "wait, but i have a crush on Oscar")

her magic turned dark when she saw Marco and Jackie together (i know it…

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RobertDaller RobertDaller 25 November 2016

Will Starco be canon? Star's fall into darkness, and Toffee's plan. THEORY THINGY

  • PART 1:

Alright so despite being TEAM JARCO. or..Mackie..or whatever up until recently, the newest episode sealed my fate as a Starco shipper. (Also AMVs. so many many AMVs.) though I really like Jackie as a character, Star is baby. and her face at the end of the episode hurt me internally. not to mention I've been in Star's situation before, so I felt what she felt to an extent.

BUT NVM ALL THAT, because this is a theory blog post. not an 'opinion' blog post. this is about whether Starco will be canon, and honestly obviously will. and I've thought since well before I shipped it it probably would be. let's look at the obvious:

They're the two main male a…

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Megadracosaurus Megadracosaurus 25 November 2016

What counts as a monster?

Hello fellow Star vs the Forces of Evil fans! This is my first blog on this wiki, and I'd like to ask a question one of you can hopefully answer and that I have been wondering about for quite a while. And that is: What counts as a monster?

We see all sorts of creatures in the series. Hydra's, laser-eyed puppies, flying unicorn heads, long-necked sloths...But do these count as monsters? Monsters are in many episodes the main antagonists of it, and there doesn't seem to be a clear criticeria for what a monster exactly is. We have horned bears, giraffes, muscular satyrs and antropomorphic lizards, and we know that these are monsters because other characters, including themselves, refer to them as such.

But what makes those creatures monsters? W…

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RobertDaller RobertDaller 24 November 2016


Before watching the newest episode: Me: I still don't ship Starco but my reasonings for it were a lie.

After watching the newest episode: Me: *STARCO STARCO STARCO*

I'm probs gonna work on a theory blogpost about the show for anyone who cares. XD

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RobertDaller RobertDaller 21 November 2016

An apology to the Wiki

Firstly: This is CaveJohnson, I moved accounts some time ago.

I haven't been on this Wiki much, in fact it's possible the only thing I ever did on here was post this:

Now why am I linking this Blogpost? sort of an apology? big thing in this Blogpost was a lie. No not about a ship, well...kinda, it's about why I didn't like a ship. Basically, in regards to Starco I said: "It reminds me of me and my platonic best friend therefore I can't ship this." Yeah about that platonic best friend um...she's my girlfriend now.

and I kinda had a crush on her the entire time?..heh...WEEEELL see what happened was-...I liked …

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Spider-Man101 Spider-Man101 19 November 2016

Should Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Have A Body Swap Episode?

I say yes. I love body swaps. Star and Marco swap. Star enjoys it. Marco not so much.

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Jetrashipper Jetrashipper 15 November 2016

Bon Bon the Birthday Clown Predictions

Okay, i'm doing another predictions blog. I think this might become a regular thing. So anyways, on to the important stuff. We know from the promo that there's going to be some sort of seance for a dead clown with Janna. But it seems Jackie and arco are finally going out. It looks bad for Starco shippers, and a dream come true for the Mackie shippers, but is it really? I personally think that what's going to happen is that Star and Janna go to that seance, but it backfires drastically. Maybe Toffee even tries to reincarnate himself through this clown, adding up to a disturbing episode. Now to the cheesy stuff. By the looks of the constant phone calls from Star to Marco, she seems like she's jealous or worried about Jackie and Marco being t…

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Snazzeh Snazzeh 12 November 2016

I've got a blog.


I have a blog.

I'm going to post stuff..

hopefully, you find it entertaining..

If not..

I guess that's fine.


If you want to stick around for my next blog post...

that's uh, cool...

I'm awkward...

*hides in closet*



mkay bye.

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Jetrashipper Jetrashipper 9 November 2016

Naysaya Predictions

WARNING: The blog ahead contains spoilers. Do NOT read if you hate spoilers!

A random thought just crossed my mind about the Season 2 finale! (If it IS the finale, that is. I'm not entirely sure myself) What if, as Marco is trying to ask Jackie out, his "second head" blurts out how he truly feels about Star, if you know what I mean! This could either confirm or destroy the Starco relationship as we know it, depending on how Star reacts. That is, if she's there to see it.Could it be possible that these two become a thing in the foggy SVTFOE future ahead? What's more, what happens if this theory is correct? Feel free to discuss your thoughts in the comments below! If what I say actually happens, we got a LOT worth waiting for, Starco shippers…

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