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"Blood Moon Ball" is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on July 20, 2015, alongside "Fortune Cookies".[1]


Star accepts her ex-boyfriend Tom's invitation to Demon Prom, but Marco is suspicious of Tom's intentions and crashes the prom to prevent Star from getting her heart broken again.[2]


At Echo Creek Academy, Oskar Greason practices his keytar on his car as a crescent moon in the sky glows red. Suddenly, a black carriage pulled by a skeleton horse appears from underground in a burst of fire. Tom steps out of the carriage and enters the school, burning the ground with every step and attracting gazes from every girl he passes. He goes to Star's classroom and invites her to the Blood Moon Ball.

Star pushes Tom back to his carriage and refuses his invitation, citing their breakup. Tom tries to convince Star that he has changed his past ways; he hired a life coach, Brian, and has been anger-free for 53 straight days, showing her a pin to prove it. Before Star is convinced, Marco appears and chops off Tom's right hand (which reattaches itself moments later). Star fears Tom's retribution, but Tom proves himself by keeping his temper under control. Before leaving, he gives Star a tiny black bell and hammer in case she changes her mind.

That evening, Star picks out a dress to wear to the Blood Moon Ball. Marco is unsure of Tom's motives and offers to accompany her to the ball, but Star tells him to trust her to look out for herself. Using Tom's bell, Star summons a demonic elevator to take her to the ball. Despite more of Marco's misgivings, Star bids him goodbye and leaves for the underworld. As Tom makes final preparations to make sure the ball meets Star's approval, Star arrives and enters the ball with him.

Meanwhile, back at the Diaz Household, Marco sits alone in Star's bedroom wearing a black tuxedo, eating nachos, and listening to Mexican music. Just then, a strange voice from nowhere speaks to him, saying there is a "blood moon tonight" and that it is "the moon of lovers". As Marco wonders where the voice is coming from, he sees the black bell on Star's dresser.

Back at the Blood Moon Ball, Star is not having much fun. While she gets a drink from the punch bowl, two underworld denizens approach her. One of them says Tom made the ball boring just to impress Star, and the other asks Star to dance before Tom intervenes. The organizer of the Blood Moon Ball gets everyone's attention and signals the start of the blood moon dance; when the light of the blood moon shines through the crescent-shaped skylight, it will select two people and "bind their souls together for eternity". When the music starts, Tom, annoyed that it is not the one he wanted, goes to change it, leaving Star alone for the moment.

In a Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) disguise, Marco approaches Star. When he finally reaches her, the blood moon's light shines down on them. The two briefly waltz together before Marco reveals himself. After Marco tells Star they should go home, Tom furiously shoves Marco to the floor, and the skylight closes. Angry that Marco stole his dance with Star, Tom is about to burn him to a crisp when Star freezes him in a block of ice and changes the number 53 on his pin to 0. Disappointed, she leaves with Marco.

Upon returning home, Star expresses her annoyance that the evening did not go well. Marco agrees, thinking that Star is referring to Tom's outburst of anger. However, Star scolds Marco for not trusting her to take care of herself, saying she needs a friend and not a hero. Marco apologizes for ruining Star's night, but Star says she enjoyed dancing with him. After a few seconds of mysteriously saying the same thing and sharing a laugh, Star commands Marco to make her nachos, all while the crescent blood moon lightly shines in their direction.


Major characters

Minor characters

Production notes

  • The episode was first revealed in storyboards seen in Derek Lee Thompson's blog.[3]


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 血月舞會 Blood Moon Ball
Dutch Bloedmaan Bal Blood Moon Ball
French Le Bal de la Lune rouge The Red Moon Ball
German Der Dämonen-Ball The Demon Ball
Hebrew נשף הירח האדום The Red Moon
Hungarian Vérhold-bál Blood Moon Ball
Italian Il ballo della luna di sangue The Blood Moon Ball
Japanese 赤い月ダンスパーティー Red Moon Dance Party
Korean 블러드문 파티 Bloodmoon Party
Polish Krwawy księżycowy bal Bloody Moon Ball
Portuguese (Brazil) O Baile da Lua Sangrenta The Blood Moon Ball
Portuguese (Portugal) Baile da Lua de Fogo Red Moon Ball
Russian Бал кровавой луны Ball of the Blood Moon
Spanish (Latin America) El Baile de la Luna Roja The Ball of the Red Moon
Spanish (Spain) El Baile de la Luna de Sangre The Ball of the Blood Moon
Thai งานบอลจันทร์สีเลือด Blood Moon Ball Event



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  • Rider Strong and Stephen Root guest-star as Tom and Brian respectively.
  • The storyboard test includes the older art style that was seen in the pilot, including Star's outfit, the wand's design, and Tom's design.
  • The Blood Moon's light can supposedly "bind souls". If that is the case, then this episode implies that Star Butterfly and Marco are "soul mates".
  • This episode was nominated at the 43rd Annual Annie Awards for "Best Animated Television/Broadcast Production for Children", but lost to the Wander Over Yonder episode "The Breakfast".
  • This episode was on the 2016 Emmy Awards nomination ballots for "Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program", but didn't get nominated.
  • According to Daron Nefcy, the strange voice that talks to Marco about the blood moon comes from the sea captain's portrait.[4]
  • Rough Draft Korea animated the first three minutes of this episode, from Tom's introduction to Star and Tom's conversation, and Toon City animated the rest of the episode, starting with the scene of Star getting ready for the Blood Moon Ball.

Revelations and continuity

  • Star explains "Henry" to the goblin who directed her to housewares in "Quest Buy".


  • The melody Oskar plays on his keytar is Mozart's "Ah! vous dirai-je, maman", which is the same melody used for the "Alphabet song", "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", and "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep".
  • The shot of Star showing her bare leg with Marco standing in the background is a reference to the 1967 film The Graduate.
  • The Ball's participants getting drenched in "blood" might be a reference to the Stephen King novel Carrie.
  • Marco's attire and mask are a reference to the Mexican holiday Día de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, as it is tradition to wear skull or skeleton-themed costumes as a way of remembering the dead.


  • During the parking lot scene with Tom, the octopus on Star's dress gradually changes expressions. (It usually does so scene to scene).
  • There is a sign that says "Echo Creek High School", and it randomly appears and disappears between shots.
  • In at least one instance when Disney XD aired this episode, the lines spoken by the mysterious voice that Marco hears in Star's bedroom are removed from the episode entirely, making Marco's reaction to them confusing for anyone watching.
  • According to Daron Nefcy, when the episode's audio was being mixed, there were supposed to be seagulls heard when we hear the sea captain, but the mixers forgot to put the seagulls in, so they aren't heard.
  • While frozen in ice, the line art of Tom's mouth cuts into his nose.


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