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Episode begins on a brief shot of the sky. There's a partial red moon. Camera pans down to Oskar playing keytar on his car in the Echo Creek Academy parking lot. A black and red carriage pulled by a skeleton horse emerges from the ground in a pillar of fire. The carriage door opens, and Tom steps out and walks and toward the school.
Oskar Greason Hey, that's a handicap spot—
The skeleton horse looks at Oskar. Oskar pauses before going back to playing his keytar. Cut to school interior. Tom walks through the hallway, igniting small flames with his shoes. Several female students stare at him.
Hope [gasps] [whispering] Who's that?
Girl [whispering] Lookit.
Chantal [gasps] [whispering] He's hot.
Jackie Lynn Thomas and Janna pass by on a skateboard, looking mesmerized. Tom enters a classroom and stops in front of the class. He levitates Ingrid's desk in the front and floats up to Star behind her.
Tom [removes his sunglasses] Hey, Star. I'm here to take you... [creates a flaming crescent moon in his hand] ...to the Blood Moon Ball.
Cut to Star dragging Tom by the hand back toward his carriage.
Star Butterfly Nope-nope-nope-nope-nope. You need to leave right now. Take your carriage and fire and dead horse, and go back to the underworld.
Skeleton horse Wait. I'm dead?
Star walks away.
Tom Oh, come on, Starship!
Tom sweeps Star off her feet with flames and levitates her into his arms.
Tom It's the Blood Moon Ball! It only happens once every 667 years.
Star flips backward out of Tom's arms.
Star We broke up! Period!
Tom Wait, wait, wait, wait. Star, hang on. I'm a changed man, okay? I've got a life coach, Brian.
Brian Hey.
Tom He's awesome. A happy bunny. And, and I have been anger-free for 53 days.
Tom reveals a button on his shirt that reads "53 DAYS ANGER FREE".
Star 53?
Tom Don't you want to pet my bunny?
Tom's bunny winks at Star.
Star Well, he is adorable.
Marco Diaz Hiii-yah!
Marco leaps on-screen and chops off Tom's right hand. The hand still moves around on its own.
Marco Back off, demon!
Star Marco!
Tom holds his arm in pain. He glares at Marco with glowing red eyes.
Tom [growling]
Star Oh, no.
Brian goes up to Tom and walks him around in circles. Tom's head stays fixated on Marco.
Brian Walk it out and talk it out. Walk it out and talk it out. Walk it out...
Star Uh, you better run.
Tom Oh! No-no-no-no. [laughing, eyes stop glowing] No, no. [sighs] That's why I got my support system. I'm good. Got the angries out!
Tom's dismembered hand picks up the bunny and levitates back onto his wrist.
Tom Everything is... Whew! Under control.
Tom pets the bunny so hard, its fur becomes poofy.
Star Marco, don't karate him. This is... Tom.
Marco Demon ex-boyfriend Tom?
Tom shakes Marco's hand. His own hand becomes briefly detached.
Tom Nice to, uh, meet you, Marco.
Marco Whaaaat is he doing here?
Star He wants to take me to the Blood Moon Ball.
Marco Star, never go with a predator to a second location.
Tom [gives bunny to Brian] Look, I can see you're mad. You think I'm a total jerk. I get it. But I have changed. Remember... [points to Star's horned headband] I'm not the only one with horns.
Star smiles.
Skeleton horse Why didn't you tell me I'm dead?
Marco [karate-like sounds]
Tom No pressure. If you decide you want to go, just toll this bell. [hands Star a small black bell]
Tom's carriage is engulfed in flames. Tom sticks his hand into the flames to make a small window.
Tom Oops. [laughing] Almost forgot the little hammer. [hands Star a tiny skull-shaped hammer] I hope I see you there.
The carriage and flames vanish. Cut to Diaz Household at sunset. Marco enters Star's room wearing a sombrero.
Marco You're making a big mistake, Star.
Star [holding a dress] Maybe... but it could be fun.
Marco Why don't you just stay here, where it's always fun? Like... guaranteed.
Star Well, this is a different kind of fun.
Star presses a button on her interdimensional mirror, converting it into a three-panel divider.
Star Don't look. I'm gonna change.
Marco [covers his view with sombrero] I just don't trust Tom. Maybe I should go with you.
Star [putting on a pink dress] Marco, you weren't invited. Besides, you gotta trust me to do the right thing for my— [blasts her own face with magic wand] —seeeeeeeelf!
Star's hair is magically put in a top knot.
Marco Are you okay?
Star Yeaaaah, totally, totally, totally. I just gotta stop using magic on... on... on my face.
Marco All I'm saying is guys like Tom never change.
Marco covers his eyes as Star puts on her shoes.
Star Well... [grunts] There's only one way for me to find out. [pushes divider aside] What do you think?
Marco moves the sombrero away from his eyes. Camera slowly pans up over Star's dress.
Marco You look... amazing.
Star Thanks, Marco!
Marco [whispering] Don't go.
Star [whispering] I'm totally going.
Star uses the tiny skull hammer on Tom's bell. It makes a deep, resonant gong. Outside, in a pillar of fire, a small elevator car carried by a red winged demon appears. The elevator car dings open and lowers a short drawbridge to Star's balcony.
Star Mmm. Smells like burnt toast. [enters the elevator car] Let's get this show on the road!
Winged demon Which floor, mortal?
Star Uh, I guess the bottom.
Marco Let me just ride down with you.
Marco tries getting into the elevator with Star, but Star kicks him away.
Star Goodbye, Marco. See you after the... [spooky voice] Bloooood Mooooon Baaaaall. Oooooh...
The elevator doors close, and the elevator lowers into the underworld in a pillar of fire. Marco watches from Star's balcony as the elevator vanishes. Cut to the underworld. A skeleton secures a metal cuff around his neck and makes a restrained pose. A green-skinned man in a red hood is about to strike him with a spiked mace.
Tom Whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, guys. I don't know what you're about to do, but I want to keep things low-key for Star.
Skeleton or hooded man You want to turn the Blood Moon Ball into a greeting card holiday, go ahead.
Tom Wait. Which one of you said that?
Skeleton or hooded man Me.
Tom No. Okay. Whoever was just talking, raise your hand.
Axe demon Master Tom, Princess Butterfly has arrived.
The elevator lowers down to the ground, and Star steps out.
Star Wow.
Tom Star Butterfly. Don't you clean up nice.
Star Uh, thank you... I guess.
Tom [holds out a horned spider] I got you this.
Star What is it?
Tom It's a hair thing. It goes in your hair. It'll help you fit in down here.
Star [looks disgusted] How sweet, Tom. But yeah, I kinda got my own thing going on here. I'm pretty happy with it. Let's go have fun now.
Tom [groans angrily]
Brian You can be positive that your anger is negative.
Tom smiles and pets his bunny. Cut back to Diaz Household. Marco, dressed in a black tuxedo, sits in Star's bedroom eating nachos and listening to Mexican music.
Marco [with mouth full] I'll have my own Blood Moon Ball in Star's bedroom, where it's always fun. [chewing]
Marco looks up at the blood moon.
Sea Captain's Voice (o.s.) Blood moon tonight.
Marco looks around. There's no one around. He looks at a portrait of an old sea captain.
Marco ... [chewing]
Sea Captain's Voice (o.s.) The moon of lovers.
Marco jumps out of his seat. He looks at the sea captain's portrait again. Then he looks at Tom's bell and hammer. The bell's red crescent moon ornament shimmers. Cut back to the Blood Moon Ball. A demon completely covered in a red cloak uses a camera.
Cloaked demon [eerily] Smile.
Two three-eyed demons pose for their photo. Unicorn blood is dumped on them, and the camera clicks.
Cloaked demon [eerily] Beautiful.
The demons run off, and Tom and Star pose for their picture.
Tom I'm so excited to be covered in blood with you. But don't worry, it's not real. It's from a unicorn.
Star My best friend is a unicorn.
Tom Well, they're not related.
Star I'm not gonna bathe in unicorn blood, Tom.
Tom [stifled groaning, reaches behind his back]
Star What's that hand doing back there?
Tom Nothing.
Star looks behind Tom and sees Brian standing by with the bunny for Tom to pet.
Star Whoa, wait a second. Are you getting angry?
Tom No.
Star Look, you do you, Boo. I'm gonna go get a drink.
Star goes up to a bubbling punch bowl.
Star (o.s.) Here he comes again.
A skeleton fish appears in the punch bowl.
Star Hello, Henry! [to a little goblin] His name is Henry.
Two demons appears behind Star. One is a stubby horned demon with no midsection. The other is tall with a small head.
Stubby demon You must be Tom's date.
Star I guess I am.
Stubby demon Well, I hope you're happy. He made this whole entire ball completely boring, all for you.
Star I wouldn't say it's boring.
Stubby demon Oh, really? [points to two dating demons] Aloof attractive people. Boring! [emerges from the punch bowl] Bubbling cauldrons that don't even melt your flesh off. What is it, nap time or something? 'Cause I'm bored! [points to empty can on the ground] Piece of garbage that doesn't destroy the universe. Stupid cockroach that lives inside. I'm over it already! [screaming, sobbing, runs away]
Small-headed demon You want to dance?
Tom appears from out of the air.
Tom Her dance card's full.
Small-headed demon Oh, I get it. I bet you think that, like, your soul and, like, her soul are totally gonna... [interlocks his fingers] ...mmmmmm!
Star What is... [interlocks her fingers] ..."mmmmmm"?
Ball organizer [taps microphone] Ahem. Good evening, ladies and gentlebremen. It is my pleasure that I request you now to turn your heads skyward.
A crescent-shaped opening appears in the hand-shaped skylight on the ballroom ceiling.
Ball organizer When the light of the blood moon drubbles down and selects two lucky souls, binding them together for eternity in its hypnotic, ruby brodum.
Star Whoooaaa.
The light of the blood moon covers the skylight opening as eerie organ music starts to play.
Tom Ugh! That's the wrong piece of music! This is gonna drive me crazy. Alright, don't go anywhere. I'll be right back. [walks away]
Star Okay.
Star aimlessly wanders the ballroom.
Star Ooh.
Marco appears in the crowd wearing a mustached skull mask.
Marco [whispering] Star!
Marco follows Star across the ballroom between several dancing couples.
Marco [whispering] Star. Star!
Marco grabs Star by the hand and pulls her close. The light of the blood moon shines on them, drowning the ballroom in red light.
Crowd [gasps]
Marco starts dancing with Star, who looks mesmerized.
Star [gasps]
As Star and Marco dance, Star smiles.
Tom [gasps, growling]
Marco [sing-songy] Star...
Star [dreamily] How did you know my name?
Marco [lifts up his mask] It's me! Marco!
Star [gasps] Marco?! What are you doing here?
Marco Let's get out of here. This place is the worst.
Tom [growling]
Tom runs up to Marco and shoves him to the floor. The skylight closes, and the red light vanishes. Tom's eyes glow bright red.
Tom That dance... was meant... [demonic voice] for ME!
Pillars of red fire burst around the ballroom.
Brian Walk it out—
Tom [shoves Brian away] No, Brian!
Tom approaches Marco. Marco slowly shuffles away.
Tom [roaring]
Tom levitates off the ground, expelling flames from his hands and feet. Star freezes him in a block of ice. She changes the button on his shirt to read "0 DAYS ANGER FREE".
Star Let's go, Marco.
Star leaves the ball. Marco quickly follows. Cut back to Diaz Household. The demon-pulled elevator appears in a pillar of fire and flies up to Star's balcony. Star, holding her shoes, and Marco step out.
Star [to the demon] Thanks for the lift.
Star walks barefoot onto the balcony angrily.
Star Ugh! So infuriating.
Marco I hate to say it, but I warned you about Tom.
The elevator returns to the underworld.
Star No! You! You're infuriating!
Star throws her shoes at Marco, and they go flying over the balcony.
Marco Me? I was just trying to help—
Star You don't trust me to do things by myself. I'm 14. I can handle a demon. [leans on the balcony] I know you're trying to look out for me, but you have to let me figure things out on my own. I don't need a hero. I need a friend.
Marco looks guilty. He leans on the balcony with Star and takes off his mask.
Marco [sighs] You're right. I should've trusted you. I'm sorry I ruined your night.
Star Well... it wasn't a total disaster.
Star takes Marco's sombrero and puts it on herself.
Star Now I know you can dance.
Star and Marco [laughing] Hat hair. ...Whoa! We both said—! ...The same thing! ...Okay, stop that. [gasps]
Star and Marco jump away and cover their mouths. Star points her magic wand at Marco.
Star and Marco [laughing]
Star Well, that was new.
Marco Yeah, weird.
Star Now go make me some nachos!
Marco ...Okay.
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