it's been some time to come to terms with it, enough people have gotten into it, hell a lot of videos on youtube have now dived into the finale and the last season as a whole.

So after all is said and done, is cleaved a bad series finale?

Personally? I kinda have to say yes, as a finale that was meant to wrap everything up and end in a satisfying way and place for it's fanbase that had been dedicated to the show for years, it fails so hard. And this is best disscussed in so many videos, essays, ect ect. But there's so much left unansweed, the ending is full of plot holes, the conflict and how they resolve that conflict is flakey, it's not a satisfying sendoff to the world and characters, and not to mention how badly it butchers characters like star, marco, and moon.

when it first came out it was divided, but it quickly got worse and worse the more you actually thought about it and everything surronding it and now the fanbase has a less then happy view towards it and mostly prefers to pretend it never happened.

What are your thoughts? Where does the finale fall for you? Did s3 really start off the drop towards this ridiculed ending?

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