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Gemnist 2.0 wrote:

Marcille wrote: Even if Star, or Eclipsa or Moon tried to be queen, how could they do so...?

1.-Even before the finale Eclipsa was hated by Mewmans and Star was despised for giving the throne to her, but now, after the events of Cleave, the Butterfly family as a whole will be blamed for the civil war and everything else, and they will be despised... and Mewmans have a choice now... they can just say "no, thanks!".

2.-Common Mewmans will have it hard as dirt-poor, uneducated, unskilled "foreign" workers in US. They were poor before, but at least they were the same as their neighbours... now they will be the poorest, most hopeless minority surronded by a huge majority of Americans more well off than they are... and Star will be blamed.

3.-Noble Mewmans will lose their privileges, and they will hate Star and the Buttefly family for that...

4.-Star and the other queens have NOTHING to offer to the Mewmans, now that they lack magic... In Mewni they could at least offer guidance, but in the new world Star, Moon and Eclipsa would be almost as much at a loss as your average peasant... How coud Star arrange housing, healthcare, jobs...etc., in Mew-America?

5.-Even if Star or Eclipsa or Moon tried to be queen, what would they do? Mewmans are spread among Americans now... is Star going to pursue them door by door and demand taxes and obedience from them...?

6.-Not to mention the reaction of the US government to an "alien" monarchy trying to overlap American sovereignity... Good luck trying to convince the GOP that half of an American town now belongs to an extradimensional queen...

You're right that no one can directly take the crown, since they don't have magic anymore. As for the other points:

For the first one, Eclipsa and Star (and monsters in general) regained favor with the Mewmans in "Cornonation", and the Mewmans could very well see Mina as a straggler who refused to keep up with the changing times (or in other words, they can "OK Boomer" her). And considering how dependent the Mewmans already are on their queen, I don't necessarily think they will just give them or Moon the finger.

As for all the others since, do we really need to bring real-world politics into a KIDS SHOW? You can teach a kid how not to be racist; you can't teach them how to pay their taxes. It's like the people who hate Cars because of all the "existential questions" it presents: we never cared before why animators made cars anthropomorphic, so why are we questioning every minute detail of this specific franchise instead of focusing on the quality of the stories themselves? Whatever the answer is, you know it's probably going to be positive; you're only coming to negative conclusions because you don't like the episode, season, and/or series itself.

Great words man.

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