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Well I thought it was actually a pretty good ending for what it was worth. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst either. Yet people shouldn't be so harsh with all those videos on Youtube, like yikes. Not everything will be the way everyone wants it to be and that's just the way it is. 

However I must admit the only thing that immensly bugged me during the finale (and right throughout season 4) were the filler episodes and scenes where things were rather slow. I could understand them doing that for season 3, but definately not for the very last season. 

But regardless, I think overall the finale was quite satisfying. 

Also with this whole "divide" on the view of the finale as you say, from what I've seen are more the people who are complaining of how they specifically expected to be. With things like "Toffee should've come back", "Magic shouldn't have been destroyed" and so forth. But like I said before, things are not always going to be what everyone expects and it doesn't matter how many people say what should've happened because the show's ended now so what's the point of complaining about it? Its not like it will change anything. You just have to learn to accept these things and move on.

Well said man, i feel like this should be psread to Star finale haters. they should read this before jumping to conclusions, haven't they heard, "Don't count your eggs before they hatch"?
Well the main critisisms aren't because "It's not what they expect", even if you don't expect something that doesn't really make it good or bad, it depends on execution. And it's not very good execution, stuff happens and it goes nowhere, magic being destoryed had no setup and destroying it actually ruins alot of star's development as a characters the more you think about it, moon is forgiven for almost causing a genocide like a day later, it's not as simple as "They didn't like it because it didn't line with their views and what they wanted", that's taking a lot of the critism and putting it down as people being petty when it's actually a lot more complicated then that.

You don't have to agree with them, either of you, but you don't sound much better by telling them they're not allowed to be upset or have problems with the product either simply because the show is over.

By that logic movies can't have critisim the second they're out, because it's over, so they can't judge it now.

What's the point of complaining about it? Because people love a show and when it screws up they want to make it clear why and what about it could be improved for future products and shows. If we as humans just ignored the flaws of every single thing out there, nothing would get better, and we'd keep getting shows that have low effort and keep making more and more bad choices.

Critisim can be important for a product and if star does return someday it's flaws should be known to the team so we don't run into the same issues. The people who made most of those videos, are fans of the show and they let that be known, they love the show, and that's exactly why they're mad with the direction it took.

Like not all these people are "Haters", they're HUGE fans of the series who feel rather betrayed by an ending that not only harmed their favorite characters, but wasn't satisfying for the series as a whole. Whether you like it is your opinion, but you also don't have to invalidate the fans that felt upset either.

People would not care if it didn't go the way they wanted if it went in a direction that made sense and felt right, but it doesn't for most of the fans and it's perfectly understandable because the finale both feels incomplete and like a mess.

This fandom is supposed to be a place where people can really like the show, not a reviewing website. I took what that guy said, and I agree with him about what’s the point of complaining.

people can like a show and be apart of the fandom, and not like aspects of said show. Like i don't see why you feel the need to tell people off for having problems as if none of them have any relevent criticism. Fandoms don't all have to love everything about it's product, fandoms allow for fans to talk about their product and what they like and don't like. Fans don't have to blindly love everything that happens, it's perfectly ok to have problems with a show you like.

If they're upset, let them be upset, as long as they're not hurting anyone they can be upset and be critical about the series if they want to and still be big fans.

I'm sorry but the point is that you're making it out like anyone who has issues with the series is invalid or shouldn't be allowed to actually have said opinions. I can't help but get a vibe moreso that you don't like hearing a favoirite show of yours might have some issues.

You can like the seasons all you want, but fans are allowed other opinions too.

As far as daron goes, i'm not going at her like that guy is, though i do feel like she should've had a clearer direction for her series, kept things more consistent, should've planned her seasons better, should've focused on what made more sense for her show, ect, ect.

If she knew she had four seasons, can't help but feel like she should've had a clearer direction for the story as a whole, because most of the problems people had wouldn't be an issue if she had a clear story and was planning everything out from the beginning.

It's her first show, but writing it as she went along without a clear story from the getgo for all four seasons really backfired on her.

though the reddit isn't really the best place for that critisim, it's unfortuantly kinda toxic most of the time for people who like other ships that aren't starco or have any opinion other then "It's great." . But not much you can do about that, right now might as well focus more on fanworks frankly and what they do with the material.

People have worked their issues with the show to form their own stories and that's pretty great.

I get what your saying but still it doesn’t stop other people from getting engaged with the show and the last episode, I seen them coming back for the episode and they still cry that their favorite show is over, so. They’re showing a lot of love for the ending, and they said they’ll never forget the moments they like.

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