Theme Song
Episode begins with Echo Creek 100 years ago with its sign that says Population 15
Townfolk [Cheering]
Bon Bon [bows] Oh! uh, uh hmmm. [looks around] Oh! [Turns the Mayor's hat into a cake]
Townsfolk Ohh
Lady 1 There's a dessert on that plate.
Mayor [blows out candles]
Townsfolk [claps]
Mayor [Stands up, then the candles light again] Hey! Its back!
Townfolk [Gasps] Witchcraft!
Bon Bon No, don't be scared! You're supposed to like these. These are trick candles [laughs]. You blow them out... [blows, candles automatically relight] ...they come back.
Townfolk [stops screaming] Oh... [cheers and claps]
Bon Bon [blows candles out again and they come back] Huh? [tries to blow them out, but they explode]
In the Hospital
Bon Bon [Breathes hard] Don't be sad. 100... years from now, I'll come back. [pants]. Just.. Like.. My... Candles [passes away and hits the horn]
At the sign
Guy 1 [Changes the population from 15 to 14 with paint] [sobs on sleeve]
Back to present day at Echo Creek Academy
Marco Diaz [Putting up a sign] Thanks for, uh, agreeing to go with me tonight Star. Dances make me a little anxious.
Star Butterfly What are you so worried about?
Marco Well, I had a nightmare that I came to the dance alone, and everyone laughed and threw tomatoes at me! Then all my teeth fell out, oh and then Jackie saw me and said I looked pasty.
Star That's not gonna happen. It'll be fine.
Marco [Falls on Star and grabs her leg] Ah! Whoa! My leg, I can't feel my leg!
Star That's my leg!
Marco Oh! Sorry.
Star What happened?
Marco I just saw a huge rat in the air duct.
Star Yeah! This place is a dump.
Janna Star! Come here!
Star Janna Banana! [Jumps] Did you get it? Did you get it?
Janna I made it! [Janna opens box and a fly flies out]
Star [long gasp] Cake on a plate.
Janna It's time to find out if the legend is true.
Star Will Bon Bon come back?
Star and Janna Just like his candles? [laughs]
Star This séance is gonna be epic!
Janna I will see you tonight at seven.
Star I'll see you tonight at... wait what?
Janna Yeah. Bon Bon said he'd be back on his 100th death day, and that's tonight.
Star Nooo! I thought it was tomorrow. I promised Marco I'd be his dance buddy tonight. His teeth might fall out if he goes alone.
Janna What are you gonna remember more, high school dance or dead clowns séance?
Star Dead Clown séance! Marco!
Jackie Ok, see you later!
Star Marco! Marco! Marco!
Marco Squeeeee! [turns around and smiles at star]
Star Are you okay?
Marco Jackie Lynn Thomas just asked me to the dance, and I said yes! Wait! Bu-but you and I were gonna go together.
Star No no no no no, Marco! This is perfect! I totally forgot that I promised Janna that I'd resurrect a dead clown with her tonight so you should totally totally totally go with Jackie.
Marco Really?
Star Marco! Clown séance.
Marco Yes, yes, yes, [Dances with Miss Skullnick] yes!
In Marco's Bathroom playing La Calaca Feliz
Marco [Grabs hair gel, no sweat, and body spray and clears the Mirror] Here we go. 1 wipe, 2 wipe, 3 wipe, 4, 5 wipe, 6 wipe, sweat no more. [sprays spray and sniffs] Yeah that's it, that will do yeah- [Trips on Janna] What the heck?
Janna Watch where you're going Marco!
Marco Janna! Wha-wha-what are you doing here?
Star We just need a few more supplies for our séance tonight.
Marco Now my backside smells like cologne.
Janna [Slaps Marco's butt]
Marco Hey!
Janna Ain't nothin' wrong with that! [sniffs] It's nice.
Star [sniffs] Yeah it's nice.
Marco Stop smelling me! [pants loudly] [doorbell rings] Oh my gosh she's here! Uh uh ..okay okay [walks into shower] Uh, what am i doing? Where's my.. Where's my room? [Star points at door] Oh yeah uh..
Star Wanna say hi to Jackie?
Janna Okay.
Angie I'll get it!
Star Me too, me too, me too... [Falls] Me too! [jumps to door]
Janna [drops bag down stairs and jumps]
Angie [Opens door]
Angie and Star [Gasp]
Jackie Oh, hey Angie, hey Star.
Angie Come on in.
Star Oh my gosh, you look like the ocean.
Jackie [Laughs] Thanks. Hey Janna.
Janna [Flips switch of flashlight so that her eyes dilate] Hey.
Marco Hi Jackie. [Marco is shown wearing a suit. Star gazes lovingly at Marco.]
Rafael ¡Ay, Mi'jo! (My son)
Waiting for Me Plays
[Marco and Jackie look at each other as Marco heads down the stairs, while Star looks at them sadly]
Marco You look amazing.
Jackie Heh, you too.
Marco A plus!
Jackie [snickers]
Marco Uh...sorry.
Janna Smell his butt. You'll thank me later.
Rafael Oh Star! Um, please take a photo of my handsome son and his beautiful date.
Star [Laughs nervously] Sure. [gets mirror phone out] Uh smile!
[Star sadly looks at the picture and watches Marco and Jackie walk to the dance from the door, peeping her head out as they leave, and Star and Janna go to the graveyard]
Janna's Mom Bye sweetie!
Janna Come on Star, let's go!
Janna's Mom [Spellbook breaks the car roof] [Gasps]
Star [Spellbook lands behind them] [screams]
Glossaryck So where's this ghost?
Star Glossaryck? What are you doing here?
Glossaryck Is that a joke? Dead clown séance! [Spellbook closes] Now lead the way.
[Janna switches on her head lamp and Glossaryck switches on his crystal]
Janna I like your natural headlamp, Glossaryck.
Glossaryck It's not natural, but thank you.
Janna I wonder if Bon Bon's skull still has the clown nose on it?
Glossaryck Oh, no way. Maggots would have eaten it by now.
Janna Maggots don't eat plastic.
Glossaryck [laughs] Plastic?
Janna Uh, yeah. Glossaryck, all clowns have plastic noses.
Glossaryck No. Real clowns have meat noses.
Janna Ugh. What do you think, Star?
Star Don't you think it's weird that Marco asked me to the dance and then totally changed his mind at the last minute? That's like- That's like not cool, right?
Janna What? No! You told Marco you didn't wanna go because you wanted to see Bon Bon. You do wanna see Bon Bon, don't you?
Star Oh! Yeah, of course. Bon Bon! [Trips] Huh? [Sees tombstone]
Glossaryck Meat!
Janna Plastic.
Glossaryck Meat!
Janna Plastic.
Star Janna! Glossaryck! Check it out.
Star & Janna [Gasp]
Star [Reading tombstone] I will come back.
Star & Janna It's Bon Bon!
Outside the school
Marco Uh.. So, I was just gonna ask.. What are your hobbies?
Jackie Oh, uh.. Lots of stuff, I guess. Uh, there's skateboarding, which you know. I'm kinda into history books. I read this really cool one about-
Marco [Looking at his hand] Hm, interesting. What kind of music do you like?
Jackie Uh.. I guess pretty mellow stuff? I know that's totally vague-
Marco Next question! Do you like food? If so, what kinds?
Jackie Wait, hold on. Y-y-you just wiped something on your face.
Marco Wha-?
Jackie It's all.. It's all blue now. Here, let me see that. [Grabs Marco's hand]
Marco Oh! No, no.. [Conversation topics listed on hand] No, no.. Eh..
Jackie Dude, you don't need this. [Wipes ink off Marco's face] Now come on. [walks inside]
Marco [Following Jackie] Okay.
Jackie Okay, let's see what's going on here. [Looking around] There's Hot Wings Girl.. Snack table.. the Light Bulb Sisters.. Uh, looks like someone forgot to cancel the basketball game. Oh, there's Brad and Tammy. They look happy.
Miss Skullnick [Splitting up Brad and Tammy] Leave room for Lady Decency!
Principal Skeeves Greeting kids! A corsage for the lady?
Marco Thanks! But, we don't need one.
Principal Skeeves But it's mandatory.
Becky [A corsage is placed on Becky's dress by Zeke] Ugh, it's crooked! You are such a disappointment [Slaps Zeke].
Jackie [Sigh] I think I made a mistake.
Marco Huh? What do.. What do you mean?
Jackie I never should have asked you to the dance.
Marco [Sigh] Yeah! No, yeah yeah, I mean.. You're right, you're totally right. Why would you go with me to a dance?
Jackie I should've just asked you on a date.
Marco Huh?
Jackie Do you wanna go on a date with me?
Marco Y-yes please.
Jackie Come on. Let's get outa here. [walks out]
Marco Uh.. Uh.. Uh..
At the graveyard
Glossaryck [Singing] Bon Bon the Birthday Clown. First he was dead. Maybe he's alive. Does he have a nose? Maggots in his eyes.
Janna BAM! [Summoning circle on the ground made of tape] If that don't say welcome back clown ghost, [places cake on circle] nothin' does. How's the shrine coming? [Star is looking at her phone] Hey Star.
Star Huh?
Janna The shrine. How's it coming?
Star It's uh.. It's coming along. [Bottle falls off shrine] Ugh, it's not. Sorry, sorry. My head's totally loopy tonight.
Janna Take your time Star. This will be a long night.
Star Sooo.. As long as we're all just sittin' here chillin'.. Would it be cool if I got your guys' opinion on something?
Janna I-is this about Marco again?
Star What? Nooooo.. Yeeesss. [Show's Janna the picture on her phone] Could you please just tell me what you thing of this one thing?
Janna Uh, sure.
Star Okay, notice anything off about it? [Zooms in on picture] See? It's like just because Marco has a mole, suddenly Jackie has to have, like, eight of them?
Janna Those are freckles.
Glossaryck Hey Star, Star, Star-
Star YES, interrupter.
Glossaryck [Holding page in spell book] Are.. you gonna use this?
Star What is it?
Glossaryck I don't know. It's like a.. spell. There's a.. little drawing of a rat or something.
Star Uh, we're kinda in the middle of something.
Glossaryck ...So I can do whatever I-
Star Yeah, whatever, go.
[Glossaryck burns page and warms hands by the fire]
Janna Oh, whoops. I accidentally deleted the picture. Uh, problem solved? Can we just focus on the shrine, now?
Star Yes. Shrine time! [Starts working on shrine but looks uncomfortable]
At the park, Marco and Jackie are on a bench
Marco Okay, you got that? Alright.
Jackie 'Kay.
Marco Now, stir in the cereal.
Jackie Got it.
Marco Stir, stir, stir, stir, stir, stir, stir. And then, we add one, just one, malted milk ball. One for me. One for you.
Jackie Are you sure about this?
Marco Jackie, trust the chef.
Jackie Alright. [Takes a sip, then coughs it out] Ugh! Marco, [coughs] it's terrible. [Coughs]
Marco Really? It was good the last time I had it. [Takes a sip] Ugh. [drink spills from his mouth]
Jackie [Snickers, then laughs]
Marco [Chuckles]
Jackie See, Marco? You're adorable when you laugh at yourself.
Marco Wha..?
Jackie Relax, dude.
Marco I.. I'm relaxed. [Tries to get in a comfortable position but keeps falling over]
Jackie Seriously, why are you so nervous?
Marco Uh.. I don't know. 'Cause it's a date. And your super cool and I'm just.. afraid of messing up.
Jackie Marco, you already messed up.
Marco Wha..?
Jackie Yeah! You puked on my lap in third grade, you broke my skateboard, and then there was the weird box thing we got trapped in at Star's sleep over-
Marco Okay, okay. I-
Jackie You sent me anonymous text messages with cats-
Marco Alright, point taken.
Jackie Oh, and then there was that little neck guy that came out of your neck, or whatever-
Marco Ja-Jackie, I don't.. wanna.. relive that.
Jackie Fair enough. But you know what I like about you? Is that even after a humiliating, crushing defeat.. You just pick yourself right back up and you hop right back on. Kinda like skateboarding.
Marco Yeah, well.. I don't.. know how to skateboard.
Jackie What?
Marco No, I never-
Jackie [gasps and stands up]
Marco What are you doing?
[Jackie lifts her dress revealing her skateboard]
Marco Woah-oh. You just.. keep that.. down there?
Jackie [Takes out two helmets] Well?
Marco No no no no no no no. What are you..
Jackie Come on.
Marco No no no.
Jackie No, Marco-
Marco Forget it.
Jackie No, Marco-
Marco I'm not doing thi-
Jackie You're gonna do this.
Marco Is that for me?
Jackie You're gonna do this.
Marco Forget it.
Jackie Marco.. Do it for me?
Marco [Sighs] Okay. I'm gonna do this. [Places his phone on the bench] Don't look down. [Gets on the skateboard] Don't look up. Woah. Okay okay.
Jackie [Grabs Marco's hand] Do you trust me?
Marco Yeah, I trust-
Star has finished setting up the shrine at the graveyard
Star Okay, I'm done!
Janna is in a hole, snoring
Star Janna, wake uuuuup! [Kicks dirt on Janna]
Janna [Talking in her sleep] No, you shut up.
Star [Groans] Well I might as well be spending the night alone. In a graveyard. If any dead clowns feel like coming back from the dead, I think now would be a pretty good tiiiime! [Silence] [Sighs] Ugh! I should've just gone to that stupid dance. [Retrieves picture from phone] Bet Marco's having a good time. [Calls Marco's phone]
Marco's phone rings on the park bench
Back at the graveyard
Marco's voicemail Hey, it's Marco! I'm not here right now. But leave a message and I'll call you right back. [beep]
Star Hey Marco! It's just meee. Checkin' up on my best buuud. Dro-drop me a line when you get home. Just wanna check up on you-If you want to. If not, that's uh.. That's-you know, that's cool too. Bye! [Hangs up] [sigh] [calls Marco's phone again]
Marco's voicemail Hey, it's Marco! I'm not here right now.
Star [Hangs up] Hrrrrn!
Marco's voicemail Hey, it's Marco! I'm not here right now. But leave a message and I'll call you right back.
Time passes
Marco's voicemail Hey, it's Marco! I'm not here right now. But leave a message and I'll call you right back.
Star hangs up and dials again
Marco's voicemail Hey, it's Marco! I'm not here right now.
Star Aaaargh! [throws phone to the side] WHY AREN'T YOU PICKING UP? [Hears snoring coming from spell book, walks over and opens it] Glossaryck! Wake up. Hey, what's the name of that spying spell?
Glossaryck [Half-asleep] Oh! The All-Seeing Eye.. um.. your talking about.
Star Where is it?
Glossaryck [Half-asleep] That would be eh.. That would be in Eclipsa's chapter.
[Star starts to turn the page]
Glossaryck Oh wait, wait wait! Uh.. [yawn] You don't wanna go there.
[Star flips through a few pages]
Glossaryck [Half asleep] E-e-e-Eclipsa..
[Star flips through a few pages]
Glossaryck [Half-asleep] Dark magic. It's not nice.. to.. spy on people.
Star [Chuckles] Glossaryck, don't be ridiculous. I'm not using to spy on anyone.
Glossaryck [Half-asleep] Uh-uh well s-spying leads to.. crying.
[Star turns the page and Glossaryck starts snoring again]
Star Well I'm not spying! [turns a few pages] Ahaha! Here it is. [Grabs wand] I summon the All-Seeing Eye. To tear a hole into the sky. [wand starts glowing] Reveal to me that which is hidden. Unveil to me what is forbidden.
[A magical window opens showing Marco and Jackie on Jackie's skateboard]
[Star looks upset]
Marco [Fumbling around] Woah-uh-oh!
Jackie [Grabs Marco] Hehe, don't worry! I've got you.
Marco [Sighs]
[Star becomes more upset as Marco and Jackie look at each other]
Star [Star angrily growls and her wand glows green causing a tire of Jackie's skateboard to explode. Marco and Jackie fall off the skateboard]
Marco and Jackie Woah-oh-oh!
Star [Realizing what just happened] Wha..? [magical window closes]
[Star becomes uneasy. She quickly goes backwards then falls into the hole Janna is in]
Janna WHA.. What did I miss?
Star Did I do that?
Janna Yes, you fell on me.
Star Nononono! I know I fell on you. I was there for that. There was this eyeball spell and then Jackie and Marco and they were- they were skateboarding and then-
Janna Woah! Slow down, woman! You are not making any sense. [she and Star notice giant rats in the hole]
Star Aaahhh! Okay. Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Get out of there you giant rats!
[the candles go out around the shrine]
Janna [Grabbing Star] It's happening.
[The candles light up again revealing a tall figure dressed as Bon Bon]
Janna You came back!
[The figure's face is revealed]
Janna Ooh! That explosion did a real number on your face.
Ludo AHAHAHAHAHA! [takes off clown nose] Surprise!
[ Spider steps to the side also revealing Eagle ]
Star Ludo?!
Ludo Miss me, Princess? [takes out his wand and blasts them]
At the park
Jackie Whew!
Marco Are you okay?
Jackie Yeah, I'm fine. Haven't ate it like that in years. [Both look down and notice they're holding hands] You know, I'm really glad I asked you out.
Marco Me too.
[Both lean in and kiss]
Marco [noticing a glow] Huh?
[The Blood Moon appears]
Jackie Marco, is everything okay?
[The moon goes back to normal]
[Marco checks his phone and sees 57 missed calls from Star]
Marco We have to find Star.
At the graveyard
[Star and Ludo start blasting each other]
[Spider and Eagle go after Star, but Star punches Eagle]
Star Shimmering Crystal Seesaw!
[Spider is launched in the air]
Ludo That's not getting her! [blasts Star]
Star Rainbow Fist Punch! [blasts Ludo]
[Eagle goes after Star]
Star Syrup Tsunami Shockwave! [blasts Eagle]
[Rats go after Janna]
Janna [hitting rats with hair dryer] You guys are ruining my séance!
[Star blasts Spider]
[Ludo blasts Star]
Star Mega Starfish Tsunami! [blasts Ludo]
Ludo This doesn't look good. [blasts starfish spell]
Star Mystic Room Suck Transform!
[Portal opens up]
Ludo Not again! [Ludo starts to get sucked in]
Bon Bon's ghost [Appearing from the shrine] I'm back! Just like my cand-AAAHHH!! [gets sucked into the portal]
Ludo No please! Please have mercy on me!
[Star sees Marco and Jackie arriving]
Ludo I-I-I would have mercy on you!
[Looks upset as her wand starts glowing green]
[The portal starts glowing green and blasts Star and Ludo back before sucking Star in]
Star [screams]
Janna Help! Bad vermin! Bad!
Jackie Janna?
[Marco is stopped by Spider before punching her]
[Star is struggling to hold on]
Ludo Aww! Looks like you need a hand, Princess! [blasts Star]
Star What do you want with me?!
Ludo [chuckles] You think I'm here for you. Ah, so selfish. HA! [snaps fingers] Fetch!
[Eagle grabs the spell book]
Star My spell book?!
Ludo Yes. I figured it'd be okay if I took it, seeing how you probably not going to need it where you're going! Haha! Just like the humans say, destroying you will be easy as pie.
Star I think you mean piece of cake! [throws cake at Ludo]
Ludo Ugh. You will pay for [candles light up] tha-AAAAAAAAAA! I'M ON FIRE! I'M ON FIRE! PUT ME OUT! PUT ME OUT!
[Eagle grabs Ludo and whacks him against the ground]
Ludo Augh. Great job. Fetch Spider. We have what we want!
[Marco is about to kick Spider before Eagle grabs her]
Marco Huh?
[Spider grabs the spell book]
Marco No! No! No! No!
[Marco goes after the spell book]
Ludo You really want to waste precious time chasing me? I mean look!
Marco [Turns back] Star!
[Ludo laughs as he flies away with the spell book]
Star [screams]
[Marco grabs a hold of Star to keep her from getting sucked in]
Star Marco, let go! You're gonna get pulled in, too!
Marco I'm not letting go!
[Jackie grabs a hold of Marco with Janna having a hold on Jackie]
[The portal closes]
Star [sighs]
Marco You okay?
Star [rubs arm nervously] Yeah, yeah. Thanks to you.
Marco Jackie, are you okay?
Jackie Yeah, I'm great.
[Star looks upset]
Jackie This is the funnest dance I've ever been to!
Marco Yeah, well.. I mean.. yeah. We're.. we're in a graveyard. So...
Star [Holds up her wand] I can't believe.. Ludo took my spell book. It's got everything in it! That's my whole family history! All the spells.. everything! It's lost!
Marco We'll get it back. [Star hugs Marco and cries]
Star [crying] I've lost Glossaryck!
Marco W-we'll.. We'll get him back, too. I promise. [Star continues to cry]
Cut to Ludo's lair.
Glossaryck [grudgingly] At your service, milady.
Ludo I'm not [smiling] a milady.
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