"Book Be Gone" is the third episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on July 15, 2017, as part of the television movie Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni.[1]


Despite warnings, Ludo tries to write his own chapter in the Book of Spells.


At Ludo's monster temple in the Mewni mountains, his bald eagle and giant spider minions arrive with tacos from Earth. Ludo awakens from his sleep to find the temple in ruins and his wand's star fragment embedded in his right palm. Having no memory of the events in "Starcrushed" after Toffee took over his body, he seeks out Glossaryck and finds him trying to roast chocolate pudding over a fire. Glossaryck informs Ludo that he defeated the Magic High Commission, and Ludo is so pleased with himself that he decides to start writing a chapter about himself in the Book of Spells. The crystal in Ludo's hand beckons him toward Butterfly Castle, but he wants to write his chapter first.

Using a feather plucked from his head, Ludo prepares to write in the book, but Glossaryck tells him only the book's owner can write in it. Ludo believes he is the book's owner, but when he tries to write, the book takes on a life of its own and moves away from him. Ludo chases after the book, but it constantly evades him, tossing him into a stream and over a waterfall at one point. Eventually, Glossaryck gives Ludo the idea of using a spell, and Ludo tries casting Levitato on the book, but the energy feeds back and sends Ludo flying far into the distance.

After regaining consciousness on a beach of mermaids, Ludo makes his way back to the temple and demands an explanation for why he doesn't own the book anymore. Glossaryck jokingly suggests asking the book itself, but Ludo takes him seriously and tries to communicate with the book, apologizing for any misunderstanding between them. Glossaryck laughs at Ludo for failing to get the joke, and Ludo loses his patience and tosses the book into the fire.

At that moment, Toffee takes over Ludo's body again, and Glossaryck says he finally got what he wanted, to which Toffee replies that this act was "all Ludo". As the book burns to ashes, Glossaryck himself starts to burn away as well; even though he knew this would happen, he is still a little surprised by it. Ludo regains control of his body as soon as Glossaryck disappears, and he mourns Glossaryck's apparent demise. Once again, the crystal in Ludo's hand beckons him toward Butterfly Castle. Declaring that he and his wand don't need anyone anymore, Ludo decides to take over the castle.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Boek Vlieg Op Book, Get Lost
French Ludo n'a pas voix au chapitre Ludo Doesn't Get to Tell His Story
Hebrew ספר היעלם Book, Disappear
Japanese 失われた本 The Lost Book
Brazilian Portuguese Adeus, Livro Goodbye, Book
European Portuguese Livro, Para Que Te Quero Book, What I Want You For


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S3E3 Glossaryck hovers over the burning book of spells
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