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"Booth Buddies" is the thirty-fourth episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on March 24, 2018 alongside "Skooled!"[1]


A magical photo booth at a wedding goes on the fritz and captures Star and Marco inside.[2]


The episode opens with Ruberiot and Foolduke getting married, and Star and Tom spend time together at the reception. As they wonder where Pony Head is, Star notices the photo booth from the Bounce Lounge and implores Marco to take pictures with her. Marco wants to take Nachos home, but Star tells Kelly to do it instead and pulls Marco into the booth. Marco desperately warns Kelly not to take Nachos for a joyride, but she pays little attention to him.

Inside the booth, Star reminisces about her and Marco's past photos while Marco continually asks to leave. She takes money from Marco to pay for the photos, but Marco does not participate in the shots. Star is disappointed by Marco's lack of participation, so he begrudgingly replicates the poses from an older set of photos. Star still feels like the photos are off, saying Marco has a "fake face" compared to the other photos.

Star and Marco continue taking pictures until the machine jams and the photo booth entrance locks down. Marco hears Kelly riding Nachos and panics, screaming for help. Suddenly, an impish creature slides out of the diamond at the top of the photo booth and introduces himself as photo booth repairman Ben Fotino. Unable to unjam the machine, Fotino flies the photo booth back to his repair shop. On the way there, Marco tries looking for an escape route but only finds a monster under the seat.

At Fotino's shop, he looks at some of the photos Star and Marco took and claims he knows what the problem is. He explains that the photo booth is magic (much to Star's delight and Marco's chagrin) and that it can see into the photo-takers' souls and the "truth beneath the pictures". Unfortunately, he doesn't know what the two need to do. Star still believes it is because they are not taking genuine "best friend" pictures and asks Marco what's wrong. Marco claims he wants to get back to Nachos and had no desire to go on a magical adventure. Star is surprised to hear this and warns him that they only have enough money for one more reel.

Marco relents and explains that the real difference between the past and present photos is that the past photos were taken before Star's confession in "Starcrushed". Despite his efforts to not think about it again, he says he can't keep pretending things aren't different now. Star is unsure what he means, but when he says things are different for him specifically, Star realizes he's now confessing his feelings for her. They sit in silence before joking about how their guts feel, and Marco admits he feels better having talked about it. With the money they have left, Marco says he knows what kind of photo the booth wants. In the final reel, Marco turns to look at Star, she returns his gaze, and they kiss.

Upon realizing what just happened, they both pull back in shock and speechlessness. Fotino suddenly bursts into the booth, congratulating the new "couple". As Star stumbles out of the booth, shellshocked, Marco tries to apologize for what happened and blames it on the magic of the booth. Fotino reveals that the booth is not magic and that he intentionally trapped the pair inside, claiming that the pictures he saw of them indicated that they "needed a smooch".

As Fotino brings them back to the wedding reception, Star and Marco try to work through their feelings, still dumbfounded that they kissed. Star reminds herself that Marco is her squire and that she already has a boyfriend, while Marco is deeply distraught at the mess he caused. Nonetheless, Star thanks him for sharing his feelings, albeit perhaps too much so. Marco meets up with Kelly and Nachos, the former of whom has completely messed up her hair as a result of taking Nachos for a joyride. Marco and Kelly leave Star awkwardly as Tom returns with a plate of pie. Tom, unaware of Star's absence, makes small talk with her, oblivious to the fact that she is not paying attention.

Just then, Star's phone rings, and she discovers something's wrong with Pony Head. She rushes off with Tom, but returns to quickly grab the photo reel of her and Marco kissing. In it, their cheeks are glowing. As the episode ends, the Blood Moon appears in the sky.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Fotohokje Photo Booth
Japanese ブースの中の秘密 Secrets Inside the Booth
Korean 스티커사진 Sticker Photo
Malay Sahabat Gerai Foto Booth Buddies
Portuguese (Portugal) Fotoamigos Photofriends


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Production notes



  • Alex Hirsch, creator of the Disney Channel/XD original series Gravity Falls, guest-stars as Ben Fotino.
  • Star and Marco took 127 sets of photos together, as they spent $650 (with each set of photos being $5 for 130 sets), and Star gave Ben a $15 tip, subtracting three more sets.

Revelations and continuity

  • Ruberiot and Foolduke get married.
  • Marco once again (unwillingly) spends $650, this time on the booth's photos.
  • Marco mentions Star's confession of her crush on him that happened in "Starcrushed".
  • Marco reveals to Star that he has a crush on her.
  • Star and Marco kiss for the first time.
  • As Star grabs the final photo reel including her kiss with Marco, the photo changes slightly, as Star's cheek marks glow and Marco's crescent marks from "Deep Dive" reappear.
    • In addition, the Blood Moon appears in the sky.


  • The episode title is likely a reference to a line from “Mr. Candle Cares”, in which Marco refers to himself and Star as “smooch buddies”.
  • In one of Star and Marco's photos, they appear to be doing the Fusion Dance from the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • When taking Star and Marco to the workshop, Ben seems to be channeling the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz.
  • Marco describes one of his and Star’s photo poses as “Oops I Did It Again”, which may be a reference to the Britney Spears song and album of the same name.


  • When Marco and Star take the final pictures, Marco is shown on the right side of the couch and Star is on the left; however, in all other scenes in the episode (including directly after the photos), Star is on the right side and Marco is on the left.
  • When Star says "We kissed", her lips are read as "You kissed me".


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