Episode begins at a wedding ceremony. Camera pans down to Mime Girl as a justice of the peace, and the bride and groom are revealed to be Foolduke and Ruberiot, who join hands.
Ruberiot I take you, Foolduke.
Foolduke I take you, Ruberiot.
As Ruberiot and Foolduke take their vows, Mime Girl pantomimes what they say.
Ruberiot and Foolduke In sickness and in health, 'til death do we part. Through pirate attacks, monster raids, and corn famine. I do!
Ruberiot and Foolduke kiss, and the crowd cheers.
Star Butterfly Aww, mazel tov!
Scene cuts to the reception, where Ruberiot and Foolduke dance together and wedding guests mingle. Star and Tom walk through the reception hand-in-hand.
Star Isn't this just beautiful? It's too bad Pony Head never showed up.
Tom Yeah. The photo booth is—
Star [gasps] Photo booth.
Tom Okay. Well, I'm just gonna go get some pie, then.
Star No way! [gasps]
Marco and Kelly walk past Star.
Star Wait, Marco, Marco, Marco! You can't leave yet. We gotta take pictures!
Marco Diaz But I gotta take Nachos home and feed her.
Star grabs Marco's keys and gives them to Kelly.
Star Kelly can do it! Let's go! [drags Marco by the arm]
Marco No, wait! Do not take her for a ride! You got that, Kelly?! Kelly! Aah!
Kelly [starry-eyed] Yeah, for sure. Totes.
Star Wow... The memories in this place.
Marco Star, can I go?
Star Oh, my gosh!
Star reaches over Marco's head and pulls an old reel of photos of herself and Marco off the wall.
Star Look! Old photos from our days at the Bounce Lounge.
Marco Can we just take photos some other time?
Star Sure, as soon as we take some photos.
Marco [groans]
Star [holding out her hand]
Marco What?
Star Money.
Marco Excuse me?
Star What? Money. Gimme, gimme. [reaches into Marco's jacket] Now, come on! Where is it?
Marco Star, I'm not made of money!
Star Yes, you are. Oh! Found it. Ohh! [pulls out a bundle of cash] Six hundred fifty dollars! See, Marco? You're a boy made of money.
Marco [glares at Star]
Star Yeah, yeah, that should be enough.
Star puts a five-dollar bill in the photo machine.
Star First, let's do a silly one.
Star makes a silly face, and the camera clicks.
Star Ooh! Okay, now a fighting stance. Hi-yah!
Star makes a fighting pose, and the camera clicks.
Star Ooh! Okay, now let's do one where we're stuck inside a monster's belly, and we're slowly drowning in its toxic stomach acid. Blech!
Star dramatically slides down Marco's body, and the camera clicks.
Marco Okay. I go now. [starts walking away]
Star Wait! [pulls Marco back] One more! Best friends pose.
Star makes a cool pose, and the camera clicks. The machine prints out a reel of photos.
Star Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy! Here we go! [looks at photos] What the...? Marco, what is this?
Marco They look like photos.
Star These aren't photos. They're travesties.
Marco Geez, Star.
Star I asked for best friend photos, but these are business acquaintance photos. Soooo...
Marco Okay, let me look at the old photos. What do we got here? Happy-go-lucky, fish face, "Oops, I did it again," too cool for school. Okay. Let's do it.
Star puts another five-dollar bill in the photo machine. She and Marco put their arms around each other and smile at the camera, and the camera clicks. They make silly faces for the second click, make "Oops, I did it again" faces for the third click, and make cool poses for the fourth click. The machine prints out another reel.
Star Ooh! [looks at photos]
Marco Perfect! Well, see ya!
Star [grabs Marco by the ankle]
Marco You know you have my ankle, right?
Star Something's... Something's not right.
Marco What?
Star looks at the two sets of photos side-by-side.
Marco These are exactly the same. I don't know what you want.
Star I want your face to look like this face.
Marco I was just making that face!
Star Yours was a fake face. This is a best friend face. [puts five dollars in the machine] I know the difference.
Star and Marco smile for the camera, and the camera clicks.
Star Nope, that's not it. [puts five dollars in the machine]
Marco smiles again for the camera, and the camera clicks.
Star Something's off. [puts five dollars in the machine]
Marco smiles yet again for the camera, and the camera clicks.
Star These are all travesties! Enough shenanigans. It's time to get real. [takes out a hundred-dollar bill] Too big to fail.
Star puts the hundred-dollar bill in the machine, and the camera clicks over and over.
Star (o.s.) Come on, Marco!
The machine prints out another photo reel.
Marco Star, I'm trying.
Star I know you are, Marco. But it's not good enough!
The machine prints out reel after reel after reel of photos and eventually gets jammed. An alarm goes off.
Star and Marco Hmm?
A large metal door suddenly closes over the booth entrance. Marco tries breaking it down, but fails.
Marco [sighs] We're stuck!
The sound of a revving engine is heard outside the photo booth.
Marco [gasps] Oh, no!
Outside the booth, Kelly revs up Nachos' engine.
Kelly [laughing] Oh, yeah!
Marco Help! [pounds on metal door] Let us out! It's an emergency!
The photo booth briefly shakes, and a diamond-shaped panel on top lights up. The panel opens up, and Ben Fotino pops out. He slides down the side of the booth and looks at Star and Marco through the metal door's small window.
Star and Marco Aah!
Marco Star? What the heck is that?
Star [mumbles "I don't know"]
Ben Fotino Did somebody say... "emergency"?
Marco Who are you?
Ben I'm Ben Fotino! Booth repair extraordinaire! [laughs]
Marco Does Pony Head know you live in her photo booth?
Ben Does a hot dog have bones in it?
Marco Dude, I don't know. Can you let us out of here, please?
Ben Well, I'd like to, but I can't. It's broken. Gonna have to take it back to my shop for repairs. [sinister chuckle]
Marco Wait. What's happening?
Handlebars appear on the side of the booth, and Ben hops on.
Ben [cackling]
Marco Where are you taking us? No! No! No, no, no, no, no, no! Let us out of here!
The booth levitates into the air and takes off into the sky.
Marco [panics] We gotta get out of here!
Marco opens up the booth seat and sees a horrible monster inside.
Monster [screeching]
Marco [screams, closes seat, panting]
Ben drives the booth to his repair shop, crashing it down through the ceiling.
Marco [sighs] Hey... Hey, Ben? Could you get us out of here, please?!
Ben Gotta get my mind juices warmed up. [drinks bottle of soda] Ahhh... [walks up to booth] Hmm.
Ben pulls at the photo reels jamming the machine and unjams it, and hundreds of reels pour out of the printing machine.
Ben Aah! Whoa, whoa! [looks at photos] Hmm... Hmmmmm... Well, I think I found your problem.
Marco Really?
Ben Now, this here photo booth ain't just any photo booth.
Star Is it... Is it magic?
Ben It's magic!
Star [delighted gasp]
Marco Oh, no.
Ben This booth can look deep into your soul, seeing all truths that lie beneath them pictures.
Star Wow...
Marco Well, what does it want from us?
Ben Heck if I know. I ain't no magic photo booth.
Marco Ugh. I hate magic.
Star [slaps Marco on the back] Marco!
Marco Sorry.
Star I told you something was up with those photos, bub. I knew it. The booth knew it. Your face knew it.
Marco What does my face know?
Star That we're not taking best friends photos.
Star puts yet another five-dollar bill in the photo machine.
Star [forces Marco's face to smile] Give the people what they want!
The camera clicks several times, and the machine prints out another reel.
Ben Well, this is gonna take a while. [sits on recliner] Good luck getting out of that death trap. [snoring]
Star All right, what's going on here? You used to love the photo booth. You're my little camera hog.
Marco I'm... I'm just worried about Nachos. And call me crazy, but I didn't want to end up on a magical adventure today. But nope, magical adventure.
Ben [snoring]
Star Well, I like our adventures, and I thought you liked them, too. And we only got one money left.
Marco What?! Where'd it go?!
Star Photo booths are expensive. Plus, I gave a tip to Ben.
Ben [holding a bunch of money bills] Much obliged.
Star This is all we got left.
Marco looks at the old reel of photos again.
Marco [sighs] You wanna know what's different in this photo? This was before.
Star Before what?
Marco Before you told me... you... had a crush on me.
Star [stares blankly, gasps, sighs] I just blacked out. Mmm... Go on.
Marco Well, I was caught off-guard by it. And then like a Marco, I never brought it up again. And that stunk. I stunk.
Star Well, a lot was going on. But yeah, that stunk.
Marco It's getting harder to end up on these adventures pretending things aren't different.
Star Are they?
Marco They are for me.
Star Oh. Oh! OH! Like different, different?
Marco [sighs, groans]
Star Well, no wonder we're stuck here hearing truth bombs like that.
Marco [imitates explosion]
Star Weird question, but what do your guts feel like?
Marco My guts?
Star Yeah, my guts were all like, [gibbers] You know?
Marco Uh, my guts are more like, [long groan]
Star [chuckles] Well, they do feel better after you talk about it.
Marco Yeah, I guess.
Star Last photo. Anything you need to tell me?
Marco No. But there's one last thing I need to do.
Star What's that?
Marco [grabs last five-dollar bill] Take the photo the booth is waiting for.
Star Go get 'em, tiger!
Marco [exhales sharply]
Marco inserts the bill into the photo machine. On the first camera click, he and Star smile into the camera. On the second click, he looks over at Star. On the third click, she looks back at him. On the fourth click, they kiss. They stare at each other in shock.
Marco Uhhhh...
Star Uhhhh...
Rowdy circus-style music starts playing, and the metal door opens up.
Ben Congratulations! [throwing confetti] Three cheers for the happy new couple! Hip, hip...!
Star and Marco [still stunned]
Ben Hip, hip...!
Star and Marco [still stunned]
Ben Huzzah!
Star [long groan]
Marco Star? I'm sorry! It's just the booth! It's magic!
Ben [giggles]
Marco What?
Ben That photo booth ain't magic. It's just a booth! [laughing]
Marco Did... Did you trap us in there?
Ben Look, I seen a lot of pictures in my day, and your photo showed two young'uns who needed a smooch.
Marco You trapped us in there.
Ben I trapped you in there. Okay, back in the booth.
Ben pushes Star and Marco back into the booth and drives the booth back to the wedding. Star and Marco sit together in silence.
Star We... kissed.
Marco I thought the booth was magic.
Star You're my squire.
Marco Which is a job I take very seriously.
Star I have a boyfriend. His name is Tom.
Marco I was just trying to get us out of here! [buries his face under his suit]
Star Hey...
Marco [looks at Star]
Star I'm glad you were honest with me. Just maybe not that honest.
Marco I'm sorry.
Star At least it can't get more awkward.
The booth suddenly stops moving, and Star falls onto Marco. They look at each other and quickly leave the photo booth.
Marco Okay.
Star That's enough photo booth.
Ben Now, if you kids need any more help, you know where to find me.
Ben goes back inside the diamond-shaped panel at the top of the photo booth.
Marco Creep.
Nachos [slurping water]
Marco Nachos! [sighs] Oh, I was so worried you took her out on a joyride.
Kelly [with blown-back hair] Eh, ye of little faith.
Marco briefly looks nonplussed. He and Kelly get on Nachos together.
Marco See ya— I'll see ya later, Star.
Marco, Kelly, and Nachos drive off into the sky. She turns around and looks completely stunned. Tom walks over holding a plate of pie.
Tom Hey, boo, sorry. I've been off falling in love... with this pie! [laughs] Man, it's getting pretty serious. [kisses Star on the cheek] Am I the only one who loves this pie?
Star's compact phone rings.
Tom Hey, there's your phone.
Star [answers phone] Hello? ... [drops phone] Something's wrong with Pony. [drags Tom away by the arm]
Tom Aah!
The photo reel of Star and Marco kissing is left behind in the photo booth's printer. Star briefly returns to grab it, and as it is pulled off-screen, the photo of Star and Marco kissing shows their cheek marks glowing. The Blood Moon shines in the sky.
(end song)
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