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"Britta's Tacos" is the twenty-sixth episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on April 28, 2019 alongside "Doop-Doop".


Marco is determined to consume 50 tacos in order to win a special prize that is being offered at Britta's Tacos restaurant.


The episode starts off with Marco and Star visiting the Mexican themed restaurant Britta's taco's with Marco's new baby sister Mariposa. Instead of just going there for a regular meal Marco has the idea of getting his clubcard fully punched to win the mystery prize that is on offer. While Marco gets tacos, Star slump on the table. When he goes to order to his surprise Sensei and Oskar are working there, with both of them obtaining their respective jobs while Marco was away on Mewni, Sensei appears to be annoyed at Marco not visiting while Star is reminiscing about the previous summer and her plans that had been made with Oskar.

Later the principal along with Mr. Candle appear and start a conversation with Marco while Star hides under the table to avoid being seen from skipping a whole school year. The principal talks to Marco concerning his absence from school but Marco gladly shows him his high school equivalent diploma. Marco comments on how Mr. Candle followed them from Mewni but he denies the topic of Mewni and quickly changes the subject.


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Minor characters


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  • Jessica Paré, best known for his role as Megan Draper on Mad Men, guest-stars as Chloe.

Revelations and continuity

  • Sensei Brantley and Oskar Greason have gotten jobs working at Britta's Tacos.
  • Several characters, including Brantley, StarFan13, and Ferguson, believe Mariposa to be Marco's daughter instead of his sister.
  • Star avoids her Earth teachers after missing an entire year's worth of school.
  • Janna is stated to have been banned for life from Britta's Tacos.
  • Marco is revealed to have gotten his high school equivalency diploma while on Mewni.
  • Jackie Lynn Thomas is studying abroad in France.
    • Marco and Jackie start over as friends.

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