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"Britta's Tacos" is the twenty-sixth episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on April 28, 2019 alongside "Doop-Doop".


Marco is determined to consume 50 tacos in order to win a special prize that is being offered at Britta's Tacos restaurant.


Star and Marco bring Marco's new baby sister Mariposa to the Britta's Tacos fast-food restaurant. Marco seeks to get 50 hole punches in his loyalty card to win the mystery prize that the restaurant is offering. Meanwhile, Star follows Marco's advice to take advantage of the summer season and do absolutely nothing.

While ordering tacos, Marco discovers Sensei Brantley and Oskar Greason working at the restaurant. Sensei mistakenly believes that Mariposa is Marco's illegitimate child and the source of some drama between him and Jackie Lynn Thomas, but Marco insists that isn't the case. When he gets sick from eating too many tacos, Star suggests getting the hole punches in his card from other people's orders.

Later, Principal Skeeves, Mr. Candle, and Miss Skullnick appear to get tacos and discuss Marco's school education. Marco reveals he already received his high school equivalency diploma, and he gets more punches in his card from them. Meanwhile, StarFan13 appears, overjoyed to see Star again. When StarFan takes a picture of Marco and Mariposa, she mentions that Jackie might see it on social media, but Marco once again insists that he and Jackie are on good terms. However, after talking to a guy hiding from his ex-girlfriend in a bathroom stall, Marco begins to doubt his own words.

Soon after, Marco reunites with his old friends Alfonzo and Ferguson, who introduce him to the new members of their D&D club and mention that Jackie is currently studying abroad in France. Later that night, Marco is only two hole punches away from getting the Britta's Tacos mystery prize, but the only ingredients left to make tacos with are extremely hot peppers, and there are no other customers around.

Just before Marco gives up on the mystery prize, Jackie appears with Chloe, a friend she made in France. In return for Chloe introducing her to French architecture and parkour, Jackie is showing her the coolest parts of Echo Creek, including spicy tacos. Marco buys tacos for them, and they give him their hole punches, finally completing his card. After hearing about Jackie all day, Marco realizes he was a bad boyfriend to her when they were dating. However, Jackie tells Marco he was a "standard" boyfriend who always made her laugh, and even though they weren't the best match for each other, they can still be friends.

As Jackie and Chloe leave on their skateboards, Star attempts to collect Marco's mystery prize—a plain T-shirt with the Britta's Tacos logo—but it has apparently been stolen. Marco isn't discouraged, though, as he considers seeing all of their old friends again to be the real prize.


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  • Jessica Paré, best known for her role as Megan Draper on Mad Men, guest-stars as Chloe.

Revelations and continuity

  • Sensei Brantley and Oskar Greason have gotten jobs working at Britta's Tacos.
  • Several characters, including Brantley, StarFan13, Ferguson, and Jackie, believe Mariposa to be Marco's daughter instead of his sister.
  • Alfonzo and Ferguson have found new friends to join their Dungeons & Dragons club.
  • Star avoids her Earth teachers after missing an entire year's worth of school.
  • Janna is stated to have been banned for life from Britta's Tacos.
  • Marco is revealed to have gotten his high school equivalency diploma while on Mewni.
  • Jackie Lynn Thomas is studying abroad in France.
    • Marco and Jackie start over as friends.
    • Jackie is dating a girl named Chloe she met in France. <ref></ref>

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