Episode begins at Echo Creek Academy. Star walks through the hallway with a big grin.
Girl [o.s., gasps] There she is!
Boy (o.s.) Hey, Star!
Girl (o.s.) Hi, Star Butterfly!
Boy (o.s.) What's goin' on, girl?
Science kid Star, will you be my science partner? Oops.
The science kid drops a chemical beaker, causing a small explosion.
Star You bet!
Chelsea McNelsey Star, I baked you a pie!
Star All right!
Moobs Squitson [chomp] Star, I ate the pie!
Star I knew you would! [high-fives both]
StarFan13 Star, I wallpapered my locker with pictures of you.
Star That's weird... 'cause I wallpapered my locker with pictures of you!
Star and StarFan13 [high-five] Yeah!
Carlos Star! Star! Oh, please zap me! Please, please, please!
Star Oh, yeah.
Star uses her magic wand to turn Carlos into a piñata.
Carlos Gracias, Star! No wonder everyone's your amigo!
Star Aw, thanks!
Spanish kid Olé!
A banner appears behind Carlos that reads "¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!" Janna, Lars, and other kids appear with bats.
Awesome Opossums player Oh, yeah! Hit him!
Star approaches a line of students as bat strikes are heard off-screen.
Star Ooh, a line! I love lines! [hops up and down] Why are we in line?
Sabrina Backintosh Only for the most important social event of the year – Brittney Wong's birthday party!
Sabrina points up to a blimp that reads "BRITTNEY WONG'S BIRTHDAY PARTY! NO LOSERS ALLOWED!"
Star Ooh!
Brittney Wong hands out party invitations.
Brittney [to Alfonzo] No. [to Hope] No. [to Dom] No. [to Chantal] Yes. [to Timmy] No. [to Ashlyn] Ye... No. [to Moobs] Bleh! No!
Moobs You're right. I wouldn't invite me either. [walks away]
Sabrina [whimpering]
Brittney Yes.
Sabrina I'm in. I'm in! I'm-in-I'm-in-I'm-in-I'm-in...! [sighs, passes out]
Brittney Pfft! Ew, Star "Butterface"? You are invited when pigs fly! [laughing]
Star uses her wand to make a flying pig.
Flying pig [oinks]
Brittney [gasps]
Star Problem solved.
Flying pig Anything for you, Star.
Brittney [groans, swats at flying pig]
Flying pig Flying pig don't need this. [snorts, flies away]
Brittney [whips hair at Star] Hmph! [walks away]
Star [muffled] I'm going to her party...
Cut to Diaz Household exterior at sunset. Star, dressed in a party gown, drags Marco out to the sidewalk.
Marco It's so weird that Brittney invited us to her birthday.
Star And all she wanted was a flying pig. [gasps] The party bus!
Marco Party bus?
Brittney's party bus approaches from down the street.
Marco But I get carsick.
Star It's not a car. It's a bus.
The party bus passes Star and Marco.
Star Rabbit Rocket Blast!
Star rockets herself and Marco onto the roof of the bus.
Marco [screaming]
Buff Frog spies on Star from a tree branch through binoculars.
Buff Frog Huh?
Cut to party bus interior. Brittney sings karaoke, and her party guests cover their ears.
Brittney [singing, off-key]
I send texts straight to your heart
You replied, baby, that's a start
Saw your zit, I knew it was the end
Sorry, honey, I have to de-friend
Star and Marco crash inside through the ceiling.
Brittney [gasps]
Marco [groaning]
Star See? That was way more fun than taking the stairs. Oh, sweet! A little, tiny hat. Cool. I can make those.
Star makes a tiny hat for herself that matches Brittney's.
Brittney Star Butterfly. [drops microphone] What are you doing here?
Star Nothin' yet. I just got here.
Marco does pushups on the party bus floor.
Marco One... Two... Three... One... Two...
Jackie Lynn Thomas Marco, what are you doing?
Marco [prolonged gasp, thinking] Jackie Lynn Thomas? Play it cool.
The bus lurches to a stop.
Marco [gagging, backs away slowly]
Star Let me sing you some birthday tunes with my mouth sounds. [beatboxing badly]
Brittney Driver, pull over this bus at once!
Bus driver Lady, I can't. We're in bumper-to-bumper traffic. You're gonna have to wait until the next exit.
Brittney [scoffs] This is why I told my dad I wanted a party jet. Hmph.
Bus driver I can't drive a jet.
Brittney Okay. Now, to my invited guests, who wants to watch me open my presents?
Brittney I'm waiting.
Party guests Me, me, me! Pick me, please!
Star Something tells me we were not invited to this party.
Marco That's possible. Why don't we get off at the next bus stop?
Star We can't do that. These people are miserable. They need us now.
Marco Star, you don't have to—
The bus lurches to a stop, and Marco gags sickly.
Star Are you feeling okay?
Marco I told you. [gags] I get motion sickness. Don't worry. [sits on a chair] I just need to sit here, stare out this window, and never turn my head.
Star You do that, homie. I'ma get this party started!
Star lightly shoves Marco, causing his chair to spin.
Marco Whoa! Who puts a swivel chair on a bus?!
The chair rolls to the right.
Marco Whoa! With wheels? Seriously?!
The chair crashes off-screen. Brittney holds up a handbag.
Brittney Ugh. It's not designer.
She throws the handbag away, and it hits Sabrina's face, giving her a black eye and knocking out one of her teeth.
Sabrina You're welcome.
Star Oh, hey, everybody. I just want you all to know I can make little hats.
Star makes a laser puppy with her wand.
Laser puppy [yipping]
Star And also dogs.
The laser puppy shoots a laser from its eye.
Girl (o.s.) Ow!
Star Check this out!
The puppy makes a laser light show that reads "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTNEY".
Party guests [exclaiming]
Justin Armberg (o.s.) I wish my dog could spell that good!
Brittney Hmph!
Brittney whips the laser puppy out of Star's hands.
Star [gasps, thinking] Not cool.
Scene transitions to Jackie sitting alone with a drink. Camera zooms out to a sick-looking Marco.
Marco [thinking] There she is, Diaz. Jackie Lynn Thomas. You're feeling better. Now's your chance.
Marco slowly rolls the swivel chair up to Jackie. Justin appears before Marco and shoves a plate of oysters in his face.
Justin Hey, do these oysters smell bad to you? [slurping] Yep, taste like they turned. Mmm.
Marco [gagging]
Marco rolls away from Justin and into Brittney.
Brittney You better not throw up on my bus, "Barfo" Diaz!
Marco [gulps]
Brittney Ugh! This party is a disaster.
Star Hey, Brittney! I know how to make your party more fun. Rubber Sparkle Bounce House!
Star uses her magic to turn the inside of the party bus into a bounce house. They start bouncing happily.
Party guests [cheering]
Justin Walkin' on the moon!
Marco [gagging]
Brittney stands in the middle of the room with her arms crossed, bouncing lightly due to everyone else's momentum.
Star Isn't this fun, Brittney? Better idea!
Cut to party bus roof.
Party guests [chanting] Hot tub, hot tub!
Star Foaming Twinkle Bubble Ripple!
Star creates a large clam-shaped hot tub.
Party guests [cheering]
Justin [rips his clothes off] Yeah! Star Butterfly rules! [jumps into the hot tub]
Justin jumps into the hot tub. Ed and two other boys join him.
Boy I'm all wet!
Girls Yeah, party!
Cut back to Marco inside the bus, looking green.
Marco [groaning]
Star slinks down onto the couch next to him.
Star Oh, Marco. It's hard work making everybody happy.
Marco Can you make my tummy happy?
The bus lurches to a stop, throwing Star and Marco onto the floor. The bus stops at a stop sign.
Brittney Finally. End of the line for the princess and the puke boy. Now get off my bus!
Marco Oh, thank you!
Marco steps off the bus.
Marco Fresh air! [inhales deeply] Smells just like... monsters?
Camera zooms out to show Ludo and his army.
Ludo's army [growling]
Ludo Get them!
Cut back to bus interior.
Brittney Ugh, finally.
Star is thrown backward into Brittney.
Brittney What is going on here?!
Ludo Three-eyed Potato Baby! Take the wheel!
Three-eyed Potato Baby [growls]
Bus driver [on the phone] She says she wants a jet.
Three-eyed Potato Baby picks up the bus driver and tosses him aside. He sits in the driver's seat, fastens his seatbelt, checks his mirrors, and puts on a driver's cap. He spends extra time straightening his cap.
Ludo Will you get on with it?!
Three-eyed Potato Baby slams on the gas, and the bus pulls away at high-speed, throwing the party guests toward the back of the bus.
Party guests [screaming]
Star What's your game?
Ludo [pops open a soda] I'm gonna bus-jack this bus.
Spikeballs and a crocodile monster stand next to an open dimensional portal.
Spikeballs Here they come.
A random car drives through the portal.
Spikeballs Was that them?
Crocodile monster Uh, nope.
Cut back to bus interior.
Star That's a particularly stupid plan, Ludo.
Ludo [spit-take] It's a great plan! Shut up! Oh, just... just get her.
Ludo's army [roaring]
Star runs up to the bus's roof. The monsters chase her.
Brittney [sighs] Star's the worst.
Ludo I know, right?
Brittney I hope you destroy her.
Ludo Thank you! That is so nice!
On the bus's roof, Star fights Ludo's monsters. Star blasts Beard Deer off the bus with a magic beam. A three-eyed monster attacks, and Star knocks him backward with a kick to the face. She blasts Buff Frog and the giraffe monster away with cupcake blasts. As he flies over the edge of the bus, the giraffe monster hangs onto the railing with his teeth. Star blasts the two-headed monster over the side of the bus. As the two-headed monster hangs on, his face hits the window, scaring two of the party guests. He swings over to Star's back with the party banners. When the two-headed monster climbs back up, Star knocks him over again with an elbow to the face. The two-headed monster lands in the passenger seat of an elderly Asian man's car.
Asian man [speaks Japanese] わたしは八十だが、まだまだ現役じゃあ!(Revised Romanization: "Watashi wa hachi jūdaga, madamada geneki jā" Subtitled: "Although I'm in my eighties, I'm still healthy!.")
Star dodges Buff Frog and Big Chicken, hitting Buff Frog with Rainbow Fist Punch. Buff Frog falls into the hot tub, and Star closes it on top of him. Star runs straight into the giraffe monster.
Star [gasps]
Giraffe monster [growling]
Camera zooms in on an overpass sign that reads "CAHOOGA ½, HOLLIWOOD 1, SETSUN 1½". The giraffe monster looks surprised. His head is dragged straight through the overpass. A guy on a bicycle rides up his neck, leaving tire tracks, and falls to the ground. Cut to bus interior. Ludo eats the spoiled oysters.
Ludo [slurping and laughing] There's a rumbly in my tumbly!
Cut back to bus roof. Star is overpowered by Bearicorn and Big Chicken. Star sees the dimensional portal.
Star [gasps] Oh, no!
Star knocks Bearicorn and Big Chicken over and opens the ceiling hatch, poking her head inside the bus.
Star Marco! Quick, take the wheel!
Marco [shudders]
Marco slowly makes his way over to Three-eyed Potato Baby.
Marco [gagging and gasping]
Marco eventually knocks Three-eyed Potato Baby out with a karate chop. Three-eyed Potato Baby passes out, and his head falls onto the gas pedal, making the bus go faster. Marco grabs the steering wheel. Star falls through the bus ceiling. The bus gets closer to the dimensional portal. Marco cuts the wheel right, causing the bus to veer left and right. It knocks into a fire hydrant, spins through the air, and crashes onto the ground a complete wreck. The party guests emerge from the bus unharmed.
Party guests [cheering]
Ludo's monsters emerge from the bus in pain.
Ludo's army [groaning]
Bearicorn Why did only we get hurt?
Marco dashes toward a garbage can and throws up.
Ludo Out of the way!
Ludo dashes toward the same garbage can, and he and Marco take turns throwing up.
Jackie Sick. Party animals.
Brittney [looks at bus, pulls at her hair] Oh, this is horrible! My party is ruined!
Justin Oh, man, Brittney! Hot tub, bounce house...
Andrea Laser puppies and an epic fight...
Party guests Best party ever!
Paramedics carry Sabrina away on a stretcher.
Sabrina It hurts all over!
Star Just so you know, I also do quinceañeras.
Brittney [swats at Star] Ugh! Hmph! [walks away]
Marco walks over and puts his hand on Star's shoulder.
Marco Man, Star, that party was the jam.
Star [removes Marco's hand] Please don't with your puke fingers.
Marco Oh, yeah. Sorry. You know, if I ever have a party, you're gonna be my party planner.
Marco runs back to the garbage can and continues throwing up off-screen.
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