Brunzetta is a goddess of thunder and ally of Marco Diaz's that he met and went on adventures with during his 16-year search for Hekapoo in Dimension X-103. She first appears in "Ransomgram".


Brunzetta bears the appearance of an adult woman with a muscular build. She has dark skin, dark blue hair in dreadlocks and a top knot, and purple eyes. She wears a green, leafy tunic, green loincloth with skull-shaped buckle, green armbands and legbands, a necklace of animal teeth, and a silver nose ring.


Brunzetta appears in "Ransomgram" when Star and Marco travel to the Neverzone to save Nachos from the Neverzonians. Marco summons her with the wails of trees in the Afflicted Forest, and Star becomes enamored with how cool she looks. It is stated that Marco met Brunzetta sometime during his 16-year search for Hekapoo in "Running with Scissors", and the two went on multiple dangerous adventures together.

At the Neverzone, Brunzetta helps Star and Marco liberate Nachos from the Neverzonians, and they all escape together. Later, Brunzetta reveals to Marco that when he stole the Neverzonians' Neverblade ("El Choppo"), he accidentally released a fire demon that plagued the Neverzonians for hundreds of years. When Marco decides to correct his mistake, Brunzetta helps him and Star defeat the fire demon and return the Neverblade to its resting place before she departs.

In "Gone Baby Gone", Marco summons Brunzetta again in Hekapoo's dimension after he and Star lose baby Meteora and Marco's baby sister Mariposa, and she expresses annoyance that Marco only summoned her to ask for directions. She also does not remember Star (due to their previous encounter being decades ago from her perspective), to Star's dismay.

Powers and abilities

  • Axe wielding: Brunzetta is an expert wielder of her battleaxe, frequently leaping into battle with one and brandishing it with skill and speed.
  • Electrokinesis: Whether through her own power or through the use of her battleaxe, Brunzetta can channel and control lightning. She can augment her axe swings with it, release it in the form of energy blasts, or generate protective barriers with it.
  • Immortality: Brunzetta does not appear to age, having lived through the centuries of the fire demon's reign over the Neverzone.


Season 4


S4E5 Brunzetta making a shouting exit
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  • Brunzetta coined Marco's nickname "Yammy" after he insulted a necromancer's cooking and got turned into a yam for an entire year.
  • Brunzetta, her axe, and her association with lightning are very similar to the Marvel Comics character Thor and his weapon Stormbreaker.
    • Considering her name, she may also be loosely based on Brunhild, a valkyrie of Norse mythology.
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