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Butterfly Castle is the home of the ruling family of Mewni, the Butterfly family, and later the residence of Marco Diaz up until its destruction and abandonment in season 3.


The castle is significantly larger than other buildings in Mewni, possessing numerous towers of varying sizes that appear to be built into a mountain. Several railways and tunnels connect the towers to one another.

Known areas/chambers inside the castle include the throne room, the Tapestry Room (which Star refers to as the "Grandma Room"), the dining hall, the King and Queen's bedchambers, a dungeon area, and the sub-basement/laundry room.

In "Sweet Dreams", Eclipsa reveals that the castle has several hidden passageways, one of which is behind the portrait of a sea captain in Star's room.

Following the events of "Conquer", the castle is badly damaged.

After Earth and Mewni are joined together in "Cleaved", the castle is merged with a skyscraper.


In "Conquer", Meteora Butterfly attacks the castle and destroys large portions of it, including the tapestries in the "Grandma Room" (save for the one of her mother).

In "Butterfly Follies", the castle has been abandoned after being destroyed in Conquer, and most of the residents in Mewni, including Star and Marco, now reside in the Monster Temple.

In "Ghost of Butterfly Castle", Mina Loveberry is revealed to have taken residence in the castle, scaring off any would-be looters, sewing the tapestries back together, and planning to take out Eclipsa.

In "Ready, Aim, Fire", Marco ends up in the castle after being transported out of the Realm of Magic, and overhears the Magic High Commission conspiring with Mina.

In "Cleaved", the castle briefly appears when Star races to the portal connecting Earth and Mewni. After the two dimensions are merged, Butterfly Castle is fused with several Earth skyscrapers.

It is revealed in Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Magic Book of Spells that the castle was rebuilt at least once during the reign of Skywynne Butterfly, after a fire burnt it to the ground. The original castle was made of wood (some from the Stump), instead of stone.


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