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"Butterfly Follies" is the first episode and season premiere of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on March 10, 2019 alongside "Escape from the Pie Folk".


Star and Marco go in search of Queen Moon.


Some time after the events of "Conquer", Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz, and King Butterfly have been searching all over Mewni for Queen Moon's whereabouts ever since she disappeared from the Realm of Magic. In that time, Star has become skilled at using spells without her wand. They infiltrate a dungeon tower that they already searched before and fight their way past its security, but as with their last search, Moon is nowhere to be found. In addition, as a result of Star handing control of the kingdom over to Eclipsa, imprisoning monsters is illegal, and public opinion of Star is very low.

As Star, Marco, and River run out of places on Mewni to search, Star notices a local monster wearing a shirt with Moon's picture on it. When asked where he got the shirt, the monster directs them to the Pie Carnival, where people can supposedly meet Moon in person. River is wary about going to the carnival because the Pie Folk that host it are notorious con artists, but Star goes anyway to try and find her mother.

Inside the Pie Carnival, Star asks around about her mother, but Moon is nowhere to be seen, and all they find is merchandise bearing her image. While Moon is very loved and popular among the carnival-goers, Star and River are ridiculed and hated. They are even satirized and made fun of in a theatre show called the "Butterfly Follies". During the parody performance, what appears to be Queen Moon herself suddenly takes the stage. Star jumps onto the stage to reunite with her, but she doesn't recognize who Star is. Upon realizing that Star is the real Star Butterfly and not just an actress, the audience turns into an angry mob, prompting Star, Marco, and River to take Moon and run away.

On the outskirts on the carnival, Star and River are thrilled to be reunited with Moon, but "Moon" confesses that she's not the real Moon Butterfly—it is an actor named Erik who plays Moon in the Butterfly Follies. In her frustration of failing to find her mother, Star turns Erik into a squirrel-frog. After spending weeks searching for Queen Moon, Star, Marco, and River decide to return home, which is a village of monsters at the base of the Monster Temple that Eclipsa rules from instead of the now abandoned Butterfly Castle.

At the Monster Temple, Star and Marco meet with Queen Eclipsa to check on the progress of her new castle. With the transition of rule from Star to Eclipsa, monsters have been integrated into the castle's inner workings (such as the royal guard), and a team of mining monsters are hard at work trying to free Globgor (with little success). With no ideas left on where to look for her mother, Star turns to Glossaryck for help and wonders if the Realm of Magic did something to Moon. However, Glossaryck questions why Star went to the Realm of Magic in the first place, suggesting that going there in order to defeat Toffee was a mistake.

Hours later, Marco talks with Eclipsa about Star's failed efforts to find her mother, even with the All-Seeing Eye, and Eclipsa hints that Star must face a difficult possibility. Later, when Star and Marco turn in for the night, Marco suggests to Star the possibility that they may never find Moon, but Star knows for certain that they will. As proof, she presents the photo of herself and Marco having a happy day at the beach. The photo was a gift to Star from Father Time and depicts a future event, and Star reasons that she would not be as happy as she is in the photo unless they succeed in finding her mother.

Just before they go to sleep, Marco enjoys a pie he bought at the Pie Carnival. When he gives it to Star to have a bite, Star discovers a butterfly-shaped design in the pie crust that is unique to Queen Moon's style of baking. The bottom of the pie tin indicates that the pie was made on Pie Island, and Star believes her mother is there.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French A la recherche de Moon In search of Moon
Hebrew הטעויות של בטרפליי Butterfly's mistakes
Japanese バタフライ家の愚行 Butterfly family follies
Korean 문 여왕님은 어디에? Where's Queen Moon?
European Portuguese As Loucuras Butterfly The Butterfly Follies
Spanish (Latin America) Locuras de Butterfly Butterfly Follies
Ukrainian Скажені Баттерфлай Mad Butterfly


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Production notes



  • This is the tenth half hour-long episode in the series.
  • A clip of this episode was shown at the 2018 New York Comic Con on October 7, 2018.
  • This episode is dedicated to Hazel Hammersley, one of Aaron Hammersley's daughters who died of lung cancer in 2018.[3]

Revelations and continuity

  • Marco spends $650 twice at the Pie Carnival.
  • Eclipsa has given Star, River, Marco, and all their servants and guards, refuge in the Monster Temple.
  • A village of monsters called "Monstertown" has been built at the base of the Monster Temple's mountain.
  • Monsters now serve on the Mewni royal guard.
  • Eclipsa has monsters working on breaking Globgor out of his crystal prison.
  • The photograph of Star and Marco at the beach (first shown in "Starcrushed") is from the future.


  • In the beginning when Star uses her new powers, her eyes are fully in without the detail from the hair until she looked up her hands.


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