"By the Book" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on September 12, 2016, alongside "Goblin Dogs".[1]


After an argument with Star, Glossaryck goes into hiding in a donut box. While Star and Marco try to convince him to come out of hiding, Ludo plots to capture Star.[2]


The episode opens on Mewni, where Ludo still struggles to control his magic wand. As he tries to get it to work properly, Ludo realizes that the wand can speak with him telepathically. The wand tells Ludo to seek out Star Butterfly; though Ludo believes she no longer has a magic wand of her own, he can still extract valuable knowledge from her.

Meanwhile, at the Diaz Household on Earth, Glossaryck trains Star in the use of her new magic wand with the help of her Magic Instruction Book, but Star is incredibly bored by all the lessons. Because of her lack of enthusiasm and effort, the spells she performs are not as effective as they should be. When Star declares that she's done with training for the day, she accidentally implies that she and Glossaryck are not friends and that they don't have any fun when they're together. Deeply upset by Star's words, Glossaryck retreats into a donut box. Star tries to apologize to Glossaryck, but he refuses to come out.

In an attempt to draw Glossaryck out of hiding, Marco and Star take him to the movies. However, Glossaryck refuses to even speak to Star, only giving her messages through Marco. Star tries to conjure up some snacks with magic, but her spells continue to backfire on her. That night, Star and Marco try to get Glossaryck out of the donut box by faking a monster attack, but he doesn't fall for it. In their final attempt to get Glossaryck out of the box, Star and Marco drop the box in a smelly dumpster. Unfortunately, the dumpster is picked up by a garbage truck, and Glossaryck's box falls into the trash compactor.

Before Star and Marco can rescue Glossaryck, Ludo and his giant eagle and spider companions appear out of a dimensional portal. Star and Ludo are each equally surprised that the other wields a magic wand. Ludo attacks Star with his wild and unpredictable magic, and Star fights back with less-than-effective spells because she hasn't been taking her training seriously. As Star and Ludo duel, Marco fends off the giant eagle and spider. Star tries to save Glossaryck from the trash compactor, but Ludo constantly intervenes, and the donut box is eventually crushed.

Star and Marco are horrified by Glossaryck's apparent demise, and Ludo prepares to capture Star. Star tries to fight back, but her spells still don't work correctly. Before Ludo can take Star, the donut box pops out of the trash compactor and lands in front of him, causing him to trip. Glossaryck then emerges from the donut box completely unharmed. He calls the Magic Instruction Book to him and tells Star to perform the Incantation Dance from before. Without hesitation, Star performs the dance and summons a stampede of warnicorns to defeat Ludo and his companions and send them back to Mewni.

Star finally realizes the benefit of taking her wand training seriously. She apologizes to Glossaryck for hurting his feelings, but Glossaryck reveals that the entire ordeal was all part of his plan, including locking himself in the donut box, falling into the trash compactor, and tripping Ludo. Meanwhile, back on Mewni, though Ludo has been defeated, he is pleased to learn of the existence of Star's instruction book.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Volgens het Boek By The Book
French L'Art et la Manière ou Suivre les Règles à la Lettre The Art and the Way or Follow the Rules to the Letter
German Üben Macht Die Meisterin Practice Makes Perfect
Hebrew לפי הספר By the Book
Hungarian Ahogy a Nagy Könyvben Meg van Írva As It is Written in the Big Book
Italian L'importanza dei libri The Importance of Books
Japanese 魔法の勉強 Studying Magic
Polish Według Księgi According To The Book
Portuguese (Brazil) Através do Livro By the Book
Portuguese (Portugal) Lê o Livro Read the Book
Russian По книге By the Book
Spanish Lo que el Libro Indica What the Book Says


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