Scene opens with a shot of a corn field. It changes to reveal Ludo in a cave, being slammed into its walls due to firing bursts from his wand.
Ludo [groans] I don't even understand, girls. This thing is impossible to control... [screams, groans] Why won't you work? Hm?
The wand hums in pulses.
Ludo Huh? You can talk?
Bird and spider stare blankly at Ludo.
Ludo Tell me your secrets.
The want hums again.
Ludo Star Butterfly? But I don't want to see Star Butterfly. She doesn't have a wand anymore.
The wand hums.
Ludo Oh, you're right. She doesn't need a wand for me to steal her wisdom. Girls, pack your things. It's time to catch a butterfly!
Scene changes to the Diaz's home. Smoke is rising into the air.
Star Butterfly [groans] I'm not good at these new spells. Why can't I just stick with a narwhal blast?
Glossaryck Because there are other spells in your book.
Star Yeah, but...
Glossaryck Oh, Star. Look. This one's got pictures. Can we do it?
Star That's got a lot of steps.
Marco Diaz [holding spell book off ground] Star, can you just do the spell, please? This book is so heavy.
Star Ugh! Alright. [groans] What do I gotta do?
Glossaryck Start with the first one.
Star strikes a bored looking pose.
Glossaryck Mmm, close enough. I guess. Now how about this one?
Glossaryck points to the next picture in the book. Star lazily matches the pose.
Glossaryck Mmm. Okay, see to me, it looks like you're gonna wanna get both arms up, [gesturing] like way up together.
Star moves her arm an inch.
Glossaryck More.
Star extends her arm another inch.
Glossaryck Up and out Star. Look at me.
Star Huh?
Glossaryck All the way up. Pointing at 11:00.
Star Earth 11:00 or Mewni 11:00?
Glossaryck They're the same Star. Ugh, this is impossible.
Star Look, I know how to cast a spell, okay? Twirl, twirl, twirl, helicopter arms, helicopter arms, warnicorn stampede!
A tiny purple warnicorn drops from the sky.
Star See, I did it.
Glossaryck But Star, that's a single warnicorn. A stampede is many warnicorns. [laughs] I think somebody needs to get back to studying her spell book.
Marco [crushed by book] Help.
Star You know what, Glossaryck? I'm done with the book for today. [grabs Marco's feet] Come on Marco. Let's go have fun with our friends.
Glossaryck Oh. I thought we were friends but...
Star What? Oh, no, no, no, no. That's not what I meant. We're friends. I just don't have fun with you. But that is so fine 'cause it's not like you like having fun, right? Obviously. That's why you're alone all the time. Lonely people can be cool, like you. You're like a wise old hermit. Or like [stuttering], like a wise old monk. Or... or a... a... well I don't really know what you are but...
Glossaryck Wow. Say no more. I know when I'm not wanted. [descends into a donut box]
Star No, no, no.
Glossaryck I won't be bothering you ever again.
Star Oh my gosh. I am so sorry, Glossaryck. No of course you're our friend.
Marco Uh, is he though? All this guy has ever done for us is hand out weird riddles and eat pudding.
Star Uh! Don't you talk like that about our friend Marco. We have to make it up to him.
Marco Alright. Look, my Uncle Enrique hid in a box for three days once. I know how to handle this.
Scene changes to the movie theater. Inside, a black and white film is playing.
Man We can never be together, Isabel. We're from two different worlds.
Something puts a tentacle on the actor's face.
Isabel [screeches]
Man Society will never accept us! [runs away]
Star [to donut box] See? isn't this fun? Just three good friends watching a movie together. 'Cause that's what good friends do.
Glossaryck [from inside box] Marco, please tell Star we are not talking.
Marco Star, Glossaryck said he's still not talking. Glossaryck, can you be nice and pass this popcorn-candy mix to Star?
Glossaryck Hmm, let me think. No, but I will have these. [takes all of Marco's other food]
Marco Hey!
Glossaryck Oh, Boom Nuggets. I know where you're going.
Marco [mumbling] They're my Boom Nuggets.
Star Hey, no big deal. I'll just make us some more snacks. [takes out wand]
Marco No wait!
Star Cotton candy cloud!
A pink cloud appears over Marco's head.
Marco Huh. That worked out better than...
A bunch of spaghetti falls out of the cloud and onto Marco.
Marco Ugh. You know, it might not kill you to study a bit more.
Star Oh don't you start too Marco.
Marco Glossaryck, you'll miss the whole movie if you stay in there. I thought you liked romantic comedies.
Glossaryck Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. I've seen this one before. And the squid lady dies in the end.
Crowd [groans, throws popcorn at the trio]
Scene changes to the Diaz's house. It is night. Something walks into Star's room.
Marco (disguised) [screeches]
Star [screams, starts attacking] I can't hold her back much longer. Glossaryck, help me.
Glossaryck Marco, could you do me a favor and tell Star she should ask one of her Earth friends to help out? [opens soda, burps]
Star [sigh] You can stop Marco. He called our bluff.
Marco [takes off disguise, screeches]
Star Stop Marco.
Marco Oh, sorry.
Scene changes to inside a dumpster somewhere.
Marco This is the most disgusting dumpster in town.
Star throws the box of donuts Glossaryck is in inside.
Marco The smell will get him out of the box.
Star Alright! We're getting Glossaryck back.
The two high-five while a garbage truck rolls up to the dumpster.
Both [gasp]
The truck picks up the trash; the box of donuts balances between two crush doors.
Star Glossaryck!
A dimensional pair of scissors pokes out of thin air. Star almost runs right into its blade.
Star Aah!
The portal opens up. Ludo flies in with bird and spider.
Star What the?
The trio lands, revealing Ludo dramatically.
Star Ludo⁈ You're back?
Marco [gasps] Ludo's back!
Ludo Yes, I am.
Star I tossed you into the abyss.
Marco She tossed you into the abyss.
Ludo Yes, you did.
Star [growls, raises wand]
Ludo [raise wand, sees Star's] What?
Star [sees Ludo's] Huh?
Both You have a wand?
Marco You both have wands.
Ludo Okay, seriously Marco, that's getting annoying.
Star [to Marco] Actually, he's right.
Ludo Star Butterfly, you're coming with me [screams]
Ludo's wand fires, flinging him backwards into a wall. The blast hits a building, causing it to explode.
Star Rainbow fist punch!
Star's spell wimpily deflates instead of attacking Ludo.
Star What?
Ludo Ha ha! That's your rainbow punch?
Spider and bird approach Marco. They jump on him. Ludo fires more shots at Star, who screams as they narrowly miss.
Star Heart attack!
The spell does nothing to disarm Ludo.
Marco This is the worst wand fight I've ever seen.
The garbage truck starts closing its crush door, threatening to destroy Glossaryck's box.
Star Oh no, I don't have time for this. [runs]
Ludo Hey, we aren't done. Come back here.
The two continue to misfire their respective wands.
Star Seriously?
Ludo continues to scream as his wand thrusts him around the sky, causing a lot of destruction. Marco continues fighting spider and bird. Marco then sees the crush door lowering and throws a garbage can lid into it to hold the door open.
Star Nice.
The battle continues
Marco Star, the lid. It isn't holding.
Star Glossaryck!
A blast from Ludo's wand knocks her over the the truck as it crushes the box.
Star Oh no! Glossaryck!
Marco No!
Ludo [landing on ground] Now Princess, I give you a choice. Come with me or die.
Star Warnicorn stampede!
The spell misfires a small harmless warnicorn like it did before.
Ludo Fine. Have it your way. [holds up wand] It's going to be pretty hard to miss from here.
Marco Star!
The donut box uncrumples, blasts itself through the air, and trips Ludo. Glossaryck levitates out of the box.
Glossaryck [meditating] Om!
Star Glossaryck?
Glossaryck [whistles]
The spell book smashes its way out of the Diaz's house, rolls down the street, and flies into Star's hands.
Star [gasps]
Ludo What? A book.
Glossaryck Now read.
Star rereads the page on "Incantation Dance" and immediately starts striking the correct poses, charging up her wand with energy.
Star Warnicorn stampede!
Behind her, 5 warnicorns pop into existence in a fanfare of light, and charge.
Ludo What is that?
The warnicorns attack, sending Ludo, spider, and bird plummeting back into their portal.
Star Oh.
Marco You did it! That was so cool.
Star Yeah it was! And all I had to do was read from the book.
Glossaryck Well, my work here is done. [dives into book]
Star Glossaryck. [grabs book] I'm sorry we hurt your feelings.
Glossaryck Oh, you didn't hurt my feelings. I have no feelings. It was all part of the plan.
Star What do you mean, part of the plan?
Marco Yeah, why'd you lock yourself in the donut box then?
Glossaryck I went into that box on purpose because I needed to get to that candy.
Marco Oh! Wait, why?
Glossaryck Well, how would you rocket yourself from a trash compactor?
Marco What? I don't know.
Glossaryck Marco, Marco. I had to be in that donut box so I could land at Ludo's feet to trip him up and save the day.
Marco Wait, wait. So you're saying you did all that on...
Glossaryck Boom Nuggets. [laughs]
Marco [sighs] Fine.
Scene jumps back to Ludo. He and his minions fall into the cave from the portal.
Ludo [laughs, to wand] Guess what.
The wand hums.
Ludo There's a book.
(end song)
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