"Camping Trip" is the tenth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on August 8, 2016, alongside "Starstruck".[1]


King Butterfly pays a surprise visit to Star during the Diaz family camping trip and brings with him his own brand of camping.[2]


Star and the Diazes arrive in the forest for a camping trip. Star is already excited, and Marco looks forward to doing some fishing, hiking, and seeing Old Youthful, one of the oldest geysers on Earth—which is scheduled to erupt that day. Since Marco's parents are busy making paintings for their slideshow, it is just Star and Marco for the rest of the day. Suddenly, something falls from the sky and crashes into the ground. Star and Marco discover that it's Star's father, King Butterfly, who has come to join them on their camping trip.

They start the day with some fishing, which is short-lived after King Butterfly jumps into the water and tries to catch fish with his bare hands. Next, they take a hike in the woods looking for Old Youthful. Walking on his hands, King Butterfly wanders off, and Star and Marco find him having a staring contest with a bald eagle. They end up getting in trouble with the park rangers for disturbing the wildlife, and Star and Marco begin to think that something is bothering King Butterfly.

The three soon get back on their way to see Old Youthful, but after King Butterfly eats the map, they lose their way and end up fifty miles away from Old Youthful. After King Butterfly gets them in trouble again with the park rangers for hitching a ride on a grizzly bear, Star has had enough of her father's weird behavior and apologizes to Marco for not being able to see Old Youthful. Marco reveals that he had already seen Old Youthful a dozen times and wanted Star to see it. Because she has shown him many amazing things, he wanted to pay her back by showing her something amazing on Earth. When they hear from the park ranger that Old Youthful is going to erupt for the last time, King Butterfly decides to carries Star and Marco all the way there. With Star and Marco on his shoulders, he runs ten miles to Old Youthful in under five minutes, but they miss the last eruption by mere seconds. King Butterfly feels ashamed and admits he has been acting weird because he feels down about his age and that Star is growing up. However, Star and Marco are very impressed by how far he ran, and Star tells her father that he will always be her hero no matter how old she gets.

Just as they are about to make their way back, King Butterfly falls into the geyser, which suddenly erupts to life. As it turns out, the park ranger had lied about the geyser erupting one last time, and Star finally gets to see Old Youthful in full glory and be amazed. The episode ends with Star, Marco, and King Butterfly watching Marco's parents' slideshow of paintings.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Kampeertrip Camping Trip
French Camping Camping
German Der Campingtrip The Camping Trip
Hebrew מחנאות Camping
Hungarian Kempingezés Camping
Italian In Campeggio Camping
Japanese 地球のキャンプ Earth Camping
Polish Campingowa Wycieczka Camping Trip
Portuguese (Brazil) Ciladas no Acampamento Pitfalls at Camp
Portuguese (Portugal) Campismo em Família Family Camping
Russian Поход Hiking
Spanish (Latin America) De Campamento Camping
Spanish (Spain) La Acampada Camping


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S2E10 King Butterfly and Marco Diaz fishing
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  • This episode marks the first and only time that River, as an adult, appears without his beard.


  • "Old Youthful" is a reference to the "Old Faithful" geyser at Yellowstone National Park.
  • One of the people in the crowd leaving after seeing Old Youthful looks very similar to Soos Ramirez from Gravity Falls.


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