Scene opens in the woods. Marco unpacks gear from the car. Star is hiding in the trunk.
Star Butterfly Camping!
Marco Diaz [screams]
Star [jumping out] What's up nature? You're gonna get tamed!
Mosquito [buzzes, lands on star]
Star [gasps] Nature's touching me. Hey little guy.
Mosquito [bites Star]
Star [gasps] Cataclysmic total extinction death blast!
Marco Star, we're not on Mewni. [sprays bug repellent]
Mosquito [flies away]
Marco Nature's nice here. You'll see. We'll do some fishing, a little hiking, and then... this! [holds up map]
Star [gasps] A treasure map?
Marco What? No. It's Old Youthful. One of the oldest geysers on Earth. And guess when it's erupting.
Star Today?
Marco Mmmm-hmmmm. Well, we got a big day ahead. Let's get started. [grabs fishing pole]
Star Aren't your parents coming?
Marco Nah. You know how most parents show slide shows of their vacations? Mine show paintings.
Rafael Diaz [painting] And done. Next!
Angie Diaz [changes pose]
Rafael [starts a new canvas]
Star So it's just the two of us then?
Marco Yeah. Is that okay?
An explosion occurs as something falls from the sky forming a crater. Star and Marco run over to check it out. There is someone in the crater...
King Butterfly Camping!!
Star Dad!
The scene changes. Marco, Star, and her father are fishing. The King does sit-ups on the boat, rocking it greatly.
Star Dad, oh, it's always great to see you. But what are you doing here?
King [straining] What, I can't go camping with my own daughter? I taught you how to camp.
Star Yeah, and now Marco's showing me how to go camping here on Earth.
King Really? Is he showing you how to stalk a Narinthian tar beast for eleven days with no food, no sleep, and no clothes⁈
Star No Dad, nature's really nice here. Look at what it gave me [holds out mosquito bitten arm]. Love bites. Here Marco. Show Dad how to Earth fish.
Marco Yeah, sure. [hands him a fishing pole]
King Whoa. So how do I... [hook falls in water] Amazing. Now what?
Marco You're already doing it.
Star Yay Dad!
Marco [lowers his line] Now we just sit and wait.
King [after waiting] You wait for the fish to come to you?
Marco Just relax and take it all in. [breathes deeply] Smell that? Okay. Where'd he go?
The King surfaces from the lake, holding a giant boulder over his head.
King Fishing!! [swings rock] Yah. Take that and that. [finds leg, grabs and punches] Oh, gotcha now.
Marco Is that what fishing on Mewni looks like?
King [shakes leg vigorously]
The scene changes. The trio is hiking
Marco It says Old Youthful actually got its name from early settlers who believed that it had rejuvenating powers.
Star That sounds really...
King Boring! Why are we walking so slow?
Marco Well, I was trying to take it easy 'cause you know, what you did to your foot.
King But I don't even feel it.
Star Come on, let me magic you up some boots.
King I don't need any of that; I don't even need feet. [jumps onto his hands] Can you do this, huh? Can you do this? [kicks Marco lightly] I don't think you can. Want a piggyback ride, honey?
Star [laughing] Aw, Dad. [serious] No.
King Since when are you too cool for piggyback rides?
Marco Well, I'm not too cool for a piggyback...
King That would be weird Marco. [takes off] Race you to the water thing. [laughs]
Star Is that the right way?
Marco No. [runs towards him] Is your dad okay?
Star I think so. He just really loves family camping trips. [takes out wand] Okay, where'd you go, big guy? [wand points to high up in a tree] Got him. What's he doing way up there?
Star uses her wand as a magic parasol, and the two of them float up the King, who's in an eagle's nest.
Star Hey Dad. Everything alright?
King Shh! Staring contest.
An eagle stares unblinking at the king.
Marco Whoa! That's a bald eagle. We are breakin' a whole bunch of laws here.
King He started it.
Star Marco's right Dad. Let's go see Old Youthful.
King Don't worry, darling. Once I break his spirit with my eyes, he'll fly us there. [speak gibberish to eagle]
Eagle [stares]
King Llama pajama llama... [pokes his eye on each syllable] pa... ja... ma.
Eagle [stares]
King This guy's unbelievable. You can't let him beat you in front of your own daughter. She looks up to you. Does she though? What is that supposed to mean? Did you notice, she's pretty much over your piggyback rides. She used to love those. And she went camping without you. That Marco kid's probably her boyfriend. What? No way.
Marco and Star stare at the king.
King My little girl isn't dating yet. Whatever. Keep lying to yourself, old man. Old? Who are you calling old?
A siren goes off, and the king loses his focus. It is two park rangers who have come to apprehend the three. Scene changes to the ranger station. The King drops many coins on the table to pay the fine.
Star Something is definitely goin' on with my dad.
King Okay, everything's cool. Turns out that feathered thing was some kind of a sacred animal. Heads up would've been nice.
Ranger You folks better get a move on if you wanna see that old geyser.
King Who are you calling an old geezer⁈
Scene changes. The trio is hiking again.
King Oh. Geyser.
Star Yes Dad, the thing Marco's been trying to see all day.
Marco We can still make it in time. This trail should take us straight to it.
The trail forks into a myriad of paths.
Marco Let me see that map.
King [crumples it up, eats it]
Marco Is he eating the map?
King I was hungry. Everything is food when you're struggling to survive.
Star Except we're not on...
King Mewni. Right. Sorry.
Marco I'm staying positive about this. One of those trails is the right one. Maybe we'll get lucky. Eeny, meeny, miney...
Scene changes. They are now looking at a sign that says "Old Youthful 50 Miles"
Marco Nooooo!
King You know what? I think this may be my fault. You kids wait right here while I score us a ride.
Marco Oh man, if he could get us a ride, that would be...
Scene changes to them riding a bear with four ranger vehicles and a helicopter in pursuit
Scene changes again to the ranger station. The king pays another load of coins and his crown.
Marco [groans]
Ranger You'll never make it to Old Youthful now. He goes off in five minutes, and it's a ten-mile hike.
Star I'm sorry Marco.
King Oh, come on. What's the big deal?
Star Dad, what is up with you?
King Is this about the bear?
Star No Dad. You've been acting really weird all day, and now Marco's plans are basically ruined. He really wanted to see Old Youthful.
Marco No Star, I've seen it, like, ten times. I wanted you to see it. You've shown me all kinds of amazing stuff I never knew existed. I just wanted to pay you back. Show you something amazing here on Earth.
Star Marco!
King Marco.
Marco I guess we can come back to see Old Youthful erupt some other time.
Ranger Oh, you poor, poor boy. Didn't nobody tell you?
Marco What?
Ranger This here eruption is gonna be the last.
Marco What⁈
Ranger Those big-city scientists gave that geyser a look-see, and he's all dried up. He's been fadin' away for years. Oh, he used to be impressive. King of the geysers. But now, he's just a sad shadow of his former glory. Aged out and obsolete. Ready to retire and getting in everybody's way. Yes sir, to use clever wordplay, Old Youthful is plumb out of youth.
Marco We should just go.
King [dramatically] Yes, Marco. We will go... and see that geyser.
Marco Didn't you hear what that guy said? It's impossible.
King Is it?
Ranger Tick-tock. [slowly] tick... tock.
King What do you say, Star? One last piggyback ride from your old man?
Dramatic music plays as the King carries Star on one shoulder and Marco on the other as he runs through the forest, unstopping, through the leaping deer, past the eagle's nest, jumping up a waterfall, across rocks like a goat, through the war, surviving cannon blast.
Marco We're almost there. Just a glacier and two more war re-enactments.
Star You hear that, Dad?
King Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
Scene changes. A geyser is surrounded by lots of people taking pictures. But as the King arrives, it suddenly stops and the people walk way.
King [groaning]
Marco No!
King [falls face first on the ground]
Star Dad!
King I'm so sorry pumpkin. I let you down.
Marco Are you out of your mind? You ran ten miles in five minutes; that's like, a hundred and fifty miles an hour.
King I used to be able to do it in four minutes. I'm not that dad I used to be Star. You need someone younger to take care of you now. Someone like... your boyfriend Marco here.
Marco I'm not her boyfriend. You fell up a waterfall dude! Who does that?
Star I'm older too Dad, but I still need you. No matter how old I get, you'll always be my hero because you'll always be my dad.
King Come here you [hugs star]
Marco Well, it's gettin' chilly out, so what do you say we go find you some pants? [slaps the King's back]
King [stumbles, falling on top of the geyser's crater]
The geyser rumbles, erupting in a huge blast of water which sends the King soaring high into the sky and creates a rainbow.
Star Wow!!
At the ranger station
Other ranger You gotta stop lying to the tourists about that geyser, man.
Ranger Yeah I know, but it sure is fun.
Back at the geyser.
Star Marco. It's beautiful.
The king lands on the ground, creating another huge crater. It burns away a lot of his outside.
King Look Star.
Star Dad. You look so young.
Marco yeah. Fresh-out-of-the-womb young.
King Brand new dad!
Scene changes to the Diaz's place. Mr. Diaz is showing off the paintings he created.
Rafael And here's the king with his arms up. [changes painting] And here's the king putting his arms down. [changes painting] And here he is walking out of the crater. [changes painting] And climbing out of the crater...
Star This is so much better than a slide show.
(end song)
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