Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds are a brand of breakfast cereal that first appear in the season 2 episode "Crystal Clear". They are Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz's favorite cereal.


Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds come in a purple and pink cardboard box. The front of the cereal box bears the Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds logo, with "Captain Blanche's" in small white lettering and "Sugar Seeds" in large orange lettering. Under the logo is the cereal mascot Captain Blanche, a bird with brown feathers wearing a blue airline pilot uniform, holding a bowl of Sugar Seeds and winking. The cereal consists of purple ring-shaped pieces, yellow pieces that resemble birdseed, and white marshmallows.

On the special edition cereal box, Captain Blanche bears a punk look with a ripped T-shirt, spiked wristband, sunglasses, and a Mohawk with frosted tips.


In "Crystal Clear", Star sneaks into the Diaz Household kitchen in the middle of the night to have a bowl of Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds, ignoring the warnings that Marco placed on the box. Before she can eat any, however, she is captured by Rhombulus, and the cereal spills onto the kitchen floor. At the end of the episode, Star force-feeds Marco some of the spilled cereal after Rhombulus brings them back home.

In "Return to Mewni", Marco's mother Angie suggests that he have some Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds to cheer himself up, but Marco says he can't find them. While spying on Marco via the All-Seeing Eye, Star mentions that they are in the cupboard behind the dog food.

In "Marco and the King", Marco tries to bring Star a box of Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds since they are unavailable on Mewni, but King Butterfly accidentally crushes the cereal box when he hugs Marco.

In "Toffee", Marco still has the cereal box with him when he reunites with Star, but by this time, he and King Butterfly have already eaten it all after Ludo imprisoned them in the castle dungeons.

In "Sweet Dreams", Marco brings a box of the cereal for Star's breakfast, having discovered that someone on Mewni imports it from Earth.

In "Curse of the Blood Moon", Star and Marco share a box of Sugar Seeds (a special edition of the cereal) at the stroke of midnight.

In "The Knight Shift", Star stress-eats Sugar Seeds while talking to the petrified Manfred.

Nutrition facts

(Single box)

  • 8 servings
  • Serving size: 1/3 cup
  • Total fat: 140%
  • Cholesterol: 0%
  • Sodium: 7%
  • Total carbs: 13%
  • Fiber: 140%
  • Sugar: 200%
  • Vitamin D: 10%


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Season 3

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  • With the ring-shaped cereal pieces and bird-themed mascot, Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds are similar to the real-life breakfast cereal Froot Loops.
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