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"Cheer Up, Star" is the seventh episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on April 13, 2015, alongside "Quest Buy".[1]


Star is feeling down when she doesn't get a call from her crush, Oskar, so Marco tries to cheer her up but accidentally summons Ludo and his army of new monsters.[1]


While taking cover from Ludo's minions inside a shed, Marco nervously admits to being the one responsible for these monsters attacking them while building some armor. The episode then flashes back to when Marco was having a bad day. He missed the bus, got hit in the face with a stop sign, fell into heaps of trash, got teased by a bicyclist for a picture on his shirt, was annoyed by Jeremy Birnbaum, and broke Jackie's skateboard. Marco felt so miserable that Star tried everything to cheer him up. Moustaches and juggling laser puppies did not seem to work until she finally made him laugh after getting herself trapped inside a giant, transparent fish.

Then on the day before this monster attack happened, Star met a boy named Oskar, with whom she immediately became infatuated. Star gave him her phone number and went home to wait for his call. She waited and waited for Oskar to call, but by the time it got dark, he never did, leaving her upset. Marco couldn't help feeling sorry for Star, so he decided it was his turn to cheer her up. He tried dressing up as a clown, but ended up scaring her, then he attempted to pull off a dangerous stunt that failed horribly, which only frustrated her. Then, noticing her wand, he decided the best way to cheer her up was to get her to fight monsters. Using her wand as bait, he lured a member of Ludo's army, the two-headed monster, to come to Earth and fight Star. However, he also accidentally lured in Ludo and more of Ludo's army, including unfamiliar, larger monsters.

After finally giving Star a full explanation, the monsters finally manage to get into the shed and grab Marco. Star frees him and the two friends return to fighting Ludo's minions. Already, Star feels a lot better and no longer cares if Oskar calls her or not. But as she speaks, Star receives a call from Oskar, much to her joy. She tries to speak to him while fighting, but after Bearicorn roars in her face, Star puts Oskar on hold and angrily blasts Ludo and all his minions with a tsunami of syrup. With all the monsters beaten, Star goes back to talking to Oskar, and after saying goodbye, she thanks Marco for cheering her up, and gives him a hug. Unfortunately, because Marco is covered from head to toe in sticky syrup, Star ends up stuck to him, and the bicyclist from earlier comes by and laughs at this.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 打起精神來 星星 Cheer Up Star
Dutch Star Opvrolijken Cheering Up Star
French Courage Star! Cheer Up Star!
German Der schlimmste Tag The Worst Day
Hebrew תתעודדי, סטאר Get Up, Star
Hungarian Fel a fejjel, Csillag! Cheer Up, Star!
Italian Non ti abbattere, Star! Don't Break Down, Star!
Japanese 元気をだして! Cheer Up!
Korean 힘 내, 스타! Cheer Up, Star!
Polish Rozchmurz się Star Cheer Up Star
Portuguese (Brazil) Animando a Star Cheering Up Star
Portuguese (Portugal) Anima-te, Star Cheer Up, Star
Russian Не унывай, Звёздочка Do Not Be Depressed, Star
Spanish (Latin America) Ánimo, Star Cheer Up, Star
Spanish (Spain) Animando a Star Cheering Up Star


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  • This episode was released early on, the WATCH Disney XD app, and Disney XD on Demand on April 7, 2015.
  • Jon Heder guest-stars for the first time as Oskar Greason.
  • The object Marco tapes to Star's face as "armor" is a tool known as an animation disk. The disk she wears happens to have an ACME peg bar installed.
  • Star's failed test from "Match Maker" can be seen on her desk as she waits for Oskar to call.
  • In real life, school bus stop signs open on the opposite side of the boarding doors.
  • According to Aaron Hammersley, Carrie Liao storyboarded this episode before he and Dominic Bisignano rewrote certain sections of it while keeping most of Liao's storyboards intact.[2]
  • This episode was on the 2015 Emmy Awards nomination ballots for "Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program", but it didn't get nominated.

Revelations and continuity

  • This episode reveals that Marco once kissed a Ninja at a Karate-Kon 2012, as shown on his shirt.
  • Jeremy Birnbaum knows that Marco has a crush on Jackie.
  • Marco's cell phone number is 555-0111.
  • Marco's cellphone ringtone is Space Unicorn, composed by Parry Gripp.
  • In this episode, Star is revealed to be coulrophobic (afraid of clowns).
    • Star's enthusiasm to attend a dead clown séance in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" contradicts this, though her reaction to Marco's clown routine in this episode could merely be attributed to him unintentionally presenting himself in a creepy manner that spooked her.


  • The heading of the newspaper that Marco put over his shirt reads "Las Cebollas" (Spanish for "The Onions"), which may refer to the American digital media company and news satire organization The Onion.


  • "Honeybee Tornado Swarm" is transcribed as "Put him in the Tornado Swarm" in the television broadcast's closed captions.
  • After Marco gets hit by the school bus stop sign as it opens, it is seen closed in the next shot.
  • In the flashback of Star trying to cheer Marco up, she isn't wearing her headband until she gets stuck inside the transparent fish.


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