(theme song - shortened version)
Episode begins where "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse" left off. Star, Marco, Moon, Eclipsa, and Meteora are inside the Tavern. Marco and Star are holding hands.
Marco Diaz You're gonna destroy the magic? Is that even possible?
Star Butterfly I'm pretty sure if I say the Whispering Spell inside the magic, then poof!
Eclipsa Butterfly Star, wait!
Star walks up to Hekapoo, who is sitting at the bar drinking a flaming drink.
Star Hey, Hekapoo. I need you to open the portals. I'm destroying the magic.
Hekapoo Yeah, sure. [snaps her fingers] Blow it up.
Marco Wait, Hekapoo, you're made of magic.
Hekapoo Look, if I'm being honest, I always had the feeling the stuff did more harm than good.
Star transforms to her Butterfly Form and opens a dimensional portal.
Eclipsa Wait. Star. W-W-What if we all go and fight Mina together? I mean, we've never done that before. Right, Moon?
Moon Butterfly Yes. Three queens fighting for the good of Mewni.
Star No, Mom. No. I know what I need to do. Come on, Marco.
Marco Hey, I-I don't have a weapon, and that place is really dangerous.
Hekapoo Why don't you use that big mole of yours? [smacks back of Marco's head]
Marco Ow!
Hekapoo That thing really packs a punch.
Marco [groans] I'm gonna miss her.
Marco grabs the Royal Magic Wand out of Moon's hand.
Moon Marco!
Marco Oh, come on!
The wand transforms to the form it took when Marco used it in "Deep Dive".
Marco It's the last time I get to use this thing.
Moon You've used that before?!
Star You ready?
Marco Uh, wait. [holds Star's hand] Ready.
Star and Marco enter the portal while holding hands.
Eclipsa Are they...? Awww!
Scene cuts to the Realm of Magic. Star and Marco emerge from the portal.
Star Okay. [turns back to normal] Time to destroy some magic.
Marco [puts wand in his pocket]
Star Just gotta get in and out and not lose my memory.
Star kneels down and sticks her hands in the gold water. Behind her, Marco noisily eats a cup of chocolate pudding.
Star Marco... are you eating pudding?
Marco Yeah! Glossaryck gave it to me, and now I can't stop eating the stuff! [chewing noisily]
Star [sighs] I'm gonna miss your weirdness.
Marco What?
Star Nothing. Time for the... Come on, you got this. Time for... the Whisper... Whisper...
Pink sparkles appear in Star's eyes. The Firstborn's skull rises from underneath the water.
Firstborn's Skull [deep, gravelly voice] Get out!
Star [laughs] You don't have any skin.
Marco Star, you need to keep it together! Wait. How am I still fine? [eats pudding, gasps] Star!
Star [turns to Marco and waves] Oh, hey, what's your name?
Marco shoves his pudding cup in Star's mouth.
Star [gags, spits] Marco! What is your problem?!
Marco The pudding! The pudding keeps your mind sharp!
Star [deep gasp] Glossaryck! [eats pudding] Why?! Why doesn't he just tell us these things?! [grunts] You got any more?
Marco [laughs] Down goes the zipper.
Marco pulls down his hoodie zipper, revealing more pudding cups.
Black Unicorn [screeching whinny]
Star and Marco [gasp]
Star and Marco see the Black Unicorn from "Mama Star" standing on a nearby crag. Tom is sitting on the unicorn's back. His eyes are completely white like the unicorn's and smeared with eyeliner.
Star (o.s.) Wait a minute. Is that... Tom?!
Tom and the Black Unicorn charge down the side of the crag in Star and Marco's direction.
Star Has he been trapped in the magic this whole time?!
Marco Go! You gotta destroy your family's legacy! Leave Tom to me!
Marco takes out the magic wand and a spoonful of pudding.
Star Okay, but please, just be careful! And come find me after! [runs off]
Black Unicorn [screeching whinny]
Marco All right. Just do it like Star would. Cupcake Blast!
Marco blasts Tom and the Black Unicorn with a blast of cupcakes. Scene cuts to the middle of the forest. River and Eddie are still carrying Globgor on a stretcher made of sticks and leaves.
River All right, Eddie, do your thing!
River and Eddie set Globgor down next to the water.
Eddie Right. Let me just brush up on my gator.
Sebastian swoops down from the sky.
Sebastian [screeches]
Sebastian perches on the shoulder of Mina Loveberry's Solarian armored suit.
Mina Loveberry So, River, did you come here to take that big butthead on one last fishing trip?
Eddie Actually, we came here to heal him in the Magic Sanctuary. Which... I... probably shouldn't have just told you about.
River Shhh! Eddie! You know that's where Moon goes to hide in times of danger! She could be in there right now! ...And I should stop talking.
Mina [lifts up helmet visor, laughs] The Magic Sanctuary. Change of plans. Pull it out of the water, fellas!
Two of Mina's Solarian soldiers walk forward. Scene cuts back to the Realm of Magic. Star puts her hands in the water again.
Star [sighs] Okay. All right, magic. This is for the best. [whispering] Break the bond, tear the fabric, cleave the stone, stop the magic. Break the bond, tear the fabric, cleave the stone, stop the magic. Break the bond, tear the fabric, cleave the stone, stop the magic...
As Star chants the Whispering Spell, the magic around her hands starts to turn from gold to dark-green, but it soon turns back to gold.
Star Wha...? Break the bond, tear the fabric, cleave the stone, stop the magic!
Some of the magic turns dark-green, then immediately turns gold again.
Star [pounds water with her fists] Why... won't... you... work?! [screams]
Star's eyes start to water. Moon appears and puts her hand on Star's shoulder.
Moon Star.
Star turns to see Moon, Eclipsa, and Meteora.
Moon Please stop.
Star No, Mom! Magic needs to be destroyed!
Moon I know. You're right. The age of queens and magic needs to end. But you don't need to end it by yourself.
Star [smiles]
Moon I know I have a lot to make up for. But, please, let's just end this togeeeetheeeerrrr...
Pink sparkles appear in Moon's eyes. Eclipsa's eyes look the same.
Moon Hello! Who are you?
Star shoves pudding cups into Moon and Eclipsa's mouths.
Moon [coughs] Pudding?
Star Yeah, magic's weird. Wanna blow it up?
Scene cuts to Marco firing magic blasts from the wand.
Marco Narwhal Blast!
Marco summons deformed narwhals from the wand that flop on the ground.
Narwhal [gasps]
Marco Aw, man.
Marco ducks behind a rock to dodge a blast of fire.
Marco Star makes magic look so easy! What would she do right now?
Tom and the Black Unicorn rise out of the water in front of Marco.
Black Unicorn [screeching whinny]
Marco Ah! Mixed Martial Arts Rainbow Thing!
Marco summons an inflatable tube man wearing a karate gi and runs away.
Black Unicorn [screeching whinny]
Marco Kitten Bomb!
Marco creates some kittens with bomb fuses that look like him.
Kitten Bombs [meowing]
When Tom and the Black Unicorn run up, the Kitten Bombs explode.
Black Unicorn [screeching whinny]
Tom blasts at Marco with fire as Marco climbs a nearby crag.
Marco [groans] Tom, please, just eat your pudding!
Tiny Black Unicorn Your friend is gone! He's one with magic now!
Marco [kicks tiny unicorn] No! He just needs to remember!
Marco leaps down toward Tom and shoves the spoonful of pudding into his mouth.
Marco [grunts] Gotcha! [groans]
The Black Unicorn is shown to have impaled Marco's stomach with its horn. It tosses Marco away.
Marco [yells, grunting]
Tom's eyes return to normal.
Tom [gagging] Ugh! Oh, what...? What is...?
Black Unicorn [whinnies]
Tom gets off the Black Unicorn's back and runs up to Marco.
Tom Marco! What is happening?! Oh! Dude, are you okay?
Marco [groans] Yeah, I... I think so.
Marco has a small black hole in the middle of his stomach. He covers it up by zipping up his hoodie.
Tom Hey, Marco...?
The Black Unicorn sinks down into the water.
Marco and Tom [gasp]
The Black Unicorn swims away, its horn sticking out of the water like a shark's fin.
Tom Where's it going?
Marco After Star. Come on.
Marco picks up the magic wand, and he and Tom follow the Black Unicorn. Scene cuts to Star, Moon, and Eclipsa, who are chanting the Whispering Spell together.
Star, Moon, and Eclipsa [chanting] Break the bond, tear the fabric, cleave the stone, stop the magic. Break the bond, tear the fabric, cleave the stone, stop the magic...
The black marks on Eclipsa's arms disappear.
Eclipsa Oh! Would you look at that?
Moon and Star transform to their Butterfly Forms while they chant. Eclipsa's cheek marks glow, and her own Butterfly Form is unlocked.
Eclipsa Oh, my! [chuckles]
Meteora [giggling and clapping her hands]
Glossaryck appears, rising out of the water.
Meteora Dee-daa?
Glossaryck [nods]
Meteora closes her eyes. She glows light-green and starts to levitate.
Meteora Deeeeee... daaaaaaa!
Meteora transforms to her Butterfly Form.
Meteora [giggles]
Eclipsa] Oh, darling! You look beautiful!
Star, Moon, and Eclipsa [chanting] Break the bond, tear the fabric, cleave the stone, stop the magic. Break the bond, tear the fabric, cleave the stone, stop the magic. Break the bond, tear the fabric, cleave the stone, stop the magic...
As Star, Moon, and Eclipsa chant, a fog appears around them. The ghosts of Rhina, Festivia, Crescenta, Estrella, Skywynne, Celena, Jushtin, Dirhhennia, Comet, and Solaria appear through the fog and make a circle around them.
Moon [gasps]
Moon turns around to see the ghost of her mother Comet, who smiles at her.
Moon Mother...!
Eclipsa sees her mother Solaria behind her and hides her face behind her butterfly wings. Under Star, Moon, and Eclipsa, more and more of the magic turns dark-green. Scene cuts back to Mewni. Mina and her army have captured River, Eddie, and Globgor and raised the Magic Sanctuary from below the water.
Mina Excellent work, my warriors. Now, crack that sanctuary wide open.
One of the Solarian Warriors destroys the Sanctuary's domed roof, and Mina flies inside.
Mina Huh?
The sound of Star, Moon, and Eclipsa's chanting echoes off the Sanctuary walls. Mina looks down into the bubbling well.
Mina Playing a little game of hide-and-go-seek? Well, ready or not, here comes Mina!
Mina cannonballs down into the well. Back in the Realm of Magic, Star, Moon, and Eclipsa keep chanting. More of the magic turns dark-green, and the surrounding crystal structures start to crumble. Star's butterfly wings start to disappear.
Star [gasps] It's working!
Mina flies into the Realm of Magic.
Mina Whoa, whoa! Is this... the Realm of Magic?
Mina sees Star, Moon, Eclipsa, Meteora, and the ghosts of the Butterfly family in the distance.
Mina Hiding in the magic. Clever queens.
Mina flies in the direction of Star and company at high-speed. Star sees Mina approaching.
Star Mother?
Mina I found you!
Solaria's ghost turns to look at Mina.
Mina Queen Solaria?! What are you doing with these monster smoochers?!
The Black Unicorn appears to tackle Mina into the water.
Mina [yells] Solaria!
The Black Unicorn shoves Solaria's head under the water.
Solaria H-Help me! My queen! S-Solaria! [grunts]
Solaria's ghost looks away from Mina. The Black Unicorn shoves Mina down into the water until the bubbles stop.
Moon Well... that takes care of Mina.
Star Yeah, but, uh, what about that giant purple unicorn?
The Black Unicorn and several tiny unicorns rise out of the water and gallop toward Star and company.
Black Unicorn [whinnies]
Tiny Unicorns [whinny]
Marco and Tom appear flying next to the unicorns.
Tom No worries, Star! We got this!
Marco leaps from Tom's back onto the Black Unicorn, grabs it by the horn, and tosses it away into the water.
Star [gasps] Tom! You're all right! And Marco! You just flipped a horse!
Tom Yeah, dude, you just flipped a horse!
Marco I just flipped a horse!
Several tiny black unicorns appear and surround Marco and Tom, and the Black Unicorn resurfaces again.
Black Unicorn [screeching whinny]
Marco [holding magic wand] The horse! Huh?
The water under the Black Unicorn turns dark-green, causing its own body to turn dark-green. Its body melts into sludge, leaving only a horned skull. The tiny unicorns melt into sludge as well. Even more of the gold water turns dark-green. The ghost of the Millhorse inside the wand flies out of the faceplate.
Ghost Millhorse [whinnies]
As the ghost flies off, it creates a storming vortex in the sky. More crystal structures crumble to bits, and the water turns turbulent.
Glossaryck [laughs] I can't believe you actually did it. It looks like the age of magic is coming to a close.
Behind Moon, Comet's ghost fades away. Moon watches her leave with teary eyes and a smile. Eclipsa walks up to Solaria's ghost with Meteora in her arms.
Glossaryck (o.s.) Well, for what it's worth...
Meteora [cooing]
Solaria puts her hand on Meteora's cheek. Eclipsa gives Solaria a teary-eyed smile. Solaria smiles at her daughter and granddaughter before fading away.
Glossaryck (o.s.) ...I think you made the right choice.
Around Star, the ghosts of the other Butterfly Queens also fade away. Glossaryck appears in front of Star.
Glossaryck I'm proud of you, kid.
Star Glossaryck, what's... what's going to happen to you?
Glossaryck Well, a good captain always goes down with his ship.
Moon Star! We need to go! The portals are closing!
Marco [runs up to Star, panting] Star? Okay, what's the plan?
Star Uh... you have to go back through the Earth well!
Marco Yeah, okay, but what's the plan for seeing each other? There's a plan, right?
A waterfall near Star collapses.
Star Uh, yeah! Yeah, of course! Of course there's a plan! But you gotta get going before we get stuck here!
Star's eyes start to water.
Marco Star?
Star hugs Marco.
Star [whimpers, sniffles]
Star and Marco hug as the storm rages around them. Marco pulls away with tears in his eyes, hugging his midsection.
Marco [sighs] Bye, Star.
Star ...Bye.
Marco runs toward the Earth well.
Moon (o.s.) Star!
Star [sniffles, wipes tears away]
Star runs up to Moon, and they travel up the Mewni well. The inside of the Magic Sanctuary floods with dark-green water as Moon and Star emerge from the well.
Star and Moon [panting, coughing]
Moon Star... I'm so sorry.
The Sanctuary starts to quake.
Eclipsa We need to get out of here!
Moon [looks at Star] Star?
Star ...I'm going to Earth. I'm sorry, Mom!
Moon No...
Star lets go of Moon's hand and falls back inside the well.
Moon STAR!!!
Star falls back into the Realm of Magic and lands face-first in the dark-green water.
Star Oof! [panting]
Star sees that the well leading to Earth is closed.
Glossaryck The Earth well closed a while ago. But the kid's still here.
Glossaryck points to Marco, who is crouched down next to a cracked rock and holding his stomach.
Marco Star?
Star [gasps] Marco! W-What are you doing here?!
Marco Well... [chuckles] ...guess the same thing as you.
The storm around Star and Marco continues to rage.
Marco So... any idea what happens if we stay here?
Star No. And I don't care. [hugs Marco] Because with or without magic...
Star's heart-shaped cheek marks start to glow.
Marco ...We belong together.
Crescent-shaped marks glow on Marco's cheeks. As Star and Marco embrace, a swirling vortex of light appears underneath them, and everything is engulfed in white light. END OF PART A.
START OF PART B. Scene begins outside the destroyed Magic Sanctuary. Star appears unconscious, without cheek marks, on top of an alligator as it floats across the water.
Alligator [low growling]
Moon (o.s.) [straining] Come on...
Moon appears on an overhead ledge and sees Star below.
Moon [gasps] Star! Hello! Up here!
Alligator [low growl]
Moon Yes! Wah! Bwah-bwah!
Moon dives into the water and swims after the alligator carrying Star.
Moon Star! Wake up!
Moon climbs onto another alligator and grabs its eyeballs like horse reins.
Moon Hi-yah!
Alligator 2 [low growl]
Moon guides her alligator next to Star's alligator.
Moon Star... Wake up, honey. Wake up!
Star [opens her eyes] Mommy...?
Moon [teary-eyed] Yes, baby...!
Star and Moon hug.
Star Are we on alligators?
Moon Yes.
Star Weird. I had Marco, Mom. I... I was holding him.
Moon I'm so sorry, my love.
Moon Star... look.
On the nearby mountaintop, a Solarian Warrior is standing over the monsters. It suddenly collapses into a motionless pile of metal. The monsters cheer.
Moon You did it. Your plan worked. We're all free from the magic now.
Buff Frog and his tadpoles wave to Star and Moon from the mountaintop.
Buff Frog Hello, Star Butterfly!
Star Hi, Buff Frog!
Moon Come on. Let's head in. Hi-yah!
Star and Moon grab their respective alligators' eyeballs and point them toward shore. Another Solarian Warrior's armor collapses, and the Mewman inside emerges.
Mewman [laughs] I'm free! Aw, where'd my muscles go?
When Star and Moon reach the shore, River appears and tackles Star to the ground.
River [laughs] My favorite child! Are you okay?
Star [hugs River] Yes, Daddy, I'm fine.
Eclipsa, Meteora, and Globgor (healed of his Solarian wounds) appear.
Meteora [babbling]
Mina (o.s.) Hello...
Mina appears, stripped of all her power, on the back of the Black Unicorn's skeleton.
Mina [coughs]
The unicorn skeleton falls to pieces.
Mina Oof! [coughs] Aw, dang it! My horsey-pony broke! Come on, you stupid...! [jumps up and down on skeleton]
Moon [walks up to Mina] Mina, just stop. This is my fault. Let me help you. You're not well.
Mina Ha! You wish this was your fault!
Mina puts the Black Unicorn's skull on her head like a helmet.
Mina We swore our oath to Queen Solaria!
An arrow strikes Mina's forehead through the skull. Moon looks behind her. A female monster is seen holding a bow. Mina takes off her skull helmet.
Mina You know... you can get rid of me. It's so easy. But the sweet thing is I'll never really be gone, 'cause I've got good ideas. And the thing about good ideas is they tend to kinda hang around like a bad fart! Toodle-oos, doormats! [walks away]
Meteora Bye-bye!
Mina Who's comin' with me?
Manfred Oh! I'd like to come with you! [follows Mina] Where are we going?
Mina (o.s.) Into the woods! [coughs]
Maude Maizley I, uh, think I'll just stay here. It turns out I wasn't as hate-filled as I thought I was.
Moon Star, I have so much to apologize for. I don't even know where to begin or if it's even possible.
Star Mom. You messed up.
Star and Moon hug.
Star Big time. And usually, when a queen messes up in this family, bad things happen to them. I mean, all Eclipsa did was fall in love, and look what they did to her. Even though we aren't queens anymore, we still get to decide what kind of family we want to be. And I want to be the kind of family where Moms mess up and we figure it out.
Star and Moon hug again.
Star Okay, that's enough. No more crying. I gotta go and check on my friends. [walks away] Oh, and Mom. I think our cheek thingies are... are gone. [giggles] Wow.
Moon Wait, what?
River Bring me your face so I can examine it.
Moon kneels down so River can examine her face up-close.
Eclipsa Say, Moon? Did you do kindergarten for Star, or did you go straight into sword combat?
Moon Uh... a little of both, actually.
Eclipsa Huh... I think that's what we'll do, then. I think we need more young ladies like her.
Scene cuts to the Monster Temple. Pony Head is lying on a wooden bed, healed of her Solarian wounds. A slug doctor and Seahorse are by her bedside.
Slug Doctor Well, Miss... uh, Head... you're fine. You can go home now. Finally. [slithers away]
Seahorse This is great news! Aren't you happy?
Pony Head Yes, very wonderful. Hold on one second. Hey, Rich! What's up with all these birds, bro?!
Rich Pigeon is lying on another wooden bed, also healed of his wounds and drinking a smoothie. He is surrounded by other pigeons, and the floor and walls are covered in bird poop.
Rich Pigeon Uh, this is my family. They're concerned with my welfare.
Pony Head Okay, sure, uh-huh, but, like... do they live here now?
Rich Pigeon [scoffs] What? Of course not.
Pony Head Really? 'Cause it looks like they do live here, because that one over there just got mail delivered, okay?
A mail pigeon gives mail to one of the pigeons. The pigeon hides his mail behind his back. The door opens, and Star enters.
Star Hey, hey!
Pony Head [gasps] B-Fly!
Star Oh, Pony!
Pony Head flies up to Star, and they hug.
Star and Pony Head Mmm...
Pony Head Where's Earth Turd?
Star I... I had to destroy the magic.
Pony Head You had to do what?
Star Yeah, here, look. [holds out her hand] Narwhal Blast! ...See? Nothing. No magic.
Pony Head Whoa...
Star It was the only choice I had. I had to take the power away from those warriors. And then, when I did it, Marco got sent back.
Pony Head So, did Kelly and her dog friend and, uh, Bird Person, or whatever, get sent back home, too?
Star I mean, at least that's what Glossaryck said.
Pony Head Okay, and that makes a lot of sense... Uh...
Star Okay, you know, Pony? Marco is gone! My friends are gone! I don't need your sarcasm right now! I need you tell me that they're gonna be okay! [covers her face with pillow]
Pony Head Okay, look. I'm your best friend, all right? So I'm gonna be straight with you. And right now, if Kelly's home... she crying.
Star Okay, I really don't need this right now.
Pony Head No, she is.
Scene cuts to Woolandia, with close-up on Kelly's face as she cries tears. She then smiles and draws her sword. She is shown riding into a battle on top of Jorby.
Pony Head (o.s.) Kelly is crying. Crying big, beautiful tears of joy, because she is riding her dog friend, and they're right in the middle of the most amazing battle quest ever!
Kelly Get me in as close as you can!
Jorby I'm on it!
Kelly [laughs]
Kelly leaps into the air and dives down toward a group of knife-wielding hair ninjas.
Hair Ninjas [gasp]
Kelly Hah!
Kelly slashes the ninjas away with her sword, then jumps back onto Jorby's back.
Kelly All right!
Scene cuts back to the Monster Temple.
Star [laughs] Go on.
Pony Head Okay, and, so, you know that bird person?
Star His name is Talon.
Pony Head Mm-hmm, whatever. That bird person right now is at the Dragon Spit Tavern.
Scene cuts to the Dragon Spit Tavern. Talon Raventalon is sitting in a chair with his feet on a table and surrounded by other tavern patrons.
Pony Head (o.s.) And he's bragging to a bunch of his weird friends about all the cool stuff he didn't do.
Talon Raventalon So I looked at the queen and I says, "Talon don't ride for no kingdom. Talon rides for Talon." Then I saved the kingdom and we totally kissed. [chugs beer mug filled with worms]
Scene cuts back to the Monster Temple.
Star [laughs] Oh, Pony Head!
Pony Head [gasps] Wait! What do you think happens to those magic committee people if there's no magic?
Star Oh, you mean the Magic High Commission?
Scene cuts to the Bureaucracy of Magic. Sean has gotten fat from pigging out on pizza. Omnitraxus Prime is now just a lifeless mask with swords sticking out of it. Rhombulus is now just a crystal and two normal snakes.
Sean [chewing] All right, last slice. Who wants it? Omnitraxus? Rhombulus? Snakes? Nobody? [eats pizza slice]
Scene cuts back to the Monster Temple.
Star I guess we'll never know.
Star and Pony Head [laugh]
Star [sighs] I'm still so sad about Marco.
Pony Head Look, if you ended up safe back here on Mewni, then he must be safe back on Earth. And I guess that means that Janna's with him, too.
Star Awww, Janna! I love Janna.
Tom appears at the door.
Tom Oh! There you are!
Star Tom!
Star runs up to Tom, and they hug.
Pony Head [groans] Here we go again.
Tom Didn't Pony Head tell you I was looking for you?
Star [glares at Pony Head] No. Didn't mention it.
Pony Head Oh. Right. Star, Tom is looking for you.
Star [sarcastically] Thank you, Pony Head.
Tom Hey, come outside with me. You gotta see this.
Tom leads Star outside the temple.
Tom Look.
Star sees a blue and purple portal swirling in the sky. Scene cuts to Britta's Tacos on Earth. Half the restaurant has fallen into a sinkhole filled with dark-green water, and the area is surrounded by police officers. A television news crew is seen interviewing Oskar Greason and Sensei Brantley.
News Reporter You've had quite a day. Can you tell me where you were when that earthquake hit?
Sensei Brantley I don't have to talk to you without a lawyer.
Oskar Greason Do we get the rest of the day off?
Angie and Rafael Diaz run past Oskar and Brantley.
Angie Diaz [panting] Excuse us! Sorry, coming through! Where's my son?!
Marco is shown lying unconscious on an ambulance stretcher.
Angie Marco!
Marco [yells] I got stabbed by a unicorn!
Marco pulls up his hoodie. The black hole in his stomach is gone.
Angie Uh... okay.
Paramedic Ooh, are you Mom and Dad? Yeah, he keeps waking up and going, "I got stabbed by a unicorn!"
Marco Where's Star?!
Paramedic And then he says that. He's a little delusional. That... should wear off. Hmm. Well, why don't you come with me for a second?
Angie I'll be right back, sweetie. [kisses Marco's forehead, follows paramedic]
Rafael [hugs Marco] Oh, my son is delusional!
Mariposa Diaz [cooing]
Rafael I'm so glad you're okay. [follows Angie]
Marco [sighs]
Another stretcher rolls up next to Marco's. Janna is lying on it.
Janna Ordonia Hey, wake up! [pounds Marco's chest]
Marco [yelps] Janna! Are you okay?
Janna Oh, yeah. They gave me all the fixings. Adjustable head rest, heart rate monitor. Only thing that's a little weird? I have no idea what's going on. What happened? Where's Star?
Marco ...She destroyed the magic. So... I guess... she's on Mewni.
Janna Oh... Well, at least you got me as a friend.
Marco What?
Janna Don't act so surprised. You think I'm not as cool as Star or something?
Marco What? No, I-I just...
Janna [laughs] Who am I kidding? No one is as cool as Star.
Marco It's just nice... to hear you say that we're friends. Thanks. [sighs]
Janna starts unbuckling Marco's stretcher straps.
Marco Hey, w-what are you doing?
Janna Doing you a favor. Might be the first time, actually. [points at the sky]
Marco What...?
Marco sees the same blue and purple portal in the sky that Star saw from Mewni. Angie is seen signing some paperwork for the paramedic.
Paramedic [looks at Marco and Janna] Hey, hey! Bup-bup-bup! You're not supposed to be moving!
Janna I know how to drop my pulse to zero but only for 60 seconds. Run!
Janna snaps her fingers, and she falls unconscious. Her heart rate monitor flatlines.
Marco [gasps]
Paramedic 2 Whoa! What is going on?! What happened?!
Several paramedics suddenly gather around Janna. With the paramedics distracted, Marco runs off. On Mewni, Star runs through the Forest of Certain Death. A plant monster growls at her.
Star Punch!
Star uppercuts the plant monster's jaw and continues running. On Earth, Marco runs through a busy intersection, dodging passing cars.
Marco [panting]
Jackie Lynn Thomas appears sitting on a bench with Chloe.
Jackie Lynn Thomas Whoa, careful out there, Diaz. That earthquake caused some kind of weird gas leak.
Marco It's not a gas leak! It's a portal! Uh, I need your skateboard!
On Mewni, Star runs through a forest toward the portal. On Earth, Marco pedals Jackie's skateboard toward the portal. On Mewni, Star passes by Castle Avarius, where Ludo and Ludo are playing basketball.
Ludo Avarius Hey, Star Butterfly, wanna play?
Star Not now, Ludo!
On Earth, Marco passes by Echo Creek Academy, where Alfonzo, Ferguson, StarFan13, Brittney Wong, and Mr. Candle are looking at the portal.
StarFan13 Do you think that's from the gas leak?
Marco It's not a gas leak! It's a portal!
Marco passes by the Echo Creek Public Park, where other people are looking at the portal, including Lydia and Willoughby.
Marco [panting]
On Mewni, Star passes through a cornfield while running to the portal. The abandoned Butterfly Castle is seen behind her.
Star [panting]
On Earth, Marco pushes the skateboard desperately.
Marco Come on! Come on!
The closer Marco gets to the portal, the smaller it gets.
Marco Come on, Diaz! COME ON!
The skateboard rolls over jagged rocks and starts getting shaky. When it hits one of the rocks really hard, Marco falls over to the ground.
Marco Aah! [grunting]
Just a few feet away from a portal, Marco looks up as it explodes in a burst of light. Marco shields his eyes from the light.
Marco No...
The portal disappears. Marco covers his face and falls onto his back, sobbing. When Marco opens his eyes, he sees dragon-cycles flying over the California palm trees. The sky is now a mix of blue and purple.
Marco What...?
Marco sits up on the ground and sees Star standing across from him.
Star [panting]
A unicorn and an automobile pass between Star and Marco. Monsters are roaming around as humans run away in terror. A female member of the Johansen family appears riding on the back of an eagle and holding a flag.
Johansen Woman I won Flags! [laughs]
A school bus drives through a herd of pig goats. A couple of mermaids dive into the Echo Creek river. A giant spider perches on top of an Echo Creek household, and Mr. and Mrs. Morrison come out running and screaming. They are nearly squashed by Rich Pigeon, who is being chased by a pack of dogs.
Rich Pigeon Down! Down, boys! Down! [whimpers]
Rich Pigeon climbs up a tree to get away from the dogs. A helicopter flies past Rich Pigeon and near the Cloud Kingdom of the Pony Heads.
Pony Heads Hey, watch it!
A wide view of the city shows both Echo Creek landmarks - like the city, Echo Creek Academy, and the suburbs - and Mewni landmarks - like Butterfly Castle, Castle Avarius, and the Monster Temple. The moon of Earth and the moon of Mewni rest in the sky. Scene cuts back to Star and Marco who are still standing across from each other.
Star [panting]
Marco [panting]
Star and Marco walk up to each other, smiling.
Marco ...Hey.
Star ...Hi.
Cut to black. Instead of the usual credits sequence and ending song, the credits play over the previous shot of Star and Marco smiling at each other. The camera slowly pans up to the blue and purple aurora-filled sky, which a shooting star streaks across. END OF SERIES.
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