"Cleaved Score Selections" is a collection of musical cues heard in the series finale "Cleaved".[1] It consists of the following individual tracks:

  • "Open the Portals" plays when Star announces her plan to destroy all magic.
  • "One Last Realm" plays when Star and Marco enter the Realm of Magic and shield their minds from its memory-wiping effects with Glossaryck's pudding.
  • "Evil Tom" plays when a memory-wiped and corrupted Tom appears riding the Black Millhorse.
  • "Break the Bond" plays when Star tries using the Whispering Spell to destroy magic, but fails.
  • "Age of Queens' End" plays when Moon, Eclipsa, and Meteora appear to help Star destroy magic.
  • "WWSD" plays during Marco's battle against Tom and the Black Millhorse.
  • "Going after Star" plays when the Black Millhorse sets its sights on Star and her family.
  • "Stop the Magic" plays when Star, Moon, Eclipsa, and Meteora use the Whispering Spell and transform into their Butterfly forms.
  • "Queens of Ages Past" plays when ghosts of the past queens of Mewni appear before Star and her family.
  • "Crack That Sanctuary" plays when Mina Loveberry forcibly enters the Magic Sanctuary and finds Star and her family inside the Realm of Magic.
  • "Giant Purple Unicorn" plays when Marco and Tom protect Star and her family from the Black Millhorse.
  • "The End of Magic" plays throughout the rest of the scene in which the Realm of Magic (and magic itself) is destroyed.
  • "Are We on Alligators" plays when Star reunites with her family on Mewni and the Solarian Army falls apart.
  • "Ideas Never Die" plays when Mina refuses to give up her anti-monster ideals and leaves with Manfred.
  • "Moms Mess Up" plays when Star reconciles with Moon.
  • "Janna as a Friend" plays when Janna accepts Marco as a friend.
  • "Running to the Portal" plays when Star and Marco race to the giant portal that connects their worlds.
  • "Earth-ni" plays when Earth and Mewni are merged together into one dimension.
  • "Goodbye SVTFOE" plays over the ending credits.


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