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"Club Snubbed" is the tenth episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 7, 2017, alongside "Stranger Danger".[1]


Tom snubs Star at the Silver Bell Ball.[2]


At Butterfly Castle, members of various kingdoms of Mewni have come together for the Silver Bell Ball to celebrate the peace between them, including the Butterfly family, the Johansens, the Pony Heads, the Waterfolk, the Pigeons, and others. As part of the celebration, one prince or princess from each family will dance with all the others. As Star greets her fellow princesses and Pony Head checks out the cute princes, they notice that Tom and his family have not arrived yet. Pony Head remembers that Star and Tom first met at a past Silver Bell Ball and looks forward to some drama happening, but Star wants to act like a proper princess for her parents to make up for the trouble she caused during summer.

Just then, the Lucitor family arrives: Tom, his giant demon mother Wrathmelior, and his humanoid father Dave. As the ball officially begins, the princes and princesses bow to each other. Star bows to Tom, but Tom turns away and bows to another royal. Star is utterly shocked, and Pony Head tells her that she is being "club snubbed" (a club scene method of getting someone to notice you by ignoring them). Tom initiates the first dance, but instead of asking Star first like he usually does, he asks another princess, to the surprise of Star and Tom's parents. In retaliation of Tom's "club snubbing", Star asks another prince for a dance instead of him.

As the evening goes on, Star and Tom dance with every other prince and princess in the ballroom except for each other until they are the only two left. However, instead of asking Tom for a dance, Star asks the Butterfly family manservant Manfred. Every royal in the room is shocked, and King Dave accuses King River's daughter of club snubbing his son. When River accuses Tom of doing the same toward Star, a fight breaks out between the two kings.

Before Tom leaves the ball in disappointment, Star confronts him on the castle balcony and accuses him of club snubbing her all evening in an attempt to get back together with her. However, Tom says he understands that Star is together with Marco after her Song Day and was just giving her space during the ball. Star corrects Tom that she isn't together with Marco and argues that he was doing more than just giving her space—he was flat-out ignoring her. Frustrated that his good intentions have gone unrecognized, Tom loses his temper and says he should get credit for at least trying. Star gets mad in return and tells Tom he's being overdramatic.

When a chair gets tossed through a ballroom window, Star and Tom go back inside and see their fathers fighting. Before relations break down between the kingdoms, Star begrudgingly asks Tom to dance, and Tom indignantly accepts. As they waltz around the ballroom, they start to enjoy themselves, and their fathers stop fighting. The magic between them creates a beautiful spiral of flames and butterflies that moves everyone in the room, and Queen Moon declares the Silver Bell Ball a success.

Star compliments Tom on his dancing, and Tom asks her if she wants to get a corn shake sometime, which she accepts. As Pony Head leaves the ball with several princes, Star and Tom share a laugh, and Star smiles warmly at him.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Geblafsnakt Club Snubbed
French Duel de danse Dance Duel
Hebrew משחקים בנשף Games at the Dance
Japanese 邪険合戦 Cruelty Battle
Korean 은종 댄스파티 Silver Bell Dance Party
European Portuguese Tampa na Festa Off on Party
Thai คนโดนเท Snubbed Person


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  • This episode was privately screened at the California Institute of the Arts on September 22, 2017.
  • A clip of the episode was shown during the Star vs. the Forces of Evil/Milo Murphy's Law panel at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21, 2017.
  • This episode and "Stranger Danger" aired on Disney Channel Asia on November 24, 2017 (18 days after it aired in the US), making this the fastest episodes to air internationally on the same month as the US. Some episodes after this and "Stranger Danger" might be aired on some countries in 2018.

Revelations and continuity


  • Rich Pigeon is never seen seated with his parents after he finishes dancing, but he appears at the end with Pony Head seemingly from out of nowhere.
  • During Star and Tom's scene on the balcony, Dave throws a chair through the window. But when the scene returns to the ballroom, no chairs are missing.
  • During King Butterfly's line "Aw, look at 'em go," his eyebrows are black instead of their usual blond.
  • During Tom and Star's dance, Tom's collar is miscolored in one scene.


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