"Conquer" is the thirty-eighth and final episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on April 7, 2018, alongside "Divide".[1][2]


Star must find the courage to face Meteora alone and make a decision that will change the kingdom forever.[3]


As Star and Moon continue having fun in the Realm of Magic, Star finds an upward-pointing waterfall, and Moon swims up to the top and finds herself in another world. When she tells Star what she found, Star decides to see what worlds are at the top of the other waterfalls.

On Mewni, Meteora continues on toward Butterfly Castle after absorbing Pony Head's soul. As the rest of Marco's forces discuss a new plan, Hekapoo suggests fleeing somewhere else and waiting for everything to blow over. The team loses hope after the failure of Marco's previous plan, but Tom stands up for him and defends his unwillingness to give up. As they wonder what to do about Meteora's soul-stealing eyes, Marco comes up with an idea.

In the Realm of Magic, Star and Moon explore the different worlds that the waterfalls connect to, one of which is the Sanctuary. When the unicorn Star created during the Battle for Mewni discovers them, they run away and hide. However, the unicorn quickly finds them, saying they're not supposed to be in the Realm of Magic, and uses her magic to banish them.

Back on Mewni, Hekapoo distracts Meteora in a small forest before Marco leaps up and drapes his Turdina bloomers over Meteora's eyes, preventing her from using her soul-stealing powers. With a coordinated effort from Talon Raventalon and Tom, Meteora is wrapped in trees and rope and buried underground. They believe the battle is over at first, but Meteora soon escapes and steals Talon's soul. As the battle persists, Kelly discovers that Tad has still been living inside her hair, and her and Hekapoo's souls get taken as well.

With the Marc-nificent Seven now down to just Marco and Tom, Marco tells Tom to go and warn Star. Tom refuses to leave Marco to fight alone, and Marco confesses that he kissed Star in "Booth Buddies". As Tom appears to leave, Marco faces Meteora by himself. She grabs Marco with her tail, but just before she can steal Marco's soul, Tom returns and jumps in the way of Meteora's eye beams to protect him. The thousands of souls inside his body make him impervious to Meteora's soul-stealing powers, but the more souls she steals, the stronger she becomes.

Star wakes up to find herself in bed with her father King River at her bedside. As her memories slowly return to her, she remembers finding her mother in the Realm of Magic but then losing her. Star and River resolve to find Moon again, and River heads out on the backs of eagles to face Meteora. Meanwhile, Tom returns to the castle, battered and bruised, with Marco's soulless body floating like a balloon.

As Meteora lays waste to the Butterfly Groundlands, Star and Tom take Marco's body to the Sanctuary in order to restore him in its restorative waters. Star tries to communicate with the Sanctuary's guardian to open the way inside (like Moon did in "Return to Mewni"), but the guardian doesn't open the way for her. With the Sanctuary closed off, Tom opens an entrance to the Underworld, having promised Marco to keep Star safe from Meteora. But as the lifeless bodies of dozens of Mewmans and creatures float through the sky, Star refuses to run and hide. She transforms into her mewberty form and flies back to the castle.

Star returns to find Butterfly Castle covered in flames, the souls of everyone in the castle taken by Meteora, and every tapestry in the Tapestry Room except for Eclipsa's torn up. In addition, Eclipsa has escaped from captivity. Tom returns to the castle with Marco's body and runs into Meteora. When Star hears Tom scream, she enters the throne room just in time to watch Meteora knock him unconscious. Meteora attacks Star, and a battle of magic breaks out between them. Their power and strength are relatively equal, but Meteora eventually pins Star against a wall.

As Star shields herself from Meteora's soul-stealing eye beams, she tries one last time to reason with Meteora and fix everything that the Butterfly family did to her, but Meteora refuses to listen. In a last-ditch attempt to stop Meteora, Star releases all the magic power in her body and throws it at her, resulting in a tremendous burst of energy. Unfortunately, although this leaves Meteora in a weakened state, she is still standing, and Star has no power left to attack with.

Just then, Eclipsa appears and takes the wand from Star's hands, and it changes into a parasol. Before Meteora can finish Star off, Eclipsa attacks her with dark magic. Meteora is shocked that her own mother would attack her, and Eclipsa tries one last time to reason with her daughter, but to no avail. Eclipsa tearfully imprisons her in a black sphere and engulfs her in burning light, leaving nothing but Meteora's tattered dress. With Meteora defeated, the souls she absorbed return to their rightful owners, including Marco's. Eclipsa offers the wand back to Star, but Star lets her keep it as payback for what the Butterfly family did to her and her daughter.

Drawn to the sound of a crying infant under the remains of Meteora's dress, Eclipsa finds Meteora, reverted back to a baby. She thanks Star and leaves, using the wand to fly away. As Star and Marco wonder where she's going, Glossaryck appears and runs around them, still shouting "Globgor!" Suddenly speaking normally, Glossaryck explains that "Globgor" is the name of Eclipsa's monster love and that she left to be with him. He leaves to follow Eclipsa as Star and Marco are left completely stunned.

At the Monster Temple, Eclipsa returns to Meteora's old nursery and destroys the back wall to reveal Globgor trapped in crystal.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese 征服 Conquest
European Portuguese Conquistar Conquer


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S3E38 Eclipsa Butterfly appears before Star
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Production notes




Revelations and continuity

  • The Realm of Magic is revealed to be connected to all worlds.
  • Tad is revealed to still be living in Kelly’s hair.
  • Marco reveals to Tom that he kissed Star in "Booth Buddies".
  • Meteora being unable to absorb Tom's soul is due to him having thousands of souls within his body, as established in "Demoncism".
  • Talon Raventalon, Kelly, Hekapoo, Marco, and nearly all of the kingdom of Mewni lose their souls to Meteora.
    • By the end of the episode, all the souls that Meteora stole are returned.
  • Star's attempt to enter the Sanctuary mirrors Queen Moon's entry in "Return to Mewni".
  • Eclipsa wields the Royal Magic Wand again.
  • Meteora is reverted back to a baby.
  • Glossaryck is revealed to still retain his previous intellect.
  • Globgor is revealed to be the name of Eclipsa's monster lover/husband.



  • When Moon says "super duper fun", her lips move as if she's only saying "super fun".
  • When Kelly gets knocked over by Tom's fireball, her eyes are completely white until later in the scene with Tad.
  • When the Sanctuary's guardian turns away from Star, its skin turns from blue to white.
  • After Tom opens up the entrance to the underworld, one of the eagles Star notices has one normal eye and one black one.
  • When Star flies through the castle entrance, Mime Girl can be seen in two places at once.
  • When Star moves a picture frame away after finding out Eclipsa has escaped, her third right bottom arm is missing.
  • When Star tries to attack Meteora with her wand one last time, at first she holds it with her left hand; in the next scene, however, she takes the wand with her right hand.


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