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"Cornball!" is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on April 7, 2019 alongside "Meteora's Lesson".


Star tries to convince Buff Frog to move back to Mewni.


In an effort to convince Buff Frog to move back to Mewni (after much of the monster population left in "Is Another Mystery"), Star gets him front-row seats to a cornball game. This particular cornball game is special because it is the first integrated game with Mewmans and monsters playing on the same teams, but Buff Frog is skeptical of such a game's success. Buff Frog's maturing tadpoles are also in the crowd watching the game, and Marco and Kelly serve as co-commentators.

When the team captains pick players for the two teams, the Mewmans and monsters are divided. Star tries to get them to integrate into teams of both Mewmans and monsters, but they refuse to work together, confirming Buff Frog's fears. The escalating tension between the cornball teams eventually makes its way into the crowd, as Mewmans and monsters argue over who invented the sport in the first place.

Katrina, Buff Frog's youngest daughter, expresses disappointment over her first cornball game, and a little Mewman girl invites her to play cornball behind the stadium. Before long, a whole bunch of Mewman and monster children leave the stands to go play cornball. As the arguing between Mewmans and monsters threatens to turn violent, Buff Frog decides to take his children and leave, but he sees them going behind the stadium with cornball equipment.

Behind the giant cornball stadium, Star, Buff Frog, and Eclipsa find Mewman and monster children playing cornball together in integrated teams. Marco and Kelly start to commentate this impromptu game, drawing the attention of the rest of the Mewmans and monsters in the crowd. The parents among them start to cheer on their kids. Even though the game ultimately ends with Katrina's team losing, the two teams congratulate each other on a game well played.

Despite the still-ongoing tension between Mewman and monster adults, Buff Frog is inspired by the teamwork demonstrated by the children, and he decides to move his family back to Mewni, much to Star's delight.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese コーンボール Cornball
Korean 뮤니인과 몬스터 Mewmans and Monsters
Portuguese (Portugal) Milhobol! Cornball!
Spanish (Latin America) Maízbol Cornball


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Production notes



  • It is revealed that sports and playing fields exist on Mewni, despite Star being unaware of them in "School Spirit".

Revelations and continuity

  • Buff Frog's tadpoles have developed into nearly fully-grown frog monsters by this episode.
    • Katrina mentions she and Star have been communicating in secret since Buff Frog's family left Mewni.
  • Marco mentions the events of "Curse of the Blood Moon".
  • Kelly and Marco still refer to each other as breakup buddies after "Kelly's World".
  • Buff Frog and his family move back to Mewni.