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"Cornonation" is the twenty-fourth episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on April 21, 2019.


Star plans a coronation for Eclipsa to become Queen.


The episode begins with Marco and Janna delivering invitations to everyone in Mewni for Eclipsa's royal coronation (misspelled as "cornonation" on the invitations). Star and Tom deliver an invitation to Star's mother Moon in the new Mewman village she founded, and while Moon and most of her fellow villagers still don't trust Eclipsa, she commends Star on her maturity and devotion to the kingdom. River declines the invitation because he's already made plans to go bogbeast-hunting with his friend Eddie.

Later, during the final ceremony preparations, Pony Head and her sisters do Eclipsa's wardrobe and makeup, and Eclipsa thanks Star for everything she's done over the past several months. Ruberiot oversees last-minute rehearsals for the official coronation song, but Eclipsa's guitar needs new string, and she goes to the Monster Temple to get more. When Star sees her mother in the audience, she is excited for the ceremony and hopes to finally go back to being a normal teenager when it's over. However, when she goes to check on Eclipsa, Eclipsa is nowhere to be found, and Globgor's crystal prison is shattered.

Back at the monster auditorium, Eclipsa makes a public announcement about Globgor's escape and tries to organize an evacuation. Before she can do so, the Magic High Commission arrests her under immediate suspicion, declares a state of emergency, and puts the entire auditorium on lockdown. While Marco keeps the audience calm with a talent show, Star confronts Eclipsa, who insists she's innocent. Star, unsure what to believe anymore, demands to know where Globgor could've gone, and Eclipsa suggests the bog, saying it was a special place for them.

At the bog, River is bogbeast-hunting with Eddie, sharing how stressed he's become over recent events, when Globgor suddenly appears. Star arrives, causing Globgor to flee, and she transforms into her Butterfly form to give chase. Globgor tells Star to stay away, saying he must leave in order to protect his family. After Globgor stops running and calms down, Star explains to him that Eclipsa and Meteora are already in danger, and she convinces him to come back to the auditorium with her.

Back at the monster auditorium, as Pony Head, Marco, and Tom show off their talents for the impromptu talent show, Star arrives with Globgor in chains and tries to convince the Mewmans that he means them no harm. The Magic High Commission refuse to listen, declaring that Mewni will never be safe if Eclipsa becomes queen, and Rhombulus begins to crystallize her. Enraged, Globgor breaks out of his chains and attacks the High Commission. In the middle of the fight, Meteora—having been placed in a cage by Hekapoo—"dips down" to free herself and crawls toward her father. She ends up getting surrounded by fire, much to everyone's horror. Upon seeing his daughter in danger, Globgor puts out the flames and embraces Meteora, touching everyone's hearts.

Globgor agrees to go back to his crystal prison in exchange for his family's release, but River unexpectedly arrives to speak on Globgor's behalf, saying he's just a father trying to protect his family. Rhombulus is still adamant that Eclipsa is guilty of freeing Globgor, but Star points out that Eclipsa had no reason to free him on her coronation day. She comes to the realization that Rhombulus himself did it, citing the fact that he crystallized Globgor in the first place and hates how much Eclipsa is becoming accepted.

Backed into a corner, Rhombulus confesses and says he did it to show everyone that Eclipsa and her family are evil and dangerous. Hekapoo accuses Rhombulus of putting all of Mewni in danger because of his paranoia, and she orders the guards to arrest him. Globgor frees Eclipsa but says he can't stay because everyone is still afraid of him. However, Star points out that everyone is still in the audience, and Eclipsa leaves it to the Mewmans to decide Globgor's fate. The Mewmans turn to Moon for her opinion, but she once again insists she's not their queen anymore.

Suddenly, Buff Frog also speaks out on Globgor's behalf, stating he's not as dangerous as everyone believed him to be and identifying with him being a father. Buff Frog's daughter Katrina suggests leaving the past behind and making a fresh start, and the Mewmans and monsters agree, finally ending the systemic racism in Mewni. As the High Commission take Rhombulus away, Eclipsa celebrates her reunion with her family and their acceptance by the citizens of Mewni by performing her coronation song with Globgor.

In the final seconds of the episode, Sebastian flies ominously over the auditorium.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese 戴冠式 Coronation
Korean 대관식 Coronation
Portuguese (Portugal) A Coroação The Coronation


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Production notes



  • This is the thirteenth half hour-long episode in the series.
    • It also marks the fourth season's mid-season finale.
  • The episode title is a portmanteau of "corn" and "coronation".
    • Within the episode, the title is a typo on the coronation invitations.

Revelations and continuity

  • Rasticore has grown slightly larger since his last appearance and both of his arms are now the same size.
  • Manfred is no longer petrified in stone.
    • When asked how he was restored, he states that he doesn't want to think about it.
  • Eclipsa's crown is the same one she used to wear the first time she was queen, as shown in "Butterfly Trap".
  • Marco mentions his meat blanket cape from "Scent of a Hoodie" and "Lint Catcher".
  • Queen coronation ceremonies involve the queen-to-be singing a song, similar to "Song Day" for princesses as in "Face the Music".
  • Globgor is released from his crystal prison.
    • It is revealed that Rhombulus released him so that the kingdom could see what a monster he really is, and he is arrested for putting Mewmans in danger.
  • Star chases after Globgor through the bog in her Ultimate Magic Form.
  • Marco and Tom perform Too Little Too Late at the coronation talent show.
  • Meteora "dips down", which she learned to do in "Meteora's Lesson", to get out of the cage Hekapoo trapped her in.
  • The Mewmans are starting to become more accepting of Globgor.
  • Sebastian appears in the final seconds of the episode, suggesting the rise of Mina Loveberry as a villain.