Cornritos are a brand of corn chips that first appear in the season 2 episode "Page Turner".


Cornritos come in a red plastic bag. The front of the bag bears the Cornritos logo in white lettering. Under the logo is an ear of corn with closed eyes and a black mustache wearing a sombrero and lying on a tortilla.


In "Page Turner", Glossaryck goes through multiple bags of Cornritos searching for the "perfect corn chip", saying "there's only ever one chip [in each bag] worth eating". Sean, the security guard at the Bureaucracy of Magic, also appears eating a bag of Cornritos.

In "Demoncism", Star Butterfly and Glossaryck fight over a bag of Cornritos during Star's mirror call to Tom Lucitor.

In "Sophomore Slump", Marco Diaz eats Cornritos on the couch at the Diaz Household. He, Alfonzo Dolittle, Ferguson O'durguson, and Janna Ordonia also eat Cornritos during their tabletop role-playing game at Janna's house.

In "Total Eclipsa the Moon", Queen Butterfly eats Cornritos in her office after having an argument with Star.


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  • The Cornritos brand name is a portmanteau of "corn" and Fritos, a real-life brand of corn chips and dipping sauces.
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