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When the one before her proved unfit, Crescenta the Eager took the role,
and along with her gal pal, Emily, kept the monsters under Mewman control.
―Royal family inscription[src]

Crescenta Butterfly, also known as Crescenta the Eager, is the 31st Queen of the Kingdom of Mewni,[1] a daughter of Festivia Butterfly, the younger sister of Dirhhennia Butterfly, and Star Butterfly's fourth great-grandmother. She is first mentioned in Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, and her history is expanded upon in Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Magic Book of Spells.


Crescenta is a young woman with fair cream skin, blond hair tied up in a bun, blue eyes, and pink rabbit-shaped marks on her cheeks. In tapestry, she is depicted wearing a purple and lavender dress with purple bows and pink and white frills, gray leggings, and black Mary Janes. In Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Magic Book of Spells, she wears a deep blue dress with pink ribbons and a red bow in front, white leggings, white gloves, a gold necklace with a red jewel, and a gold crown with a red diamond. She also wears flowers and ribbons in her hair. She is 5' 2" (1.57 m) tall.[1]


Like her mother Festivia and in stark contrast to her older sister Dirhhennia, Crescenta is very cheerful and optimistic, having a great passion for helping others and a strong moral compass. She is an incredibly hard worker, doing as much as she can for Mewni even before being crowned as Queen. However, she can be somewhat of an authoritarian and schemer in her enforcement of rules and order, imprisoning any who do not follow the rules she puts into effect and rigging elections to get the result she desires.

Crescenta is also very complacent and obnoxious, always believing that she is more superior than her older sister. As an example, she thinks that she has "rescued" the Millhorse Chastity after she received her wand from her. Another instance is how she describes herself as the "Levitato Master".


Note: The following information is from Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Magic Book of Spells.

Crescenta inherited the Royal Magic Wand from her mother Festivia, superseding her older sister Dirhhennia after she was deemed unfit to rule Mewni. Immediately after receiving the wand, Crescenta set about improving Mewni and the lives of its people, such as establishing the Future Leaders of Mewni club with other princes and princesses, joining the Junior Castle Guard to watch over Butterfly Castle, and doing a lot of volunteer work for the peasants.

Crescenta was crowned Queen of Mewni at age 20, six years after inheriting the Royal Magic Wand. One of her largest and most ambitious undertakings as Queen was establishing a form of government within the monster population, overseen by the Butterfly family. With the help of her best friend Emily Kelpbottom, Crescenta organized an election to crown a monster king and queen, resulting in the coronation of King Sudo and Queen Pemma Avarius.

Crescenta would continue to rule Mewni with Emily as her chief advisor before passing the Royal Magic Wand on to her daughter Rhina.

In "Into the Wand" and "Ghost of Butterfly Castle", Crescenta is depicted in tapestry in the Butterfly Castle's "Grandma Room". In "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse", she appears as a voiceless ghost inside Glossaryck's eye. In "Cleaved", she appears as a ghost again in the Realm of Magic as Star, Moon, and Eclipsa destroy the magic.


Dirhhennia Butterfly

Crescenta and her older sister Dirhhennia were purported to have had a strained relationship. Crescenta often thought little of or disregarded Dirhhennia (and vice-versa), disapproved of her perpetually dour attitude, and distanced herself from her. During Cresecenta's coronation, Dirhhennia sent her a ball of mud, and when she left the castle to live on the exterior grounds, Crescenta wanted nothing more than to kick her out.

Emily Kelpbottom

Princess Emily Kelpbottom of the Waterfolk is Crescenta's closest friend and confidante. She helped Crescenta create the Future Leaders of Mewni club's rules of public conduct and run Pemma and Sudo Avarius' election campaign to be king and queen of the monsters. Crescenta came to rely on Emily's friendship and support so much that she made Emily her chief advisor and partner in ruling Mewni.

Powers and abilities

  • Royal Magic Wand: As a Queen of Mewni, Crescenta once wielded the royal magic wand, taking the form of a heart-shaped wand in her possession. During her time with the wand, Crescenta proved to be extremely adept at magic, being one of the youngest princesses in Mewni history to create spells. She created the Levitato spell at age 12, 37 spells over the course of a single moon cycle, and over 5,000 spells during her entire time as Queen of Mewni.
  • Ultimate Magic Form: After going through mewberty, Crescenta has access to her butterfly-like "Ultimate Magic Form", granting her much more powerful magic than usual.
  • Creativity: In addition to having the imagination necessary to create over 5,000 spells, Crescenta is also very creative, writing her own plays and being able to play the trumpet.
  • Polyglotism: Crescenta is fluent in multiple languages, including English, Mer-Bubble, Demon-Tongue, and Low-Mewnian.


Season 2

Season 4


Into the Wand

Ghost of Butterfly Castle

The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse



  • Crescenta's name is based on the Latin word "crescentus", meaning "crescent-shaped".
    • It may also be based on the Latin word "crescentia", meaning "growing".
    • The name may also allude to crescent moons, keeping with the theme of Butterfly family members being named after astral objects.
  • Crescenta's attributes in The Magic Book of Spells are:
    • Strength: 13
    • Intelligence: 16
    • Wisdom: 10
    • Dexterity: 20
    • Constitution: 20
    • Charisma: 4
  • Before her identity was revealed in The Magic Book of Spells, Crescenta was mistakenly identified as "Solena the Smitten" in a (now deleted) Tumblr post by series storyboard artist Ariel VH.
  • During a book signing for The Magic Book of Spells, Daron Nefcy confirmed Crescenta and Emily to be in a romantic relationship.[citation needed]


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