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"Crystal Clear" is the thirty-fourth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.[1]

It premiered on February 15, 2017.[2][3]


Rhombulus is convinced that Star is the source of a universe-wide magical glitch and brings them before the Chancellor of the Magical High Commission.[3]


The episode begins at the Diaz Household at nighttime. While Marco sleeps in his bed, Star sneaks downstairs to the kitchen to have some of his cereal. Suddenly, Rhombulus of the Magic High Commission appears and traps her in crystal. With his hands wrapped in socks, Rhombulus makes a lot of noise while trying to kidnap Star, and Marco enters. After encasing him in crystal as well, Rhombulus opens a dimensional portal and takes him and Star to another dimension.

In a dimension made of crystal, Rhombulus appears before Lekmet, the High Chancellor of the Magic High Commission, and says he has brought what he believes is sapping the universe of magical energy and causing the interdimensional fritz. However, Lekmet is shocked to learn that Rhombulus abducted the daughter of Queen Butterfly (as well as Marco). Rhombulus' snake hands, having minds of their own, break free of their sock binds and tell Lekmet they had nothing to do with this. Because of Rhombulus' foolish actions and lack of hard proof linking Star to the interdimensional fritz, Lekmet decides to inform the other members of the Magic High Commission. But before he can do so, Rhombulus encases him in crystal out of desperation.

Rhombulus' snake hands rebel against him and attempt to knock him out and call the Magic High Commission, but Rhombulus freezes them in crystal as well. With the situation quickly spiraling out of control, Rhombulus unfreezes Star from the neck up and interrogates her about the universe's magical leak. Star doesn't know what he's talking about and assures him she isn't responsible for it. However, Rhombulus is certain she is the cause, as he has followed his gut to crystallize multiple individuals from around the multiverse under suspicion of being evil. Star questions if some of the creatures he's crystallized are actually innocent and tells him to think things through more without relying on his gut.

Rhombulus despairs over his pitiful position and how much Glossaryck will mock him for what he's done, but Star informs him that Glossaryck is gone. The two end up bonding a little over how much grief Glossaryck causes each of them, and they become friends. As a sign of their friendship, Rhombulus gives Star one of his chest diamonds (which actually holds one of his crystallized prisoners inside), and Star agrees not to tell the Magic High Commission about this whole ordeal if Rhombulus doesn't tell them about Glossaryck and the book of spells.

Star brings Marco back to Earth, and Rhombulus releases him from his crystal containment. Upon being unfrozen, Marco regains consciousness and tells Star about his encounter with Rhombulus, but Star convinces him it was just a dream.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Kristalhelder Crystal Clear
French Ne reste pas de glace Don't Just Stand There
German Kristall-klar Crystal Clear
Hebrew איש הגביש The Crystal Man
Hungarian Kristály Tiszta Crystal Clear
Italian Cristalli Di Ghiaccio Ice Crystals
Japanese クリスタルがいっぱい Full of Crystal
Korean 납치 Kidnapping
Polish Krysztalicznie Jasne Crystal Clear
Portuguese (Brazil) Claro Como Cristal Crystal Clear
Portuguese (Portugal) Claro Como o Cristal Clear As Crystal
Russian Кристально чистый Crystal Clear
Spanish (Latin America) Claro como el Cristal Clear like Crystal
Spanish (Spain) Cristal para el Mal Crystal for Evil
Thai ความชัดเจน Clarity


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Revelations and continuity

  • It is revealed that Star and Marco's favorite cereal is Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds.
  • Queen Eclipsa appears, encased in one of Rhombulus' crystals.
  • Marco is seen sleeping with his wubbie Esteban, first mentioned in "Naysaya".
  • Star's wand is absent from an episode for the second time after "Starstruck".
  • Rhombulus is technically correct about Star being the cause of the fritz, as Toffee had corrupted her wand and was draining magic from the universe after getting inside in "Storm the Castle".
  • Rhombulus gives Star his left chest crystal; from this episode onward, he has bandages on his chest where it used to be.


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