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The Crystal Dimension is a prison-like dimension made of crystal where the supposedly most evil beings in the universe are kept in crystallized stasis. It is also the home of Chancellor Lekmet and Rhombulus of the Magic High Commission.


The Crystal Dimension first appears in the season 2 episode "Crystal Clear"; Rhombulus crystallizes Star Butterfly and brings her before Chancellor Lekmet under suspicion of being the cause of an interdimensional fritz that is sapping the universe of all magic. Rhombulus keeps the most evil and dangerous beings in crystal stasis here, regardless if they are actually evil or not.

The dimension also serves as Lekmet and Rhombulus' home. Among the personal home amenities that they have decorated it with include a stair lift for Lekmet, a refrigerator, a weightlifting set for Rhombulus, an interdimensional mirror for communication with other dimensions, and a vending machine.

In "Moon the Undaunted" and "Toffee", Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness appears as one of the dimension's most notable prisoners, though Moon Butterfly notes in the former episode that she doesn't seem that evil. At the end of the latter episode, Eclipsa is shown to be slowly breaking free from her prison as a result of Toffee's defeat.

In "Deep Dive", the dimension is briefly seen reflected between Star's eyes as she travels through dimensions.

In "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse", the dimension briefly appears in flashback when Moon visits Rhombulus in secret.

Known prisoners

  • Eclipsa Butterfly (abandoned her people and eloped with a monster; released)
  • Zedlord (blew up an entire planet)
  • Astrobell (created a black hole)
  • Pizza delivery guy (delivered pizza to the wrong address; released)


Season 2

Season 3



  • The Crystal Dimension appears in the opening sequence for season 3.
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