(theme song)
Episode begins in a dimly lit room at the Monster Temple. A ticking clock on the wall reads a few minutes before midnight. At a table with two chairs and two bowls, Star sits in a kneeling position in one of the chairs and stares at the ceiling.
Star Butterfly [sighs]
Marco enters from off-screen carrying a lit candelabra.
Star [whispering] Huh? What took you so long?! I've been waiting here forever!
Marco Diaz [simultaneously] Sorry, sorry! I know, I know! I went the long way. I just don't like walking past Globgor at night. It gives me night terrors.
Star Oh, brother. So, what'd ya bring me?
Marco Well, why don't we just take a little peek? Bam!
Marco lifts up his hoodie to reveal a box of Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds pressed against his body.
Star [gasps] Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds?! Why are you so good to me?
Marco Special edition, too. Extra marshmallows. [shakes cereal box]
Star Shh-shh-shh-shh-shh! Don't wake the baby!
Marco Oh, right.
Star Just wait 'til midnight.
Star and Marco stare at the clock until it strikes midnight.
Clock [chiming, cuckoo sounds]
Star Go!
Marco opens the box and pours cereal in the two bowls on the table. Star levitates a quart of milk and pours milk in the bowls.
Clock [stops chiming]
Star and Marco each take a spoonful of cereal.
Star and Marco [clinks spoons together] Cheers!
Star and Marco start eating the cereal.
Star [mouth full] Mmm! These marshmallows are actually really good.
Marco [mouth full] Yeah, I know, right?
Star [talking indistinctly with mouth full] Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Marco [chuckles, mouth full] You got a little milk on your shirt.
Star [mouth full] Oh, really? [chuckles] Mmm. Mmm.
Star and Marco [slurping milk] Ahhhh.
Star Oh, no! One left!
Star's cereal bowl has a duck-shaped marshmallow in it.
Star Wouldn't want that little guy gettin' lonely.
Star spits out a cogwheel-shaped marshmallow and drops it in the bowl.
Star Now they have each other. Well, good night, Marco! [leaves]
Marco stares at the marshmallows in Star's bowl. Scene cuts to Globgor's chamber; Eclipsa is brushing his crystal cage with toothpaste.
Marco (o.s.) Eclipsa!
Eclipsa Butterfly [gasps, turns to Marco] Marco! Haven't you learned by now not to sneak up on a magical queen?
Marco It's happening again.
Eclipsa Oh, no. What is it this time?
Marco [shows Star's cereal bowl] Marshmallows.
Eclipsa Aww.
Marco She paired them up so they wouldn't be lonely! It's so... adorable! It's makin' my guts go... [growling] Bleh! And then I get warm. And then... And then... I-I sweat. I sweat a lot.
Eclipsa Augh.
Marco [tearing up] And then, my... my eyes h-have been welling up a little. Every time I think I'm over her and I like someone else, I get marshmallows.
Eclipsa [smiles]
Marco [tears up] Do you have a spell to make my feelings go away?
Eclipsa [hugs Marco] Oh, sweet baby boy. No. No, I do not. But you shouldn't be in such a rush to get rid of them.
Marco But they hurt.
Eclipsa Feelings are worth feeling, even if they hurt.[clears throat] Now, if you'll excuse us, I think Globgor would be rather embarrassed to have his teeth brushed in front of company.
Marco Oh! Oh, of course. Yeah. Uh, sorry, Globgor.
Eclipsa goes back to brushing Globgor's teeth while Marco leaves the chamber. Janna is leaning against the wall.
Janna Ordonia Hello, Marco.
Marco [does karate pose] Back off!
Janna [scoffs] Relax, "Mackie Hand".
Marco Oh, it's you.
Janna I heard your conversation with Eclipsa, and I think I might be able to help with your embarrassing little problem.
Marco Eh, nope. Don't say it. Do not—
Janna Hypnotism.
Marco [closes his eyes] No, Janna! You are not gonna hypnotize me again!
Janna Aw, come on. I'm just tryin' to help a friend.
Marco Friends don't hypnotize each other and make them hate their favorite food! I used to love nachos. Now the thought of them makes me— [gags] —queasy.
Janna Yeah, but it's better for you this way. Besides, ya look good.
Marco [sighs] Thanks. But I don't want to have nausea every time I think of Star. I just don't want to have feelings for her anymore.
Janna Don't worry. I totally got this.
Marco No-no-no-no-no-no-no!
Janna [snaps her fingers] "Chicken butt".
Marco falls over unconscious. The toilet is heard flushing, and he wakes up in a women's restroom.
Marco [sighs, stammers] The women's restroom? What the heck, Janna?!
Janna Don't thank me yet. Let's see if it worked. What do you think of Star's marshmallows now?
Marco [stares at marshmallows] ...They're still adorable.
Janna So, you're telling me I just wasted 14 hours of my life? Ugh. That's so annoying.
Marco Ugh. [buries his face in the bowl] I know what I have to do. I just don't wanna do it.
Janna What's that?
Marco I gotta... I gotta tell Star.
Janna And you think that's a solution?
Marco I'm walkin' around with a bowl of cereal here, Janna.
Janna [chuckles, runs out of the restroom] This is gonna be awkward.
In Star's bedroom, she plays with a laser puppy on her bed. Marco stands outside the bedroom door.
Star Aw, my little baby puppy!
Marco Oh, no! It's too cute!
Star Oh, hey, Marco! Have you come to say hi to this little angel baby puppy?
Marco Star, can... can you put the puppy away? I-I have something to talk to you about.
Star Oh, okay. Hey, Tom! Marco's got somethin' he wants to talk about!
Marco Oh, no!
Tom lies on the floor under a pile of laser puppies.
Tom Lucitor Oh, cool. [sits next to Star on the bed] What do you want to talk about, buuuuddy?
Marco [sweating] Uh, hey, Tom.
Janna [pulling up a chair] Wait, wait. Just one second. [sits in chair and eats popcorn] This should be good.
Marco Uh... Uh... Okay! Fine. [shows cereal bowl] Star, this kills me.
Flies buzz around the marshmallows.
Star My little sweet baby marshmallow friends?
Tom [grabs a marshmallow] Yoink! Delicious marshmallow friends!
Star Tom!
Tom What? There's still one more.
Star and Marco Exactly! [I/Star] didn't want that marshmallow to get lonely, so [I/she] gave her a friend! Now, it's all alone! How do you not see that?!
Marco It's adorable!
Star drops the marshmallow back in the bowl and slowly backs away from Marco. She and Tom stare at him, disturbed, while Janna continues to eat popcorn.
Marco Uhhh... Star? I'm havin' a problem... and I think it's you. I like every single thing about you. It's... It's unnatural.
Tom No, Marco. It's not unnatural. [stands up and walks toward Marco]
Janna This should be good.
Marco Look, Tom! Tom! I-I'm sorry, dude! I-I just needed to get this off my chest!
Tom [puts hand on Marco's shoulder] It's SUPERnatural. You're both cursed.
Star What? What are you talking about?
Tom [sighs] Remember the Blood Moon Ball?
Star Yes...
Tom Right. Well, its actual name is the Blood Moon CURSE. The curse chooses two souls to be eternally bound under the light of the Blood Moon. And I took you in hopes that it would choose us, but it didn't. It... it chose you and Marco instead.
Star Wait. So we're cursed, and you knew about it?
Tom Yeah, but I-I-I kinda thought you knew, too.
Star No, Tom. I didn't know! How would I have known?!
Tom Well, I thought it was pretty clear! I mean, there was that guy who explained everything. The light? Remember the light? It chose you.
Star I thought that was a fun party light! I didn't know it was cursed!
Tom But you know you have feelings for Marco. And I know you have feelings for Marco. I mean, where did you think that came from?
Marco You have feelings for me?
Star [blushes, stammers] Because of the curse!
Tom Star, I'm sorry. I was an idiot back then. W-What can I do to make it up to you?
Star How about get rid of this curse?!
Tom Okay, well, my grandpa Relicor was the one to tell me about the Blood Moon.
Star Well, then, let's go talk with him. [pulls Tom by the arm]
Tom No, wait-wait-wait. He's never gonna talk about it with us. But he's got a study room with books on everything, so let's start there.
Star Fine. Let's just hurry up and break this thing. Right, Marco?
Marco [looking shocked and sad]
Star (o.s.) Marco, what's wrong?
Marco I just... can't believe that all this has been because of some dumb curse. It... It's just... [sighs] ...confusing.
Star Hey. You're my best friend, and no curse is ever gonna change that. But if this thing is messing with us, let's smash it to a billion pieces!
Marco Yeah! Let's go destroy our feelings!
Star and Marco [high-five]
Scene cuts to Relicor's study. In a picture of Relicor and his wife on the wall, the wife's face is clawed out.
Janna Whoa! [touches gold statue of Relicor with muscles] Your grandpa's study is like my dream home.
Tom Yeah. It's his little man cave.
Star Little? He has, like, a billion books in here!
Marco Good thing he has a computer to search it all with. I love it when the elderly embrace technology.
Marco searches "how to break the blood moon curse" on the Lucitor Archives computer.
Marco It says here that moon curses are easily broken! "The accursed simply needs to stand in the exact spot where the curse was placed at the exact same cycle in the lunar calendar, and when the moon hits its apex..." [gasps] "...the curse shall be removed!"
Star Oh, easy. We can totally do that. When's the next Blood Moon?
Tom Uh, around 665 years from now.
Star and Marco [stunned silence]
Tom Ohhhh, right. You don't live that long.
Marco [walks away] I wanted to start a family. Fall in love. [sighs] What's the point if this curse is making all the decisions?
Marco sits in what he believes to be a chair that looks like Relicor but is actually Relicor himself.
Relicor [shrieks, grabs onto Marco's head]
Marco [screams, runs around] What the heck is this thing?!
Tom Oh, no! Grandpa Relicor, calm down!
Marco Get him off, get him off, get him off!
Star Rainbow Fist Grab!
Star uses a Rainbow Fist to pin Marco and Relicor to the wall.
Relicor [shrieking]
Marco [screaming]
Tom Grandpa! I know I'm not supposed to be in here!
Relicor [shrieks]
Tom But I used the Blood Moon Curse.
Relicor ... [inquisitive grunt]
Tom I used it, but it chose my friends. Now I really messed up their lives, and we can't find a way to break the curse.
Relicor [grunts, sniffs Marco]
Marco Uh, Tom?
Relicor [grunts, flies onto Star and sniffs her]
Star Uh, what's happening?
Relicor [shrieks]
Tom I-I-I don't know.
Relicor [shrieks]
Tom My grandpa says that I've doomed you both.
Relicor [shrieks, takes out "Demon's Guide to Enchanted Rocks"]
Tom [takes book] But he says the Severing Stone might be able to help us.
Janna [grabs book] Yoink! [opens book] "The Severing Stone. This enchanted rock possesses an edge so sharp that it can sever anything, be it physical, emotional, or even magical. The Stone can be found at the deepest depths of the Underworld." Aw, man, this day gets better and better.
Relicor [shrieks]
Tom Uh, Relicor says he'll guide us to the Severing Stone, 'cause he's my grandpa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-paaaaaaaaaa.
Star Okay... [poofs Rainbow Fist away]
Marco Wait, is he just staying up there—?
Relicor [shrieking]
Relicor flies to the other side of the room while carrying Marco. They slam into a shelf, and Relicor pulls one of the books.
Relicor [shrieks]
Tom He's saying to back up.
Marco What?
The bookshelf Relicor pulled a book from suddenly erupts in flames, and a demon elevator rises out of the ground. With a ding, the elevator doors open.
Marco You know, this elevator might not be worth burnin' a shelf of books every time you wanna use it.
Relicor [shrieks]
Marco Just sayin'.
Star, Marco, Tom, Janna, and Relicor enter the elevator. It lowers into the ground. Scene cuts to black, then cuts to elevator interior.
Tom [whistling, stretching his arms]
Marco [chuckling]
Star Why are you a lil' giggly boy over there?
Marco [laughs] Oh, I-I-I forgot I had this cereal bowl in my pocket. And, uh, the cereal's all... all mushy.
Tom [still whistling]
Star and Marco Tom!
Tom What did I do?
Marco You're an elevator whistler!
Star And you were doing that little thing we talked about. That little stretchy yoga thing. In public. That I hate.
Tom So... What? We gonna... what, just dump on Tom now?! Is that it?!
Star No, it's just... When you do that, your shirt comes up and...
Relicor [annoyed grumble]
The elevator stops.
All but Janna [gasps]
Star We stopped.
The doors open to reveal a landscape populated by Underworld creatures with multiple eyeballs.
Star (o.s.) What?
Marco (o.s.) Where are we?
Relicor [grunting]
Tom Uh, he, uh... he says it's not the right floor.
Relicor crawls on the elevator's ceiling and talks at the elevator-operating demon.
Relicor [shrieking]
Elevator Operator Well, this is as far as I go. Sorry. It's the way it is.
Relicor [shrieking, extends a fingernail]
Elevator Operator Uh, sir? Do not... do not do that.
Relicor [shrieks, saws elevator rope]
Elevator Operator [holding camera phone] Everything... Everything you're doing is being recorded!
Relicor cuts through the elevator rope, causing it to plummet to the ground.
All [screaming]
Star Super Inflatable Bounce House Blast!
Star creates a bouncy castle to soften the elevator's landing. The elevator doors open, and Star, Marco, Tom, and Janna are on the floor.
All [groaning]
Relicor [flies out of elevator]
Star, Marco, Tom, Janna, and Relicor walk through the Underworld's deepest level. Something at the other end of a rope bridge glows bright blue.
Marco Wow. That must be the Severing Stone!
Relicor [mocking grumble]
Tom You want me to translate that for you, Marco?
Marco No. It's fine, Tom. I think I got it. Thanks.
Janna Hey, shut up. Look!
Janna steps on a sigil that glows red. A giant tower rises out of the ground, blocking off the rope bridge. The top half of a door at the base of the tower opens to reveal a cloak-wearing demon.
Star Oh, great demon thing! What is it that you want from us?
Marco Wait, are you serious? Ugh. Isn't it painfully obvious that this creep is some sort of bridge troll? He just came up out of the ground to block our path. Over a very rickety bridge, I might add. Now there's gonna be some crazy thing we gotta do to pay the toll. Feed him a goat or something. There's always a thing! Any second, this creep's gonna be all like, [creepy voice] "If you wanna cross my bridge, you must, uh, uh, uh, uh, lift this couch that magically appeared up these 30 stairs!" And then the five of us are gonna try to lift this stupid thing up the stairs, and it's not gonna work, and the creepy guy's gonna be all like— Uh, sorry. What... What's your name?
Abraxacan Abraxacan.
Marco Thanks. Then Abraxacan is gonna be all like – and I know this is a bad impression – [creepy voice] "The couch can only be lifted by the right pairing!" Ugh! And we're gonna be all exhausted and stuff. And we're gonna be like, "Duh! It has to be me and Star who lift the couch!" Just us. Because our souls are bonded.
Abraxacan Bound.
Marco Thank you. Bound. Together. Anyway... [sighs] Grab an end, Star. Let's get this thing over with.
Tom Um, I don't know if all that was completely obvious. To me. Maybe I'm alone.
Marco [laughs] No way. This thing's got a bed inside of it. [chuckling] Oh, yeah. It's gonna weigh a ton. [tries to lift the couch]
Vexicor (o.s.) Stop!
Another cloak-wearing demon appears through a fog.
Vexicor [exhaling menacingly]
Abraxacan No-no-no-no-no-no-no-no, no, no, no!
Vexicor [holding fast food bag and sodas, slurps soda] Ahhhh... Abraxacan, what are these people doing here?
Abraxacan They're... moving the couch.
Vexicor I can see that. But why are they moving the couch?
Abraxacan To get across the bridge.
Vexicor Right. But if they want to cross the bridge... [draws sword] ...they have to fight us to the death!
Abraxacan Um, yeah. I just thought they'd do that after they moved—
Vexicor Please stop talking. Please stop talking.
Abraxacan I mean... somebody's gotta move the couch.
Vexicor Well, hire movers! Just like everybody else!
Star and Marco [look at each other]
Vexicor Ugh. Just... lower the tower. This is a total mess.
Abraxacan Fine.
Abraxacan spins a steering wheel, and the tower starts to lower back into the ground.
Vexicor You forgot to close the door.
Abraxacan What?
The top half of the tower's door breaks off as the tower lowers into the ground.
Star I have no idea what just happened, but let's go before they change their minds.
Star, Marco, Tom, Janna, and Relicor cross the rope bridge.
Marco [panting] This bridge is a death trap.
The bridge starts to violently shake.
All [exclaiming]
Janna [hanging off the bridge] Aah! Help! Help me!
Star Janna!
Janna [pulls herself back up] No, I'm kidding. I have really strong fingers. I had you fooled, though! You should have seen yo' faces! [chuckles]
The group reaches the other end of the bridge and sees the Severing Stone.
Star So, that's the Severing Stone?
Relicor [kneels before Severing Stone, clears throat, high-pitched shriek]
The Severing Stone makes musical sounds, changing color with each note.
Relicor [high-pitched shriek]
Severing Stone [plays notes]
Relicor [high-pitched shriek]
Severing Stone [plays notes]
Relicor [high-pitched shriek]
Severing Stone [plays notes]
Star [elbows Tom] Uh, Tom, would you mind translating for us?
Tom I don't speak Severing Stone.
Relicor [shrieks]
Tom Ohhh! He says the Stone is asking why we're here.
Star [clears throat] Oh, Severing Stone, we wish to sever our souls, which were bound in the light of the Blood Moon.
Severing Stone [plays notes]
Relicor [shrieks]
Tom He says that'll be easy. Just hop up on the stage.
Star and Marco Let's do this.
Relicor suddenly runs ahead of Star and Marco...
Marco Huh?
Star Huh? Relicor?
...and shrieks in anger at the Severing Stone.
Tom Gramps? What are you doing?
Relicor [shrieking, shaking his fist]
Severing Stone [plays notes]
Relicor [shrieks sadly, whimpers, flies off stage]
Tom [kneels down next to Relicor] Okay... What was that all about?
Relicor [shrieks]
Tom Relicor says he came to the Severing Stone once before, thousands of years ago...
Relicor [shrieks]
Tom ...because he wanted to sever his soul from my great-grandma, but...
Relicor [shrieks]
Tom ...but to do so, he had to sacrifice the memory of the moment they first fell in love. Now, he can never have that memory back. And he says he's regretted it ever since.
Relicor [sobbing, shrieks]
Tom The Stone says the severing is permanent. But that's cool, 'cause that's... that's what we all want, right?
Star and Marco nod to each other.
Marco Janna, would you mind holding this? [gives Star's bowl to Janna]
Janna No, I'm cool.
Marco [looks annoyed]
Tom I got you, bro.
Marco [gives bowl to Tom] Thanks, Tom.
Star and Marco step onto the Severing Stone's stage.
Star So, we have to sacrifice the memory of the moment our souls were bonded.
Marco When we danced.
Star Yeah.
Marco Okay, so... like this, I guess?
Star and Marco take each other's hands and turn around as if dancing.
Star I mean, I think so.
Tom Hey! Hey, that dance was meant for me! [laughs] I'm just kidding.
Star Are we sure this is what we're—?
The stage under Star and Marco's feet starts to glow.
Star and Marco Whoa...!
They look up and see the Blood Moon skylight, and they're suddenly at the Blood Moon Ball in their ball outfits.
Star and Marco It's the Blood Moon Ball!
Star Oh, my gosh, outfits and everything! Are you guys seeing this?
Tom, Janna, and Relicor are gone.
Star Wow. Wow-wow-wow-wow-WOW. Marco, I think we're in our memories.
The Blood Moon's light shines on Star and Marco through the skylight, and Blood Moon Waltz starts playing.
Marco I guess we gotta go for it. [pulls Star into a dance]
Star [gasps]
Star and Marco starts dancing under the moonlight.
Star Aww, you look so cute in your mask.
Marco Uh, naw.
Star Oh, right! I also never told you you had corn chip crumbs on your tie.
Marco Aw...
Star [laughs]
Marco [laughs] Well, that's embarrassing. [sighs] Uh, this would have been the part where Tom shoved me halfway across the ballroom.
Star This feels... new.
Star and Marco continue to spin around the dance floor.
Star Where have you been hiding these dance moves, Diaz?
Marco Nowhere. I mean, I just keep on dancin', you know? That's what Grandma said. "Just keep dancing, even if you look silly."
Star and Marco's dancing reaches a crescendo as Marco dips Star, and they keep spinning around each other.
Star and Marco [laughing]
Star Aww. [laughs]
Star's facial expression changes from joy to worry.
Star Marco... I'm really scared.
Marco Don't worry. It's gonna work.
Star That's what I'm scared of. [looks up at skylight] I-I-I don't want my destiny determined by some creepy curse, but... I like this.
Star and Marco's grip on each other's hands gets tighter. Marco lifts his Dia de Los Muertos mask.
Marco Yeah? So do I.
Star [tearing up] What if it was never the Blood Moon?
The ballroom skylight suddenly breaks in two, and the waltz music winds down. Scene cuts back to the Severing Stone's stage, and Star and Marco open their eyes.
Star and Marco [groaning]
Severing Stone [plays note]
Star and Marco Aah!
Relicor [shrieks]
Tom He says it is done.
Janna W-W-Wait. What happened? You, like, turned around once, and that was it.
Star I don't know. I feel like I just woke up from, like, a weird nap.
Marco Yeah, we were at the Blood Moon Ball, and we were dancing, and then... W-What were we just doing?
Star Yeah, I... I don't remember. How do we know it even worked?
Tom Well, here. [holds out Star's bowl] The cornshmallows. Do these cornshmallows give you any... feelings?
Marco [stares at marshmallows] Huh. I just see two gross pieces of cereal!
Star What about when you look at me?
Marco [stares at Star] I see... my best friend.
Star Me, too. [hugs Marco]
Tom Whoo! [laughs] Oh, well, now things are only a little awkward! Instead of very awkward, which it was for, like, a year. [shudders] I felt so much guilt every single day.
Star Tom, you should have. But it's okay.
Tom [smiles]
Star Let's just get outta here.
Severing Stone [plays note off-screen]
Janna [cackling]
Star Janna?
Janna I did it! I got my soul severed from itself! Whoo! [laughs]
Star What?! Oh, Janna, come on! Why would you do that?
Janna Now I have two souls. I'm pretty much a demon.
Tom Uh, Janna, it... it doesn't work like that.
Marco Yeah, now you just have two halves of the same soul.
Janna So I'm half-demon. Still counts.
Relicor [shrieks, jumps onto Marco again]
Marco [screams] Okay, you know, I will be waiting in the elevator.
(end song)
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